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Backyard Flying Feathers

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Backyard Flying Feathers

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This book is about the many birds that visit my backyard year around. I have taken my skills in photography to capture remakable, colorful birds in their everyday habit and to share with you, the readers of this book, pictures and information about birds that may have visited your backyard.

At any time of year, you can look around in your backyard and a colorful little bird will catch your eye. After watching the birds in my backyard for a few months, I decided to intentionally attract them to the backyard more often. I went to the local library and begin a research on birds. I discovered that children and adults are fascinated by birds and that millions of people in the United States paticpate in feeding wild birds. This trend is rapidly growing today.

In my research I found that birds require four basic things to surive in the wild: food, water,
protection from danger, and a place to raise their young safety. In nature birds fulfill these needs
in a variety of ways. Birds choose their menu from the wide variety of resources that nature
provides. Foods they eat in clude insects, spiders, grubs and worms, nuts and seeds, soft fruits
and berries, tree sap, flower nectar, the tender young leaves and buds of grass trees, and shrubs.

Birds can be resourceful in finding water: a birdbaths, rain puddles, garden hoses and streams.

Birds protect their young from cats and squirrels by building nesting holes in tree trunks. They
build a nest in the crotch of tree limbs or shrub branches with sticks an twigs, grass, leaves and
strips of bark, string, yarn and tissue. Birds have been around at least 140 million years. 8,650
speciesof birds have been identfied in the world today.
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