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Poems of the Heart

Poems of the Heart

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Poems of the Heart

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Apr 19, 2012


These poems came about due to being incarcerated. These poems have helped me escape the reality of life. Many poems express how one person feeling about someone or something. Some of my poems have a feeling of a dark side. Others express a kind, caring and loving side. Facing daily challenges has giving me the inspiration to express my feelings and thoughts. Others, also have inspired me to write these poems, which is my way of expressing myself. Many write poems to the special someone or express the anger or saddness. These poems express struggle, solitude, and emotional strings being pulled in many directions. These poems have also helped me escape the reality of prison. What I have felt soon enough helped me bring them to paper as a poem. As you, the reader, I hope you feel what I felt as I wrote them.
Apr 19, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. Poems for me was an escape from everyday life and a way for me to explore my imagination. Inspiration is the key to my creativity. Poems of the Heart is my way to express who I am

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Poems of the Heart - Isaac Gathings







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Trinity of Love

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Only for You

Walk in the Sun

A Daughter’s Smile

From Slave to Freedom

When Clouds Come

Dragon Heart Lion Soul

Hold You All Night

Kisses so Sweet

When Tears Fall

Rolling Thunder



My Hands

Face in the Mirror


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Your Heart, My Kingdom

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Love is not

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Kimberly Ann Gathings

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Light and Dark

Darkest Days/

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Soldiers Fortune 2

Soldiers Fortune 3

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Best of the Best


To my lovely fiancé Kimberly

A beautiful daughter Hailee

Our strength our son Landon

Thank you all for the inspiration


I decided to write poems due to my incarceration. A poem is like a picture but only in words. I wanted to capture that moment with the poems. To me being simple was the way I wanted to go. Being incarcerated had given me much inspiration, dedication and a way to leave behind the harsh realities of prison. The prison life isn’t the only event that’s motivated me to write. As a child well into my teen years I suffered from child abuse, throughout all of the abuse I made myself stronger. Over years of showing my anger, alcoholism, and pushing loved ones away. I began writing. While on the streets as a runaway fourteen years old I wrote and wrote. For years after being place in the custody of DFS (Division of Family Services.) I’d let go of writing. Now dealing with prison and he people within, I find myself constantly being carried away by none other than my own imagination.

Poem after poem I found another piece of myself enjoying the challenges and rewards of being poetic. I’m so inspired by everyday situations. I couldn’t see a problem writing a poem about a storm, my past, or simply being romantic. The other side of my work is dark, much more on the edge. A few poems have also inspired novels for me to finish. I hope to entertain and astonish. Feel what I feel as you read, as I wrote poems. I had one thing in mind and that is to put a moment on paper. I hope you enjoy the poems as I did writing them. Remember, there’s a creative person in all of us. It’s up to you to search your heart for that person.


I asked God for a woman and he gave me you.

I asked for a blessing you gave me your heart.

I asked for eternal love and you proved it.


To love is to put the letters UNI. Look at the word unity and you my love shall see it is you and I together forever. To love is to without question make

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