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Little Muffins

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Little Muffins

Lunghezza: 33 pagine4 minuti


Little Muffins and Calley Cupcake have been best friends ever since they were born in the same bakery. As school begins, they can hardly wait to meet all of the other colorful and diverse baked goods!

As soon as Little Muffins notices a group of popular and beautiful cupcakes at a table in the cafeteria, she wonders why they are not always nice to the other baked goods at school. But when Calley Cupcake comes to school one day with a pretty new paper cup and a fancy swirl of frosting, the popular cupcakes invite Calley to a party. Calley wants her friend to come along, so Little Muffins dresses up as a fancy cupcake and they both head to the party. But soon Little Muffins discovers that being popular is not all it is cracked up to be.

In this childrens picture book, a muffin must find the courage to make a hard decision, stand up for what is right and, most importantly, celebrate the greatness and beauty inside.

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