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Handbook for Humanity

Handbook for Humanity

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Handbook for Humanity

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Mar 13, 2014


Handbook for Humanity provides you with the resources needed to discover who you are and how to release emotional reactions from your everyday living, bring happiness and love to you and live a good life. From understanding unseen forces to listening to your inner voice, this handbook offers techniques, instructions and insight to help you recognize and use these specific resources and assimilate them into your human being.
It teaches what separates you from your wisdom and gives you the instructions, tools and forces to find your fulfillment. Take it in and absorb this wisdom. Attract and integrate the missing parts of you.
The wisdom and power you are looking for is inside. This handbook is written for every person living or who will be living on this planet. It is written for you!

* * *

Dianna Fredericks Handbook for Humanity offers a fresh and elegantly beautiful look into the spirit and soul of why we are really here on earth. Having known Dianna for twenty years, I have seen firsthand her inner growth and spiritual awareness. She is living proof of the power of directly connecting to God and all of the blessings that are bestowed upon ones life. I highly recommend this guide; it will save your life!
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, award-winning author of the bestselling Fat Flush Plan and Before the Change; creator of Fat Flush

Mar 13, 2014

Informazioni sull'autore

Dianna Frederick is a pioneer and innovator in the field of kinetic cybernetics, the transfer and movement of energy, and its relationship to the psychology of man. She is an internationally known intuitive and the founder and director of BodyMind Health and Wellness. She lives with her husband in Bozeman, Montana.

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Handbook for Humanity - Dianna Frederick

Copyright © 2014 Dianna Frederick.

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Chapter 1 The Force

Chapter 2 The Force and You

Chapter 3 Moving Past What Holds You Back

Chapter 4 From This Moment on There Will Be No Blame

Chapter 5 Transform Your Habits

Chapter 6 Overcoming Fears

Chapter 7 Acceptance

Chapter 8 Expectations

Chapter 9 Appreciation and Gratitude

Chapter 10 Memories

Chapter 11 Cycles in Life

Chapter 12 Fulfillment

Chapter 13 Thought Regeneration

Chapter 14 Sending Out the Love

Chapter 15 Happiness

Chapter 16 Live Your Life Now!

This Handbook is dedicated to

all of Humanity

that you see and know yourself

for who you truly are


and to my Children and Grandchildren

that you will carry this wisdom

always in your hearts

and in your minds


Dianna Frederick’s Handbook for Humanity contains very powerful tools and insights for happiness and wholeness. It is based upon the application of timeless spiritual principles that tap into the power of creation. Dianna has often told me that she felt she was in training all of her life in order to bring forth the foundational keys of self-actualization. She has taken her lifelong knowledge of spiritual wisdom and conveyed it in a very readable and easily understandable manual for everyday living.

The Handbook guides us step by step in the same spirit that has guided the masters of the world so that we can understand that we and only we are responsible for all our thoughts, words, and deeds and that our outer reality is just a mirror of our inner world.

We need to understand that it is not possible to be fulfilled by others, only by ourselves. The Handbook explores the psychology of the soul by carefully examining how to nurture one’s self and listen to our inner compass to have a life free from blame and its resulting drama and trauma.

Each chapter introduces another fundamental aspect of life to be embraced that gives practical advice and knowledge of underlying forces that need to be mastered.

This mastership is what is needed in order to create a positive shift in one’s consciousness that most of us have never fully understood.

The Handbook teaches us how to take responsibility and control of the outcomes in our life and how to find our own unique inner knowing that is needed to achieve a fulfilled existence.

I recommend reading a chapter a week so that you can effortlessly become the author of your own life for a better and brighter future.

Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S.


Since I was very young, I have always referred to the highest divine power as God. When I was five years old, I heard God speak to me while I was playing in my room. I had no doubt who was talking to me, even at that age. God’s voice was powerful, caring, and nurturing. Even today I still remember what I was told and how I felt.

God’s instructions to me throughout my life have always come through the same powerful voice, and I continued to have the same peace and sense of overwhelming love. God continued to guide me through my young adult years and would give me essential information of upcoming events to which I needed to pay attention. I always followed the guidance because it would always work out the exact way I was guided and within the timeframe I was given.

Throughout the years God navigated me through my life, and there were many requests made of me to help someone or to help heal someone. When I look back at these years, it seems as if these were tests to see if I would do these tasks. They were not hard; however, they required my attention, and it was obvious to me that I needed to follow each instruction even though I couldn’t figure out why I was being asked to perform them. Much later I would learn that I was in training.

After more than four decades had passed, my learning and instruction moved

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