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The Tree of Life
The tree of life is so like man, ever stretching to the skies
Its branches ever reaching upwards, as though to heaven above
Like mans quest here on earth, to reach for that high unknown
The tree requires the staples of life, for its very existence here
But man in his slight wisdom, knows these details all too clear
The tree roots, securely planted, are not allowed to roam
But mans feet here on earth. Have mobility all their own
Unlike the tree, man does possess a single separate entity
A brain you see, though seldom used, a total shame indeed
The tree of life depends on man, for its daily lifes survival
Man depends on his own lifes skills to hopefully see his tomorrow
Which is a sad virtue, for his thinking process is not always clear
He makes good and bad decisions, its effects are not yet known
Man should take his lifes lessons, from the tree of life pursuit
As our single lifes true purpose, to reach for heaven above
As the tree stretches forth its limbs, ever skyward, in its growth
We should heed this very lesson, and praise the Lord above
For all that He has done for mankind and this our earth as well

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