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May 8, 2014


A young farm girl grew up to be a Madam and maybe even be a
murderer. She dreamed of finding a rich man to marry and take her away.
The passing of her father was so unbearable that the family decided to sell
the farm and move into town.
May 8, 2014

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Brothel - Tiffany Belle Reeves


Copyright © 2014 by Tiffany Belle Reeves.

ISBN:      Softcover   978-1-4797-9267-2

                eBook         978-1-4797-9268-9

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Rev. date: 05/05/2014

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Chapter One   Growing Up on the Farm

Chapter Two   The Death of My Father

Chapter Three   The Family Has Decided To Sell the Farm

Chapter Four   Rosie uses her Alias, Dee-Dee Devine

Chapter Five   Dee-Dee Devine’s Opening Night

Chapter Six   Rosie Goes to Visit her Family

Chapter Seven   Dee-Dee Devine Returns to Her Secret Life

Chapter Eight   The Night of the Century

Chapter Nine   Rosie Goes to Get a Loan

Chapter Ten   Mother is Dying

Chapter Eleven   Dee-Dee Returns from her Mother’s Burial

Chapter Twelve   The Death of Rosie (Dee-Dee Devine) Smith

Chapter Thirteen   Epilogue


Note from the Author


A young farm girl grew up to be a Madam and maybe even be a murderer. She dreamed of finding a rich man to marry and take her away. The passing of her father was so unbearable that the family decided to sell the farm and move into town.

Rosie, also known as Dee-Dee Devine, was the oldest of the children, Adam, her oldest brother, became a lawyer, while David, her youngest brother, went to work for an accounting firm. Her sister, Rachael, was a school teacher, and her youngest sister, Mary, was a housewife.

Rosie then moved out, north to open her own business as a madam.

Men from all around came to see Madam Devine, the best well known Madam in the north.

Chapter One

Growing Up on the Farm

As a child I was very lonely and unhappy. I grew up on an old farm in the country. My father’s name was Ralph Smith, and my mother’s name was Sara Whitehead Smith. While my mother and father were at work I had to take care of my younger sisters and brothers; Adam, David, Rachael and Mary. We all had to pull together to do the chores. I was trapped on an old, dirty farm while other girls my age were out enjoying life. I’d cook, while David and Adam would do the field work. Mary and Rachael attended school.

I dreamed of marrying a rich man one day, but I knew that I couldn’t find love on this dusty old farm milking cows, gathering eggs, and scrubbing those old broken-down wooden floors. I hated the thought of living such a life. I would lay in bed feeling so angry about my life, living as a person with no future. The smell of those pigs and cows when the wind blew was so disgusting. I felt like an old maid and knew that one day my dreams would come true. I thought of running away but where would I go. I had no money or anyway to go.

Every Sunday Morning father would knock on our bedroom door to make sure that everyone was up and ready to do our chores before we left for church. I would peek from under the cover and blow the frost from out my mouth. Some mornings the snow was so thick that we could barely see the road, but my father insisted we never miss a Sunday morning Service. After church service we all would bundle up in the old truck trying to stay warm. My brother Adam would put his arm around me to keep me warm, as my body would tremble from being so cold. I could barely talk as my teeth grasp together. When we arrived home father and Adam went out to bring in more fire wood.

It was very cold in the winter, and my mother would put cardboard boxes against the windows and walls to keep the cold from coming in. The inside of the house was warm as long as the stove was burning. I’d hear the floors cracking early in the morning before the sun was up. I knew it was my father rekindling the stove to making sure that the house was warm for us.

Then he would sit in his rocking chair, waiting for the rooster to crow. That’s when he knew it was time for him to get up and start on his journey to work. Father was a very kind man; He’d help anyone who was in need. We didn’t have much money, but he always made sure that food was on the table. Many nights I’d be in my room, and I could hear mother and father talking. Mother would get up every morning to fix Father Breakfast before he left for work. She always made sure that he had a good breakfast before leaving on his long journey into town. Every morning he’d stop by each one of our rooms to tell us good bye.

One morning before Father left, he came over to my bed and whispered into my ear, Rosie, I love you!

I peeked over the covers with a big smile and said, Father, I love you too. At that moment I felt so sad it brought tears to my eyes. I felt like it was going to be the last time that I’d see my father again. I reached up and waved to him. Good bye! That moment I wanted to cry.

As Father started to the door to leave, Mother would always tell him that she loved him. He’d smile and say Dear, I love you too! It was windy and cold and Mother knew that the temperature was too cold for Father to walk into town.

Ralph, take the truck, Mother said, I’ll deliver the laundry tomorrow.

No! Sara. I know that one of the other workers will come by, and I’ll catch a ride with him. You’ll need the truck to deliver the laundry.

No Ralph! Mother said, It is too cold out there, and a storm is coming.

I will be alright dear! Be safe and I’ll see you tonight." Father kissed her on the cheek and started down the road, hoping that one of the workers would come by and offer him a ride.

The wind was blowing hard, and the snow was coming down heavily. Mother went to the window; all she could think about was Father being out there in that cold weather. Before daylight Mother and I had loaded up the truck to make her laundry deliveries to town. I hated to see my Mother work so hard. She’d be so exhausted from washing all of the clothes. At the end of the day Mother’s arms would be so swollen that I had to lift them up for her to put a warm towel on them to take the soreness away. She laid across the bed almost in tears. I’d often look into her eyes and say, Mother, someday I’m going to get you and Father off this old dusty farm. I’m going to marry a rich man and take you away from all this.

Mother lift up her head gently and smile. "Oh Rosie! I love you. As she slowly fell asleep. I’d tip-toe out of the room to let her get some rest. I prayed that one day I would be able to take my Father and Mother away; to give them the life that they deserved.

While Mother was resting, I’d prepare dinner while Rachael set the table. Adam noticed that Father was late, and he began to worry! Mother came into the kitchen with a bright smile on her face and said, Rosie! You have become an amazing young woman. I’m so proud of you! I reached over and gave her a hug and said, Mother you have always been a good mother and I learn from the best. It was almost seven o’clock, and Mother noticed that it was getting late and Father wasn’t home. David looked over at mother and asked, Where is Father?" Mother began to worry. She wondered what had happened to Father because he was always on time.

I told Mother that we needed to go out and look for Father. I am so afraid that something is wrong. Please Adam! I feel like Father is in trouble!

My brothers Adam and David went out to look for him. We knew something was wrong because father was never late. As Adam and David started out of the house, Mother made sure that they were bundled up in warm clothes. As they were leaving, Mother said a silent prayer.

Be careful, Mother said, it’s very cold and wet! Adam went to get the truck ready. The wind was blowing so hard and the snow was so thick that he could barely see the road. They took the road that Father usually walked, but there was no sign of him.

Adam said to David, We need to turn around before we get lost. The snow’s coming down to heavy; we can’t see the road.

No Adam, David said, I’ll not leave Father out here alone.

Adam grabbed David by the arm and said, We can’t make it! It’s snowing too hard! We’ll try again in the morning!

David jumped out of the truck and said, No! If we don’t find father tonight he will be dead in the morning. No one can survive in this weather. I will not go! Father’s out there somewhere and I’m going to find him! He yelled out to Adam, I see a light! David went toward the light and yelled out, Adam! It’s Father! Bring the truck! Oh father! David said, "Hurry Adam! Father is freezing! We

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