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God Divided? You Can't.: Trinity: a Blasphemy of God. a Kingdom Divided, Falls Not Stand.

God Divided? You Can't.: Trinity: a Blasphemy of God. a Kingdom Divided, Falls Not Stand.

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God Divided? You Can't.: Trinity: a Blasphemy of God. a Kingdom Divided, Falls Not Stand.

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Aug 23, 2012


Arius and Athanasius began the doctrine of Trinity in 300 AD, but the Pope, Bishops and Church dignitaries settled it in 451 AD and the Trinitarian Doctrine was etched in stones.

The OT prophets, the scribes and teachers had the foundational truth of One God and all their messages were from Yahweh, the One God of Israel.

Christ maintained that He was sent from the One God and did His will by His spirit upon Him. Apart from the spirit of God, Jesus did nothing. (Jn.5:30) The Apostles received of the same spirit of God that was on Christ and they too adhered to the One God. The Father sent His Son by His spirit and the Son, the Apostles and us by the same spirit of God. Trinity is a blasphemy of God.

Right from the moment I could talk and reason, I knew that my life has a purpose. When I became a minister, I began an association with God and I came to realize that He is One and not three.

There are few people who took a stand against the doctrine of Trinity and I have answered the call of their hearts by writing this book. The scripture stands alone and this book agrees with it. I have joined my voice in saying that the Lord our God is One God and in Him there is no splits or division. I say with Christ, the Prophets, the Apostles, the godly Church Fathers who were martyred on account of this and who loved the Lord: Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is One Lord.

The Law and the Prophets spoke in one voice, the salutations of the Authors of the Epistles spoke in one voice and all the OT & NT saints agreed with them that the spirit of God is God Himself according to 1Cor.2:11.
Aug 23, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

I was born to Mr. & Mrs. Robert Iovbeguai Idonije on January 19th 1946 in the capital city of Lagos, Nigeria. I had my elementary and secondary education in Tinunbu Methodist School, Nigeria. I had three years of trade school and three years of grammar school with certificates in each of them having completed high and trade schools in 1960 and 1963 respectively. I was good in athletics and played soccer. I was a miler and threw the javelin in my High School days. I was the president of the Farmer’s and French Clubs. I joined the Scripture Union and became the president before my graduation. I had awards in Mathematics, Religious Knowledge, Geography and French. I attended Christ for the Nations in 1974 to ’76 and graduated with honors with an Associates of Arts Degree in Dallas, Texas. I went to Winnipeg Bible College in 1984 and had my Bachelor of Art Degree in Biblical Studies in 1985. In 1986, I attended Providence Seminary in Utterburne, Manitoba and I obtained a Master of Ministry with 10 years of service accredited to the course of studies. In December 1978, I got married in Benin City and the officiating minister was the late Dr. Benson Idahosa of Church of God Mission International, Nigeria. I have four children from 1979 to 1985 and the ages are 31, 30, 28 and 25. Praise is a girl and the oldest child with the three boys Israel, Emmanuel and Rhema, the youngest. They are now grown up, men and lady in their own right. I served as a minister under the Church of God Mission International, Nigeria where I was ordained into the Ministry in 1971-1973 and 1976-1983. I worked as a counselor with It’s A New Day in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1984, Served as the Director of Operation in a Christian Enrichment Family Camp in 1986 and came to Brandon 1987 to serve in the then Open Hands Ministry, now defunct. I have served under the Tabernacle of the Lord since 1988 to 2006 as a pastor, TV Minister, Prison Ministry, Pulpit Exchange Pastor, Teacher, Counsellor and Prayer Co-ordinator. I have served in the Brandon Ministerial Association as a Treasurer, Gate Keeper in the City of Brandon, Advisory to the Aglow, Brandon Chapter, Chaplain to the Rail Workers of Manitoba and the Brandon Police Service for 7 years, Bible School Teacher and a visiting Preacher to several Churches both in Canada and in the United States. Currently, I am the Founder of StreetLove Inc. on 33-10th Street, Brandon. In 2011, I received the distinguished Order Of Manitoba for the work in Brandon Manitoba in serving the poor with meals every week 3 days a week for 22 years. I was a member of the International Conference of Police Chaplains in Destin, Florida, member of the Clergy Association of Brandon, the Treasurer of the Brandon Ministerial Association 6 years, member of the Fellowship of Christian Assembly of Canada and a consulting Minister at large. I took a course in Computer Studies and completed Microsoft Word Levels 1- 3 with a certificate in 2005. I have written articles which were published in the Newspapers such as the Brandon Sun, Wheat City Journal, The Clarion and local papers. I have written to the Queen of England on sensitive issues as well as the Prime Ministers of Canada. My wife’s name is Choice Idonije and she works for herself in accounting field. She also holds a diploma in Quantity Surveying. She is a Counselor and a seasoned Intercessor. Finally, I have attended several seminars, took some courses in Theological Field and related disciplines. The copy of My clinical experiences can be obtain at request. Why I wrote the Book I have been serving the Lord for over 40 years and ministered as a pastor, Director of Bible Institutes, Teacher, Evangelist and Board Member in organizations for over 30 years. The sermons, lessons, wisdom and the truth that I have gleaned from the spirit of God were documented for the generations now and those ahead. I have pastored and served the poor and the homeless for over 22 years. I received Canadian Caring Award from Ottawa and the Order of Manitoba from both the Governor General, David Johnston and the Order Of Manitoba from Lieutenant Governor, Philip S Lee respectively. I have a wealth of knowledge and experiences that many seek after. As a servant who poured water on the hands of ministers like Rev. Benson Idahosa, Rev. JBS Coker and Rev. Dick Eastman, I am fortunate to have been served by men and women of God of our generation.

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God Divided? You Can't. - Rev. Henry Aikondion Idonije




Trinity: A Blasphemy of God.

A Kingdom Divided,

Falls Not Stand.

Rev. Henry Aikondion Idonije


1663 Liberty Drive

Bloomington, IN 47403

Phone: 1-800-839-8640

© 2012 by Rev. Henry Aikondion Idonije. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

Published by AuthorHouse 10/24/2012

ISBN: 978-1-4772-5218-5 (sc)

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The History Of The Doctrine Of Trinity

The Pre-Adamic Race

God Is Spirit

The All-Seeing Spirit Of God

Is God One Or Three?

Spirit Of God

Receiving The Spirit Of God

God Shared His Spirit With His Son

Greetings In The Epistles

God’s Dna In You

The Father’s Spirit Is Holy

Some Difficult Scriptures

Christ Came By The Spirit Of God

His Spirit Controlled Christ’s Temptation

The Miracles Of Christ By His Spirit

The Acts Of The Spirit Of God

His Spirit: An Antidote For Sickness Of Sin

His Spirit Wrought Miracles In Acts Of The Apostles

His Church Through His Spirit

The Proclamation Of The Gospel Through The Spirit Of God

God’s High Value Of Man

God Is The Value Of Man

We Have Received Of His Fullness

You Are Like God

You Are Sent Here By God

God Made Us A Promise

Hell’s For Satan, Not Human

God’s Essence: Sacrifice

Resurrection Of Christ & The Saints By The Spirit Of God


Author’s Biography


I have known Rev. Henry Idonije for over 25 years and he has impacted many lives as a minister of the Gospel. I am indebted to him as a friend and fellow Christian Brother and we met every Thursday and Sunday at the Double Decker and Tim Horton’s respectively to discuss scriptures, once in a while to pray and eat.

The Book he has written reflected his understanding of God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Word of God. He supported His thesis from the scriptures with a particular slant towards Num.11:24-30 and 1Cor.2:9-11 and he reiterated that the Lord Our God is One LORD and not three even as Deut.6:4 said: "Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is One LORD!

He maintained that God Is Spirit and His spirit cannot be divided from His Being because God has no physical parts in Him. He sent His Son into the world and gave Him of His spirit without measure and yet He is not diminished neither is He reduced in His essence and glory. He gave Him His spirit to accomplish everything that He did in the days of His flesh, thus fulfilling the Will of His Father. No wonder the voice of His Father echoed from Heaven saying: This is my beloved Son, in whom I AM well pleased

I cannot argue with the scriptures and so I agree with Rev. Henry Idonije that God had a Son and He gave Him out of His spirit without limit for the purpose of redeeming humanity from the hands of Satan and be welcomed into the everlasting Kingdom of His Father and the Saints of God.

This Book wakes up the giant that has been sleeping for almost 2012 years and many will be offended while others will rejoice in the Lord our God for such a timely Book in this 21st Century. It is my honor and privilege to write this endorsement for such a Book at the beginning of this century for the people of God.

In my profession, I deal with people and numbers and this Book intrigues me and calls me to re-evaluate my stand in the battle, as one of the Redeemed of the Lord. I say to all who will read this book that they should open their heart, eyes, ears, mind and spirit to hear what the Lord is saying to His Church in this last days where Grace is much abounding and sins abound. Read carefully and meditate in your spirit the scriptures that have been given in this book to give us a clear picture of the only One God who gave the world the Life and Blood of His Son, Jesus Christ in order to translate us from darkness into the Light of His Glory. Amen!

R. Lorne Collins (Accountant & Commercial Realtor)


My gratitude goes first to the Father of Mercy and the God of all grace, kindness and goodness, who in mercy created me for His pleasure and glory. I owe Him all of my life in existence here below.

Secondly, I owe Jesus Christ my Lord and Redeemer gratitude for His compassion and dedication to the course of His Father here on the Planet Earth, particularly when the powers of hell converged on Him before the cross at the Garden of Olives. Regardless of His weakness, fear and sorrow when He faced death, He trusted the Father and willed for His will.

I thank God for my Wife, Choice and my children: Praise, Israel, Emmanuel, and Rhema as well as my granddaughters Otito, and Akaose for the supports and encouragements. When all is said and done, the family is all that you have still standing with you.

Finally, I take off my hat for the great men and women of God who dare to say that God is One and not three, who had a Son and He gave Him His Spirit to accomplish all that He did on the planet earth.


All of us, children of God, His saints, ministers of the Gospel of the Kingdom and those who loved Him have been sold a bill of falsehood that God had not ordered. This came to us because of the insecurity of man and a need to straighten out the word of God and make it reads smoothly, thus we received the error which had its roots in the 3rd Century.

We have imbibed, received and accepted the fallacy of dividing God into three equal and pre-existent Beings, thus having the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. We have done a disservice to the Being of God and shredded His Personhood. This has become a mistake and error of many centuries from the 3rd century to our times today. The Holy Spirit has no name, but He is the self same God, our Father.

God and His Spirit cannot be divided and as Rev. Jack Hayford has succinctly put it, The Holy Spirit is the same as God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ in his song: Holy Spirit, Thou art welcome in this place." Rev. Jack called the Holy Spirit, the Omnipotent Father of Mercy and Grace, thus saying that the Spirit of God is God Himself. (1Cor.2:11) That means God and His Spirit are the same Being and they are indivisible.

This Trinitarian view of God came down to us in the 3rd Century and it began by a heated contention between Deacon Arius and Bishop of Alexander in 318 AD. The argument got hotter and the Emperor, Constantine stepped in. At the inception of a new Bishop called Athenasius, the debate on the trinity continued. In 451 AD, the Pope and the Bishops with the deacons gave the world the Trinitarian Doctrine of the God of heaven. This was a joke and it came out of the insecurity of men to dominate their fellow human beings.

This book is not an attempt to bring the saints of God back to the Father, who had a Son, and gave Him all of His spirit without measure, but actually pointing the saints, the Church and the ministers of God to the Being, who created us in His own Image and Likeness, the Son being a replica of Him.

This book points and takes all of God’s children back to the beginning and that we should take a hard and long look at the Scriptures of old in order to have a sense of His Omnipotence and thereby follow in His steps by His spirit that has been given to Christ for the purpose of redemption. And for us too, so that we can carry on where He left, having asked the Father for His spirit upon our lives as He did for Christ.

May the God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, grant you an understanding heart as you read along with the author. Amen!

Rev. Henry Aikondion Idonije

May 2012, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada


To the only wise God, immortal, invisible, who had revealed Himself as One Being. To Him who had a Son, called the Word then, but for the purpose of the redemption of mankind, He was called Jesus Christ by the angel Gabriel according to the command of God.

To Him be the glory, honor, power and majesty forever and ever. To the Almighty God, who by His spirit had created all things, visible and invisible, animate and inanimate and who had not hidden Himself from mankind, but made Himself known through His Son, Jesus Christ by His spirit.

To the God, who in mercy, love, grace, might, wisdom and compassion had turned mankind to Himself through Jesus Christ, forgave our sins and had made eternal home in the new earth and heaven for us His saints who loved Him.

To Christ Jesus, His only begotten Son, by His spirit and who has become our Elder Brother, propitiation for our sins and has been designated as King of kings and Lord of lords by His Father, the I AM THAT I AM, who had no beginning nor ending of days.

To all the Redeemed and the Saints of God in both the OT and NT who had been advocating that the Lord our God is One God and not three Gods in One! To the home of the Redeemed made by God and His Christ in the heaven called New Jerusalem and to our God, the Father of all flesh be praise, dominion and thanksgiving both now and forever. Amen!


This is the age of God and by implication of His spirit and all things started on earth by the spirit of God, Christ, mankind and the saints. God is all in all by His spirit. It will be so at the end of this age and the beginning of our lives beyond here.

God had a Son and sent Him to bring humanity home to the Father’s Palace for eternity. He gave Him His spirit to accomplish the redemption of mankind on the earth. His spirit goes by different names: The Finger of God, The power of the Highest, The spirit of God, etc.

God existed before the creation of the heavenly bodies, the angels, the galaxies, the milky ways, the solar system, the worlds of the spirits, mankind and the universe. He is the embodiment of all that is good, righteous, holy, benevolent, loving and just. Christ in antiquity functioned not as Christ, but the Word of God before all things and became Christ who was used by the spirit of God to bring redemption to humanity at the command of God, His Father. (Lk.1:35) The Word was the agency of creation then and He had to work with the spirit of God.

God enjoyed relationship and interaction with His creation

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