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Entangled by Addiction: Set Free in Christ

Entangled by Addiction: Set Free in Christ

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Entangled by Addiction: Set Free in Christ

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Jun 6, 2014


Are you struggling to get free from an addiction? Have you tried treatment programs and self-help books only to fail time and time again? Why not finally give Jesus a try? This book will show you how freedom in Christ can be achieved and how to find it. This way of freedom will take you from pain, misery, brokenness, and hopelessness to healing, deliverance, being set-free, and peacefulness. The promise of a new life awaits you. Join the countless millions who have come to know freedom from addiction through the power of Christ.

Do you hear me calling your name to come and follow? Will you obey me and allow me to lead you? I will direct you to lay hold of my freedom. If you follow, you shall find it. Hear me now! The Lord says come.

Jun 6, 2014

Informazioni sull'autore

Caitanya Champion graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He has spent his professional career working in residential treatment facilities, child protective services, and adult parole and probation programs. He frequently speaks to men and woman with life-controlling issues about how to choose a different path. He is currently employed as a parole agent.

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Entangled by Addiction - Caitanya Champion

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Chapter 1 God’s Will Is That You Be Free

Chapter 2 The Nature Of The Beast

Chapter 3 Higher Power Comes From The Highest Power

Chapter 4 Accessing The Higher Power Through Prayer

Chapter 5 Accessing The Higher Power Through Meditation And Fasting

Chapter 6 The Potter And The Clay

Chapter 7 What Happens If I Stumble?

Chapter 8 Time For Basic Training

30 Days Of Freedom

Prayer And Meditation Journal

I dedicate this book to everyone who struggles to be free of addictions. May you know the freedom that is yours through the power of Christ.


Special thanks to Johnny Cruz for designing the cover of this book and to Radhika Cruz for your encouragement. And most important, thank you, Jesus, for laying down your life for us all that we may know freedom, forgiveness, and life everlasting through your sacrifice.


Have you ever found yourself caught in a treacherous situation that you created and cried out, God, help me! That is a desperate cry from a desperate person. This feeling may have been the reason that a loved one, a friend, or even you decided to pick up this book to seek answers to a question that has haunted you for years. Will I ever be free from this addiction?

Let me start by saying this is not a typical addict self-help book but rather a God-help-me book.

Addiction-recovery programs today have an extremely high failure rate. It is becoming more and more evident just how much we truly don’t know about how to get free of the things that control us and make us their slaves despite all the things we supposedly know about addiction, all the college courses available on the subject, and all the drug treatment and counseling centers. With all this supposed knowledge about addictions and recovery, why is it that these programs are severely inadequate when it comes to helping us get free? Anyone who has attended an inpatient or outpatient program will tell you that the chances of finding freedom in a program are extremely small. Maybe it is finally time to admit a hard truth; maybe the so-called professionals really don’t have a clue about how we can be free of our addictions.

Many programs focus on what you have to do to remain clean and free of your addiction. The main difference between the methods used in the majority of recovery programs and the recovery method I will be teaching is that I will be teaching you to focus not on what you have to do, but on what God will do for you. It’s not about you becoming clean—it’s about God making you clean. I will simply show you how to find him, how to contact him, and how to make an appointment with the Great Physician to do what only he can do.

You see, this slave master of addiction exacts a harsh toll on us by shattering families and marriages, destroying our children’s lives, and ruining our closest relationships. Our thoughts are so consumed with doing our new master’s bidding that we even neglect some of our most basic needs such as sleeping, eating, and simple hygiene. Our preoccupation with satisfying our new master will ultimately lead us to destruction and this destruction takes many forms. Sometimes we contract diseases as a price we pay to do our master’s bidding. Sometimes we spend time incarcerated and locked behind bars like animals. (And yes, this analogy is quite accurate because in our addictions, we often behave as wild beasts. We will surely devour any that are in our way.) But we can surely agree that the ultimate price we will eventually pay is our own lives.

There are many addictions, and the road I will map out for you will work for every single addiction men or women face today or in the years to come.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, that is a bold claim. Do you mean to tell me you have the secret to being free of every addiction known to mankind?

If I answer with a yes, would you stop reading and go back to those methods you have tried before? Let me just simply remind you that you have tried those methods, those self-help books, and those meetings before. You have tried them and you have failed.

Before you throw this book down and storm out of the room to confront the person who gave it to you, let me ask you a question. (Please, just humor me.) If you had an automobile that was not working properly, what would you do? Some of you would take the vehicle to a mechanic because mechanics have some knowledge about vehicles. And the mechanic might be able to fix most problems. But sometimes more profound problems occur, problems so difficult and so perplexing that even the mechanic has to go to the one who created the automobile in the first place—the maker. No one knows a vehicle like the one who created it. The one who designed it surely knows how it was made to function. Am I right?

This book is not about what a man (me) has to say about addictions and being free from them. It is about what God has to say. I don’t know about you, but for a problem as big as addiction, I would like to hear what the manufacturer of humanity, God, has to say about being free from its harsh grasp.

This book is for the one addicted to alcohol, heroin, cocaine, prescription medications, or any other drug. It is also for the addict controlled by food, sex, pornography, gambling,

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