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Washed Away

Washed Away

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Washed Away

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Apr 17, 2013


Washed Away centers on an ordinary family man, whose faith is founded only in himself. He sustains a serious head injury during a fishing trip and is trapped on his boat, at the mercy of a raging storm on Lake Superior. The injury causes him to fall in and out of consciousness and launches him into the past, where events during the time of Christ and his own past are re-enacted. Each event has a message he will find to be of the utmost importance. As he moves between two worlds, he finds himself slowly losing his life and sanity in one while discovering hope and perhaps salvation in another.

Apr 17, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Dave Miltenberger is a husband of forty years, father, and grandfather, who has been blessed with one son, two daughters, and six grandchildren. He is the author of the book, The Man in White, and has used his life experiences and love for God to create his latest adventure.

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Washed Away - Dave Miltenberger

Copyright © 2013 DAVE MILTENBERGER.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or by any information storage retrieval system without the written permission of the publisher except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

This is a work of fiction, and, as such, I have taken some literary latitude in the operation of Coast Guard public service procedures to enhance the story.

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About The Author


T o my beautiful wife Jeri, who not only put up with my dream to write a meaningful story but, in fact, made my whole life’s story meaningful. I wrote this poem and book for you!


Safe is the place where my heart yearns to be,

And when safe in your arms, I can truly see.

That strength is only borrowed, never bought or sold.

And love never fleeting, forever seals us in its mold.


I grew up in a very small community. I believe that counting every man, woman, and child would have produced a number well under one hundred. No major stores were within eight miles, and most of the people in the area farmed. However, interesting folks blessed with many different talents filled the community. Everyone had a sense of honor and dignity that I find hard to locate in today’s world. Every parent was constantly on the lookout, and as such, it was literally impossible for a kid to get away with much, as someone’s eyes were always watching. The small congregational church was devoted to helping each other expand as Christians, friends, and family.

As children, we fished in a nearby creek, along with floating homemade rafts and becoming pirates for a day. In hay-filled barns, we made tunnels and swung on ropes that carried us from one side of the barn to the other, where we’d drop into mounds of loose straw.

Every now and then, a family of amazing musicians living just across the street from us who seemed to be able to play any form of stringed instrument would fire up a town get-together where music, laughter, and good food were the theme for an entire evening.

Growing up, it was wonderful and perhaps the closest thing to heaven on earth I have ever known. But the greatest thing ever was getting to know Jesus Christ. Even though I was saved at a young age, I have to admit that my Christian path was somewhat rocky for a good deal of my life. In a small town, the rest of the world is nothing like it. Because I was sheltered in a safe place, I never knew so many kinds of evil filled the world. Temptations and ideas everywhere worked to tear my lifelong Christian foundation out from under me and the whole rest of the world. That evil was almost successful, but I thank God for directing my path and bringing me back to my roots.

My purpose now is to make a difference in any way I can in as many lives as possible. Through my writings, I hope to inspire, offer something to think about, make people feel good about their faith, and perhaps help change a heart somewhere, somehow, someday.

The story Washed Away represents how events in our lives can affect our perception of God and dilute our faith. Through one man’s struggle to survive against impossible odds, the reader can follow his transition from bitterness against God to a loving relationship with him.

This book was written for young-adults and adults alike.


I would like to send a special thank you to the Coast Guard in Marquette, Michigan, who showed amazing patience in helping me as one who truly knew very little about their service. Today, however, I have a newfound respect for the Coast Guard and the service, honor, and courage that the brave men and women of the Guard display daily as they risk their lives responding to any and all maritime emergencies.


T he story centers on an ordinary family man whose faith is founded only in himself. After sustaining a serious head injury during a fishing trip, he is trapped on his boat at the mercy of a raging storm on Lake Superior. The injury causes him to fall in and out of consciousness and launches him into the past, where events during the time of Christ and his own past are reenacted. Each event has a message he will find to be of the utmost importance. As he moves between two worlds, he finds himself slowly losing his life and sanity in one while discovering hope, and perhaps salvation, in another.


B en and his wife Jen had been planning a long weekend getaway for weeks. Ben, an avid fisherman, delighted in trying to catch that record lake trout. So far, a record-breaking catch had eluded him, however, but he was determined to make his dream come true. Ben was an outdoor guy at heart, standing just over six feet tall he carried his muscular frame well and tried to stay in good shape never letting his weight creep over two hundred pounds. He had dark hair and grey eyes that Jen always playfully said made him look just a little wolfish.

Jen, on the other hand, delighted in taking pictures of nature in action. She had compiled an amazing portfolio containing hundreds of photos, including a mother robin feeding her babies in their nest, a bald eagle soaring directly in front of the most beautiful sunset they had ever seen, and a mother otter swimming on its back while carrying its newborn baby on its stomach. She was the most important thing in Ben’s world and he often thought about how lucky he was to have married this gorgeous woman. She had blond hair blue eyes but unlike your typical blond haired beauties, she was incredibly intelligent. The most important asset she had in Ben’s mind however, was her heart. She loved deeper than any other woman he had ever known, rivaling even his mother who Ben thought had been nearly perfect.

The passion each had for his or her individual interests filled the weeks of planning and added fire to the excitement of finally getting away to enjoy the lake again.

Both Jen and Ben had worked diligently to build their real estate business in Calumet, not far from Lake Superior in Michigan. Their first three years together were hard, and many times, they did not know how they would pay their bills or keep the doors of their business open, especially when Jen learned she was pregnant with their beautiful daughter.

But, their years of hard work paid off. Over time, they became extremely successful, and memories of their earlier struggles began to fade. The couple was now in a position where they could enjoy their individual passions more often than ever before. As a family, they looked forward to their planned outing with much anticipation.

Their daughter Gwen had also found her passion early in life. Music became her obsession. At the age of two, this blond haired, green-eyed baby began humming in time and with perfect pitch to the music, she heard on the radio and TV. As the years went by, she became the gifted seven-year-old singer she was today, with a passion for her art, that Ben thought, surpassed not only his love of the outdoors but also Jen’s love of photography. In fact, Gwen had been invited to sing her first solo this coming Sunday in front of the entire church congregation. Unlike most children who might panic over having to perform alone and in front of so many people, Gwen seemed to love it and was looking forward to sharing her talent with the congregation she had grown to love.

Preparations for next weekend’s getaway, however, filled the day. Ben and Jen wanted to make sure that their supplies were complete and that they had not overlooked even the smallest detail. Three days of fishing from a pontoon boat on Lake Superior with excursions to some of the lesser-known natural wonders, where they could hike and enjoy nature, required that they plan well. Otherwise, they might have to come back earlier than they desired.

It’s going to be wonderful. Jen said as she kissed Ben on the cheek then whisked by to continue packing. She couldn’t wait for the next few days to be over so that their little vacation could finally begin. Oh, by the way, you are coming to watch Gwen sing at church tomorrow, aren’t you? She said as she hurried by Ben from the opposite direction, carrying something that Ben couldn’t quite make out.

Well, I wasn’t really planning on it. You know how I feel about all that stuff.

It wasn’t a question, darling. You will be there for our little angel and let her find her own way, whether you believe the same way or not!

Of course I want her to find her own way, but it’s difficult for me, and you know why. Ben stiffened slightly. Besides, doesn’t she need to know how others think? Growing up in a Christian atmosphere only encourages her to close her mind to other possibilities.

Yes, she does need to know how to discern the truth for herself and we need to help her by teaching her how to open her eyes. It’s kind of tough to find the light when your eyes are closed. So as you say, she can’t be taught to wear a blindfold each day of her life in either case. So quit trying to blindfold her by trying to discourage her interest in the Christian way of life. Jen hesitated, feeling like she may have already gone too far.

Then she turned suddenly, rushed into the next room, and started digging through the closet. Ben could not imagine what she could possibly be looking for now, but he was not about to say anything now. He knew Jen too well, and he knew he would not be able to exchange another civil word with her until he gave in.

Oh, okay, Ben said to appease her. I’ll go, even if it’s for no other reason than to hear Gwen sing. Say, where is she today? I don’t believe I’ve seen our little princess or heard her sweet voice at all this morning.

See. It’s easy to close your eyes? She said. Even when they’re wide open.

As she whisked by him again, she pointed through the living room window. Out in the yard, Gwen was performing in a pretend band with two other girls in the neighborhood. They were all giggling and singing as if they were in front of thousands of people and were having the time of their lives.

How does she do that? Ben thought. I never saw her look up from her chores once. Yet she kept track of what Gwen was doing, practically finished preparations for next weekend, and beat the pants off me in another would-be argument—all without even breaking a sweat!

Okay, Ben said. You win. But right now, I have to get going if we want the pontoon boat out of storage, inspected, and ready for this season’s maiden voyage.

All right Dear She said, then quickly added, Don’t forget to have Wally check the electrical system. The last time we took it out, there was an electrical problem of some kind, remember?

Yes, dear, I’ll stop at Wally’s on the way home.

Then he was out the door and behind the wheel of their Ford Explorer, heading for the storage unit that housed their twenty-one-foot fishing pontoon boat as well as several other recreational vehicles, including his dirt bike and snowmobile.

Along the way, Ben thought about his little spat with Jen. He reviewed his reason for finding it difficult to buy into Christianity or any other religion for that matter and it all boiled down to the day his mother died.

*     *     *

Ben’s parents had always been devout Christians. When Ben was a child, he had really loved Sunday school. He treasured his time listening to the music and singing. He had also enjoyed the stories they read to them, like David and Goliath, Daniel in the lion’s den, or Jonah and the whale. He remembered being excited about going to church every Sunday.

Then in one night his entire life changed when, a drunk driver killed his mother in a head-on collision. She had volunteered to clean up after a late night Church event and had

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