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4 Abundant Life: 4 Biblical Truths to Experience a Life of Abundance

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4 Abundant Life: 4 Biblical Truths to Experience a Life of Abundance

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The abundant life is all around us, yet we fail to capture it. Have you experienced setbacks and challenges in your life? Maybe you have lost a job, have financial burdens, experienced divorce, parent alienation, death of a loved one, or just feel like you have lost yourself along the way? What many do not realize is that what you feel and believe keeps you trapped in chaos and sadness. Here is the key to your future: The abundant life is for everyone!
We have written this book
based on four fundamental biblical truths:
1. We (children of God, Christ followers) are anointed to prosper,
2. At an appointed time and place,
3. When we use our talents and gifts,
4. For the glory of Him!
4 Abundant Life is a step-by-step guide to help you discover what it means to be an authentic man/woman/married person, develop your unique talents and gifts, and use them for His glory, and how reconciliation and redemption lead to transformation into life abundantly.
This book is for anyone who wants more out of his or her life. More purpose, promise, self-worth, peace, confidence, love, forgiveness, grace and mercy, comfort, and the list goes on.
The challenge is yours! Find your inheritance of abundance and discover why God sometimes says no or not yet, how to grow in the valley of life struggles and emerge victorious.
It is time to capture the abundant life promise and transform your life from surviving into thriving.
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