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Simon Scott’S Dream of Flying

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Simon Scott’S Dream of Flying

Lunghezza: 30 pagine3 minuti


Simon Scott lives on a farm with his mother, father, brother and sister. At night he sometimes dreams of flying like a bird. In his dreams he can feel the wind through his hair as he soars above the treetops. His dreams are so much fun that he wishes he could really fly when he wakes up. He never tires of watching birds fly overhead, especially the big, strong eagles. Simon even tries to fly himself. He flaps his arms the way the birds flap their wings, but he never leaves the ground.

As Simon grows older, he realizes he cannot fly with his arms, but he can build an airplane. Building an airplane is a lot of hard work, and Simon will need help to bring his dream of flying to life. Will Simons family be able to help him get off the ground, or are his dreams just too high up in the clouds?
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