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Grow Your Own Penicillin: Words Prescribed for a Healthy and Happy Spirit

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Grow Your Own Penicillin: Words Prescribed for a Healthy and Happy Spirit

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The author wants to share what she has learned through the many diverse experiences in her life. Some were joyful, some sad. There were times of hurt, times of surprise, times of questioning, and times that dealt with life-threatening issues that have strengthened and shaped her faith. Her stories reveal to you that in order to have a healthy spirit, we must listen to the doctor, God, and to grow good penicillin, we must allow what we do to be Christ-centered.
Whenever you need a devotion, wisdom for mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual issues, youll find the appropriate and meaningful story with an Rx for a special prescription within these pages.

Rx: Thoughts, Devotions, Meditations, or Just Thinking
Rx: Lifes Little Lessons
Rx: Laughter, the Catalyst that Jump-Starts the Healing System
Rx: Gods Amazing Creation
Rx: Learning to Live and Leave the Hurt Behind
Rx: Finding Our Own True Self
Rx: Relationships
Rx: Stories Which Touch My Soul

In addition, selected Scripture, significant sayings, and challenges for you to find your own lesson, help impact and enhance these simplistic messages.

These stories beg to be read again and again, in increments or as a whole, whether to seek an answer, to find comfort, to have a good laugh, to connect with Gods creation, or simply to enjoy.

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