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The Power of How Much You Want It

The Power of How Much You Want It

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The Power of How Much You Want It

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Jul 16, 2013


HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? Definition of objectives and intensity of desire are THE most essential elements in the daily satisfactory attainment of results, big and small, known as success. Personal improvement contributes in your preparation as the fertile ground for the continued realization of your deeply held desires.

When you contemplate how helpless you feel in the face of daily challenges, uncertain and even fearful of what the future might bring, a critical transformation opportunity is presented to you. If you feel a lack of purpose in you, or at the mercy of habits and impulses capable only of perpetuating aimlessness and frustrations, the time is right to give your life direction.

In this book you will learn to command your thinking in direct opposition to obstructive elements in your life toward the selection and achievement of your definite objectives. You will empower your will and initiative, with courage, compassion and determination, to take decisive action to succeed. It will be made abundantly clear to you also that the attainment of what you really want in life is only made possible by the intensity of YOUR desireThe Power of How Much You Want It.
Jul 16, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Ronny Flores es un profesional altamente motivado con años de experiencia en administración empresarial, más recientemente en los campos bancario y financiero, y anteriormente en las áreas de prevención de perdidas, radio noticias e instructor de inglés como segunda lengua. Ronny es un firme seguidor del concepto que dicta que el mejoramiento personal es la base primordial para la felicidad y el éxito duradero. Y que altamente motivada e inspirada, la mente es en esa base tierra firme para el avance y crecimiento sostenido.

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The Power of How Much You Want It - Ronny R. Flores

Copyright © 2013 by Ronny R. Flores.

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All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

The views expressed in this work are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher, and the publisher hereby disclaims any responsibility for them.

This book was printed in the United States of America.

Rev. date: 31/07/2013

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I. Preparation for Success

1. Transition Is Opportunity

2. Breathing For Health And Progress

3. Do It Well If It Is Worth Doing

4. Think, Imagine And Believe

II. Definition of Objectives

5. Object And Intensity Of Your Desire

6. More Than Chicken To Make Soup

7. Mind And Body Work Together

8. Inspiration Knows No Boundaries

III. Inspiration to Action

9. Inspiration For Success From Nature

10. Time For New Direction

11. Action Is Transition To Fulfillment

12. Glass At Least Half Full Always

13. Summary: Power Tools For Success

For without you, the reader, writers would have no reason to write, this book is dedicated to you, first. Second, this book is dedicated to the women and men, presently living or not, who have taken the time to share with others some of what they know.

Together, let us invest more time reading and writing books so that we collectively progress, while in effect limiting the time available for the incubation, proliferation and expression of ideas, habits and actions harmful to our common existence.

Your body is your temple; your mind is your treasure.

Protect, care for and cultivate both.

They are your most precious personal possession.

Ronny Flores


I. Preparation for Success


Efficient management of the transition called life leads you to success.

It has been well understood and accepted by modern society that the only thing that is permanent is change. Thus it is our responsibility to manage well our own transition and advance our objectives toward a life of happiness and fulfillment. It is our duty to act in order to stamp with our seal approval the changes that take place every moment of every day, and will continue to converge on our path, as the future becomes the present and tomorrow becomes now! It is in that managed transition where the opportunity for improvement of self is found. It is also where the opportunity for success is found, when we define with precision and intensity the object of our interest and the desire for its attainment.

For the journey is integral to the end result, rather than viewing it as an unrelated event to the fulfillment of our larger purpose it must be valued and celebrated for its contribution to our advancement every step of the way. Aided by varied elements such as motivation, initiative and perseverance, The Power of How Much You Want It is the engine that makes the journey a success and the realization of objectives entirely possible. An efficiently managed transition leaves neither valid reason nor moral justification to look elsewhere, or to the actions of others, for answers to questions about our state of affairs.

All visible matter in our universe, in particular all life cycles, from the moment they begin are in transition to the end, and a human life cycle is no different. The end is in itself a point of transformation from one state of material composition to another. Our planet Earth has been in a state of transition for an estimated period of four and half billion years. That transition takes place in a process similar to a boiling sphere in which hot bubbles harden at the surface to eventually erode and return to the core to be melted again. Our Sun, as predictable and permanent as it may seem in its rising and falling daily—more specifically as the Earth turns on itself in twenty-four-hour cycles in its orbit (around the Sun) to give us a sense of night and day—is a star bound by the same rules of birth and expiration. Galaxies are centers of transformation and creation that permanently display the birth and death of stars and planets while traveling across infinite space.

Those changes and movements are measured, however, on a scale of hundreds of thousands and millions and billions of years. A process of that magnitude in time is much too slow for the eye of humans who, generally speaking, are equipped with clocks that stop the count at about one hundred (years). That continually evolving process, predominantly related to our own lives, requires the preparation to fulfillment contained in these pages. Prepare, then, not as a tedious, involuntary engagement, but as a promising opportunity to live—moment to day to year—a life in which YOU are an active participant in its transition, armed and ready with the tools learned in this book. That preparation (self-improvement) is the point of creation of your future success, solid foundation made possible only when the answers to the questions of what you really want and how much you want it are clear in your mind.

The improvement of self and attainment of goals does not have to always be a serious and boring enterprise. In corroboration of the concept that in life we must find ways to balance hard work with entertainment, a line from one of my favorite movies comes to mind. Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption eloquently states (so calm and confident), Get busy living or get busy dying! Such clever line is offered here to highlight the fact that action is required, if we want the constant wheel of change to play in our favor. Whether sitting in restricted liberty as in this classic movie, or in perfectly or relatively healthy freedom, personal improvement and goals can be achieved only when we take initiative, and get busy!

As with all information that comes to our receptive conscious and subconscious mind, we keep what we need and set aside what we do not. Thus, the latter part of Morgan’s phrase should not be much of a distraction since it comes as in the game of hide and seek—whether we are ready or not. Our primary focus must be concentrated instead on the first and most important half of that expression…to Get busy living!

The healthy exchange of ideas through written and spoken means has been the cornerstone in the foundation of civilization from historical times. That process of sharing ideas has propelled human advancement as in, "Did how sharpen YOU that stone? or Click here to send the message!" Our collective wealth of knowledge has the power to—and does—transform lives, villages and nations. It must not be strategically made available—through economic means or otherwise—to advance individual or organizational interests to the perpetual disadvantage of unaware and innocent members of the human community.

It is in the spirit of shared knowledge, which rather than a privilege is a right to all, that the author wishes to make a contribution in return for the opportunity granted to access the collective bank of ideas. To share the principles by which (I) have been able to find meaning and a sense of urgent purpose to life. This, confident that you will benefit as well—or better—and in the process give new meaning to the words…one man’s treasure is another man or woman’s treasure!


I. Preparation for Success


Controlled breathing is one sure way to take charge and show your mind who is the boss!

The most fundamental necessity of all living creatures is to breathe. Breathing maintains a constant flow of oxygen that keeps the brain and body alive. To breathe on our own is the first (figurative) step we take at birth when we leave the comfort of our mother’s womb and become a new biologically independent being. And as a rule, the last breath is a clear indication that for one more life-cycle the time for departure has arrived.

We can generally survive for a few minutes, hours and even days without attending to certain physiological needs such

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