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God has spoken, and Catholic scientist Dr. Bishop must obey. Instructed to facilitate the birth of the new Christ, Dr. Bishop performs an unusual fertility experiment on two very different mothers in the American Southwest. Nine months later, twin boys are born. The boys, Peter and Paul, are almost polar opposites as they pass through childhood and become men.

Their paths begin to converge when televangelist Billy Tarr has a dream about Armageddon and the second coming of Christ. In the dream the face of the New Jesus is revealed, along with the desert location where he will announce himself. But does the face belong to Peter, currently managing a motel in Texas, or to Paul, who drives a cab in New Mexico and lives in a cave?

The answer starts to unfold on Ash Wednesday, when Billy Tarr makes an unscheduled stop in the desert, instantly recognizes the landscape from his dream, and proceeds to launch the largest televised revival meeting in historyEasterland!

Edgy and wholly unique, Easterland delivers a fast-paced romp that is by turns complex and rich in its examination of the human condition and the nature of good and evil in the modern world.

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