Health 4 Ever: Your Personal Guide to Health and Wellbeing

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Health 4 Ever: Your Personal Guide to Health and Wellbeing

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Australian health expert Greg Wilson has crafted a concise, A-Z reference guide of health facts, tips and fascinating information all explained in simple terms with many captivating ideas on living a healthy and happier life. NOT just another health book, focusing on hints and tips for a happier life; relationships, family matters, children, etc. Includes interesting hints and tips along the way that make us think and make this enjoyable to read and to keep for a future reference. Improving our relationships with others is a key focus of the bookwe all can do with this at times. Happiness is what we all want and I give you some tips and tricks to make it happen. How do we get the best out of our relationships with family AND others? Given the correct information, regarding health that helps us to seek clarification on how we can maintain health and happiness! Almost all illnesses can be addressed with lifestyle and nutritional attention. We do not consume enough of the enzyme rich foods as we should. My 70/30 rule in life will help you. Good health is not rocket science and is easier than you might think!

Read the book, follow the advice and explanations, take action, and you will be on the way to lasting health. And what better dwelling place, for mind and spirit, than a healthy, happy body!

Dorothea Saaghy

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