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Historic Photos of Arlington County

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Historic Photos of Arlington County

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Much of Arlington County typified the sleepy Southern town,"" decades into the twentieth century. It was initially part of, then (merely) the closest neighbor to the District of Columbia. Often, Arlington was a place passed through on the way somewhere else. With better transportation at the beginning of the twentieth century, it became a destination instead. Towns sprang up along the rail lines. An overflow of home-seeking government workers joined the earlier settlers, ultimately developing the suburban community of today. The federal government joined in, placed facilities in the county, and developed the Custis-Lee estate into the national Arlington Cemetery. Historic Photos of Arlington County brings together many different images and perspectives on Arlington, from the non-recognizable rural nineteenth century to quite recognizable images from the 1970s. It captures the manifold aspects of the county in striking, black-and-white photographs. Images of local businesses, county-wide parades, and shaded streets mingle with those of presidential speeches ringing out from the steps of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.""
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