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Love Letters of Jesus

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Love Letters of Jesus

Lunghezza: 124 pagine1 ora


Misty, do you know youre a miracle, the doctor said. Laughing, I said, Yes! Ive always known that.

Love Letters of Jesus is a true story about the author, Misty, who through many years of physical health struggles and heartache endures and learns awesome truths about a loving God and Father.

Mistys life started out uncertain, and doctors had little hope that she would survive even forty-eight hours or be able to leave the hospital. She had a rare blood disorder, a heart condition, and constant challenges to keep her alive. All the while, God was holding her, sustaining her. At that time, her parents didnt know how to seek a God they had no real relationship with, but that would soon change. Misty talks about the discouragement, heartaches, and victories she experienced, while at the same time being real and sharing about her relationship with Jesus.

How do we know love? Is it possible to know the God of the universe and know the Truth? Love Letters of Jesus paints more than just a picture of a traditional heavenly Father that many have heard of. Hes not just putting up with us.

As you take this journey with Misty, your paradigms of God will shift and your heart will be undone as you come to know a loving Father who is still writing His love letters.

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