A Convention of Elders: A Dream Comes True

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A Convention of Elders: A Dream Comes True

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Fiction Further Explores Cosmic Races, Human Function on Universal Scale

Howard Dimonds exciting series of human cosmology related to empirical study of extraterrestrials is the next step to achieving human dream of working within the true dynamic of Creation

WAHROONGA, N.S.W. Howard Dimond continues on his quest to explore and give flesh to the mysteries and mysterious races of the cosmos with his third book A Convention of Elders. It continues Michael and partner Janets interaction with highly evolved beings whose games and adventures are the stuff that expedite the important cosmic functions of their race. Though far in advance of humanity, they show a common human root to their dreams and their philosophies. In this third mission for Michael, Dimond explores the making of harmony out of cultural diversity on the distant planet Troth.

Dimond in his foreword puts forward the now very respected view of magnificent civilisations which flourished and seemingly went extinct after a time and why mysterious, technologically advanced races helped these primitive human societies accomplish magnificent feats of engineering used for complex and advanced scientific study. The Mayans, the Incas, the Egyptians, and other such races in the Orient and all over the world provide creative fuel and philosophical bases to Dimonds eminently readable novels. The specific point of who the advanced invasionary or visitor races were and where they came from is an essential element of his work.

A dream happens one step at a time. This appears on the frontispiece of Dimonds novel. Were it possible that the visionary travels of Michael to continue, then readers of Dimonds work would be content to wait for the next installment in the series. Michael reminds of Gods foremost Archangel, a being of the heavens but a friend of humanity. Michael, Dimonds character, is the angelic man who may theoretically lead humanity into the fold of the Kindred Spirits (the highly evolved race). The author, readers will agree, must continue on course to make the dream ascend to its apex experience.

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