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Attitude Within the Workplace: An Eight-Step Healing Process

Attitude Within the Workplace: An Eight-Step Healing Process

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Attitude Within the Workplace: An Eight-Step Healing Process

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Feb 27, 2013


Attitude within the Workplace: An Eight-Step Healing Process presents a technique designed to help others to improve their attitude based on the life experiences of author C. Payne. She reveals how she was finally able to take responsibility for her own negative attitude problem. By admitting that she was the problem and giving her attitude meaning, she was able to change her life. Now, she shares the process she used to turn her attitude around at work.

Chapter by chapter, this guide reveals the eight steps that can help you change your attitude within the workplace. Chapter one deals with first recognizing that you are the problem. Payne goes on to pose helpful questions to help you determine how to move ahead from there. In addition, she cautions that its important to determine if the cause of the bad attitude is personal or related to business. She ends each chapter on a positive note with Scripture from the Bible.

Attitude within the Workplace offers an eight-step healing process for anyone who is trying to give positive meaning and purpose to their life by improving their attitude and moving forward with their life.

Feb 27, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Cynthia Payne is a legal clerk who has worked in the legal field for over four years. She also has six years of experience working in human resources. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dealing with diverse people within the workplace. She currently lives in Virginia; this is her first book.

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Attitude Within the Workplace - C. Payne

Copyright © 2013 C.Payne.

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Chapter 1 Am I the Problem? Admitting

Chapter 2 Defining Your Attitude at Work: To Give Meaning

Chapter 3 Guilty by Association: Wise Decisions

Chapter 4 What Could Lead Someone to Having a Bad Attitude in the Workplace?

Chapter 5 What Are the Effects to Having a Bad Attitude in the Workplace? Accepting the Consequences

Chapter 6 Staying Focused: Believing in Yourself

Chapter 7 Steps to Take to Improve My Attitude: Having an I-Can-Do Attitude

Chapter 8 Looking Forward to New Beginnings: Spiritual Guidance

About the Author

Upcoming Book

What Inspired Me to Pursue Writing

To Dr. Velma Smith and Gary A. Payne.


I would like to express my thanks to Dr. Velma Smith for pointing out my characteristic gift as a writer. Without your encouragement and guidance on how to get started, this book, along with my future books, might have never existed.

I would like to acknowledge the support provided by my family, friends, and associates. I would like to offer my special thanks to Melanie Bryant, who was absolutely right that it was a delay and not a denial. Those words were the encouragement I needed, especially when I thought this book would never get published.

My special thanks are extended to the staff of Inspiring Voices for helping me with the process of coordinating, editing, and marketing my book and making it available to inspire others to become more positive.


This book is based on personal life experiences regarding how to turn a negative attitude into a positive one. It’s an eight-step healing process that starts off with you asking yourself, Am I the problem?

You have to recognize yourself as the problem first in order to start off on the right track and to come up with a solution to improving your attitude within the workplace. It starts at home is a saying that others will use when referencing how a parent should educate and teach their kids to show and have respect not only for themselves but also for others. Starting from the beginning of this book to the end, it will walk you through your journey as a guide, step-by-step, page-by-page, and chapter-by-chapter on how to help you with reaching your destination. You have to crawl before your walk and walk before you run, and that’s exactly what this does for one who is trying to overcome challenges in life.

Sometimes, people don’t know where or how to get started

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