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Loosed to Live: A Reflection of God’S Healing

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Loosed to Live: A Reflection of God’S Healing

Lunghezza: 72 pagine45 minuti


Learning to thank friends and family for helping you in your time of need is a blessing. I have learned that even in my weakness, I can be of help to others. What this does is take my mind off my own problems and help someone else with their problems. Then this makes room for the Lord to help you with your needs. I have learned to be of service to others. What can you do today to help lighten someones load?

I pray that Loosed to Live will help you overcome some of lifes obstacles. I pray that you choose this day to seek the kingdom of God and walk completely in His ways, so that you truly can be blessed with His blessings. From this day forward, I pray that you would seek first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness so that all His blessing would be added onto you. I pray that Gods blessings would run you down and overtake you so that you would be a great blessing to the kingdom of God. I pray that you will choose to pick up your cross and run the race for Jesus! Remember that the Lord Jesus Christ has loosed you to live, God bless!

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