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Vitamin K or a Wheelchair: Your Choice

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Vitamin K or a Wheelchair: Your Choice

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The elderly author had increasing mobility issues, was using crutches more frequently and heading for a wheelchair, when he decided to have the bones in his arthritic right ankle fused. He believed that a club foot would be more useful than a wheelchair around the house. The mandatory check of leg circulation prior to the operation revealed enexpected extensive atherosclerosis and occlusions of the arteries of both legs from the abdominal aorta to the feet.
While waiting to see the vascular surgeon again, he decided to find out as much as he could about osteoarthritis and atherosclerosis by examining the research literature in Google Scholar and PubMed. He was surprised to find not only a mass of literature on these two conditions but evidence that they could be interconnected and not only that, but that vitamin K deficiency may have a role in their development.
This book describes his journey of research into the functions of vitamin K, the sources from which we get our daily supplies and the doses we need to stay healthy. A decision was made to try vitamin K supplements as a conservative measure temporarilly before undergoing ankle surgery. Within a few weeks, the first signs of improvement appeared and have continued to the time of writing this. Repeat ultrasounds of the leg arteries after 14 months revealed a remarkable reversible of stenosis in arteries that were less than 50% stenosed. No other pharmaceutical drug has been shown to come close to that. The literature suggested that two types of vitamin K needed to be taken and that the dose needed to be higher than the official recommendations.
The author is now going for walks daily, mainly of two kilometres or less, but occasionally up to five kilometres with a view to not wearing out what must be some new cartilage. Arthritis in the left wrist has disappeared, anginas have ceased, kidney function has improved and the subject is much healthier all around. He can push a loaded wheelbarrow again and climb ladders.
Research has continued and pertinent literature has been provided for readers throughout the book into many other conditions that surprisingly might be caused by vitamin K deficiency. They include Atherosclerosis, Osteoarthritis, Leg function in oldies, Reproductive biology, Heart conditions, Bone health, Chronic kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes, Nervous system health (including dementia), Cataracts, Inflammation biomarkers, Blood cholesterol, Regeneration of blood vessels and skin, All-cause mortality and Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. Hyperlinks are available to put you in touch with the research that may interest you and which you can purchase independently for more in-depth study.
Several researchers have claimed that western diets do not contain sufficient vitamin K for a healthy lifestyle and the author has formed the opinion from all of this information that supplements should be taken daily from a very young age. After reading a mass of literature that has been conducted over the last 40 years, he believes that vitamin K is probably one of our most widely-needed vitamins. He is surprised that almost all of this information has failed to get into the mainstream of medical practice.
This book is a 'must read' for everyone.

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