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A Magnificent Expression

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No single book can contain the entire story of the experiences of the black race, a story that began with the incredible mastery and brilliancy of a people who is credited with the survival of the world. Regardably though, this story includes the atrocities and injustice imposed upon them through pillage and oppression.

Needless to say, this book contains only excerpt from the whole story. Excerpts that historians have distorted to prevent the truth from being known.

Nevertheless, no one can mention the atrocities and injustice that the black people had to endure without calling attention to the guilt and conviction.

Even I feel a sense of guilt because I have contributed to it by allowing it to happen to me. To tell this story relieves me of some of that guilt. But dont just take my word for this account, do your own research. I have given you reference to appeal to for confirmationuse them.

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