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A Local Pacific Piscatologist: A Lifetime of Fishing

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A Local Pacific Piscatologist: A Lifetime in Fishing tells the stories of a womans lifelong love of fishing. In 1952, Vernona Kay Snookie Fath began recording impressions, lessons, reflections, and catches in a fishing diary that chronicled her angling in the waters around Newport Beach, California.
Drawing upon this storehouse of personal history, A Local Pacific Piscatologist explores the hands-on elements contributing to successful and enjoyable fishing: equipment, dressing, and the community of people on a pier. It also casts its attention upon the lessons one may learn with a rod and reel in hand about the relations between men and women and the celebrations of family milestones. In addition to the stories, A Local Pacific Piscatologist shares a gallery of imagesthe people, the catches, and the oddities that have touched Snookies life.
If you find that accounts of fishing hook you and reel you in or if you enjoy hearing about the experiences of someone who found her lifes passion early on and then followed its lead, then A Local Pacific Piscatologist: A Lifetime in Fishing will educate and entertain you.

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