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Discovering His Image: Exploding from the Inside Out

Discovering His Image: Exploding from the Inside Out

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Discovering His Image: Exploding from the Inside Out

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Mar 8, 2013


An identity crisis has wrought confusion and chaos in the land. A mixture of message and lack of authenticity has bound and scattered the flock with fear and condemnation. The judges and leaders have become corrupt as each man follows his own way. It is from within this darkness that the Lords light will shine, bringing the order and justice in His Standard to establish His righteousness.

This book of poems will illuminate Gods Image of you as the only truth, uplifting you and revealing the surety of His intention in your life. Use it as a tool to inspire your meditation and prayer time with the Lord, and watch how simple and effective the gift of the faith of Christ can be.

As He reveals where you are, what you already have in Him, why He has hidden it from you in the past, and how it affects you now, the substance of your identity will become authenticated. This discovery releases the fullness of joy and the presence of peace you have been looking for. Rivers of living water, divine potential, fullness unlocked, and life abundant is revealed inside the seed of God. He is your breath, He is your life, He is your strength, and He is your Source! We are created in the substance of His Image and the likeness of His form; Christ in you the hope of glory.

The Joy of Christ

Can you smell the fragrance in your nose?
Can you feel the wind as the Spirit flows?
Rejoicing with each other in a praise-filled song,
As we walk together in this journey we are on.

Far more sweet than the sweetest rose,
That is the joy of Christ upon your clothes.
The light of His pure truth shining in the dark
Makes the brightest light of hope from a tiny spark.

Creation on your lips and life flowing from your heart,
Playing out this dream of His which He had from the start.
What garden do you see, my friend, one thats parched and bare?
Or will you awaken to the Spirit and find it laden there?

Healing in your wings and prayers upon your lips;
A fragrant oil rises and from your body drips.
Your face is lit with fire; your robes are white as snow.
The mindset of the Son is what youll come to know.
Mar 8, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Jennefer Payne, thirty five-year-old home school mother of three and a Marine wife, began writing Christ-centered poetry in February of 2009. The journey of discovery in the Son continues to unfold as the Father reveals His image in her. Jennefer began using poetry as a ministry tool to uplift others in their individual struggles, and as she did so, she saw the authority and power of the Word of God manifest. The clear voice and image contained in the words of her poetry has consistently served as a yoke-breaking truth and standard of judgment from the Father’s heart to all who are trapped in lies of darkness. Ministering His Image to all of man-kind is the purpose and calling of the Body of Christ. The Father displays a passion for joyful living through Jennefer in an enthusiastic way which inspires and encourages those around her. She teaches on a myriad of valuable topics but the foundation remains the same. Life and life more abundantly is Jennefer’s message, and the Father’s love and righteousness is her source.

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Discovering His Image - Jennefer Payne



Look closely at these words for the revealed source

And let it build within you like a supernatural force.

A new and exciting vision from the secret place;

Can you smell the salt as it whips around your face?

In the vastness of the sea, there are many kinds of plants;

It’s in a perfect balance, and there’s nothing left to chance.

People think they can control it by restricting certain things,

But they find it moves in its appointed swings.

The power of its waves and its intricate design

Remind me of creativity in the human mind.

An idea springs forth energy, growing from within;

It serves to change the mind-set from where it’s always been.

Bursting into life like a wave that’s gathered speed,

Crashing into the sea below and from the depth it feeds.

The ripple that it causes, up the coast it roars;

The mist is caught in a whipping breeze, and on the wind it soars.

Sailing to a far-off spot, to refresh the barren land,

And carries with it moisture to relieve the burning sand.

Like the dew from heaven, or a spring rising from the ground,

The people start to notice where it can be found.

In thirst they gather to the source and drink until they’re filled,

And when they turn to look around, they find the stones to build.

The foundation, which they lay, will weather any

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