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Samuel Sails ’Round the Horn

Samuel Sails ’Round the Horn

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Samuel Sails ’Round the Horn

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Jun 8, 2012


It is October 1850, talk of the discovery of gold in California is rampant, and sixteen-year-old Sam Nelson has just made a lifechanging decision. After he sneaks away from his family in the middle of the night with nothing but a carpetbag and a desire for more in life, he arrives at the bustling Newburyport harboranxious to find a job on a ship and sail to California to join the Gold Rush.

After he finds the captain of a square-rigged sailing ship, Sam quickly secures a job as a cabin boy. As the Callao sets sail on an anticipated four-month voyage to San Francisco, Sam is thrilled. His journey to freedomand potential fortunehas begun. But it is not long before reality sets in. The demands of the job, loneliness, and unforeseen hardships soon propel Sam into a dark place, where he is forced to grow up quickly and wonders if he made the right decision. But after he is befriended by Jack, the ships kindly carpenter, and Ben, a young passenger, life begins to look up for Sam. Unbeknownst to him, he is sailing straight into manhood.

In this adventurous tale based on true events, a young man with a big dream soon learns more about himself than he ever imagined as he takes the voyage of a lifetime.

Jun 8, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Lynn Glaze earned a master’s degree from Stanford University and is a fourth-generation Californian who has been a teacher and development director. She is the author of Seasons of the Trail. Lynn and her husband, Harry, live in Wilmington, Delaware, and have two adult children.

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Samuel Sails ’Round the Horn - Lynn Glaze

Samuel Sails

Round the Horn

Lynn Glaze

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Samuel Sails Round the Horn

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Chapter I Sailing Away

Chapter II Learning the Ropes

Chapter III The Horse Latitudes

Chapter IV Making Friends

Chapter V An Island Experience

Chapter VI Boy Overboard

Chapter VII Cape Horn

Chapter VIII Discovering Robinson Crusoe

Chapter IX Rescued

Chapter X Whalers Now

Chapter XI Cutting the Whale

Chapter XII Farming Again

Chapter XIII San Francisco at Last



Chapter I

Sailing Away

Samuel heard his name as he hurried along the waterfront. He turned when he heard it again. Sam … Sam … He looked around but saw no one he knew. Sweat broke out on his face even though dry leaves from the bare trees swirled around his ankles in the cold wind. No one knows I’m here. They must be calling someone else, Sam thought. My father couldn’t have figured out where I went so quickly. He hunched his shoulders and pulled his heavy jacket tightly around his chest. He blew on his hands. I wish I had worn my gloves, Sam silently lamented. It’s cold. I’d better find that ship fast. I have to be on it today.

Sam was looking for a square-rigged barque named the Callao. He had secretly left his home in the middle of the previous night because he wanted to go to California and seek his fortune. He had asked his father’s permission to leave. No, his father had roared. You will stay here on the farm and work with your brother and me. You will not leave home. But Sam did not want to be a farmer. His father and grandfather had been farmers all their lives, but Sam wanted to get way from New Hampshire. It was October 1850, and talk of the discovery of gold in California was everywhere. Yesterday he had decided to leave without permission. He sneaked out while his parents were asleep. He knew that his mother would weep and his father would be angry, but he hoped that they wouldn’t come after him.

Sam’s friend Joe Hale had told him about the Callao. Joe’s uncle was the captain of the ship. Joe had learned a lot about ships from Captain Hale’s recent visit. Later the two boys had spent hours talking about the sea and Sam’s plans to leave home. They decided that the Callao was the best way for Sam to travel to California. I have no money, and I know that ships are crowded with men who can pay to go to California. I must have a job, said Sam.

I’m sure my uncle will give you a job onboard. I’ll write you a letter of introduction telling him you are my friend, Joe replied. But even Joe didn’t know that Sam would go without his father’s permission.

It was late afternoon, and Sam was tired from his long walk to the busy port. His brown pants and worn boots were as dusty as the road. But the noise and bustle of Newburyport’s harbor perked him up. He watched men jostle each other as they moved hurriedly along the wharf. Tradesmen shouted their wares. Sam could smell the lobsters and mussels boiling at the fish merchants’ shops and the coffee beans being unloaded from the ships. The fragrance of freshly baked bread from large brick ovens made him hungry. He had finished the sandwiches he’d brought from home hours ago. He stopped for a moment to breathe in all the good odors, but he had to hurry on.

Sam peered carefully at the name of each ship along the busy wharf. He dodged between the barrels and bales waiting to be loaded in order to see the names written in gold on the bows. There were several ships in the harbor, but he was worried that the Callao might have already left. Finally, he found it. The Callao was the last ship in line at the dock. He ducked under the ropes and chains that secured the ship to the shore and dropped his carpetbag, which contained his sweater, winter underwear, and an extra pair of boots. Sam looked at the ship. The wooden vessel was smaller than he had expected. He could see two masts with square sails and a smaller fore-and-aft rigged sail at the rear of the ship. Callao was painted in gold letters below the figurehead, a swooping angel.

Sam stood at the bottom of the ladder that led to the deck and took a deep breath. Now that he had found the ship, he was nervous. How can I find the captain, and what will I say to him? he wondered. He hesitated as he

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