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“Words of Wisdom, My Gift from God”

“Words of Wisdom, My Gift from God”

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“Words of Wisdom, My Gift from God”

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Jul 27, 2012


With God you can be an overcomer!
Are you unhappy and weary of the life you are living?
Are you in need of a change?
Do you need a savior?

I have good news for you!
God is still in control!
Jesus is still our savior!
Miracles are still accomplished by him every day!
He has a plan for you!

According to the ways of this world
I thought I was popular and in control.
I wasnt popular, nor was I in control of anything.
I was very lost.

I asked Jesus into my heart and life
He did many miracles in my life.
Im a different person now, and Jesus is my best friend.

He can do the same for you!
Jesus has put many lessons in my heart,
in poetry form.
They are a precious and valuable gift.

Jul 27, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Her name is Frances Holloway, better known as Granny around here. She lives in Tatum, Texas, with her daughter and son-in-law, Karrie and J.J. Shivers. She is a retired cashier of forty-two years. She is now a caregiver to her dear friend, Rex Holder in Longview, Texas. She writes poetry given to her from Jesus, her best friend, in her spare time.

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“Words of Wisdom, My Gift from God” - Frances Holloway

"Words of Wisdom,  

 My Gift from  


Frances Holloway

Copyright © 2012 Frances Holloway

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ISBN: 978-1-4497-5844-8 (hc)

ISBN: 978-1-4497-5842-4 (e)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2012912562

WestBow Press rev. date: 07/24/2012


Embrace Grace

Apple of His Eye

Give Me Your Heart,  

 I’ll Make It Pure

A New Heart

Lord Help Us

A World Gone Mad

Claim Our God

Jesus Is

Help Us, Lord

Jesus Gave Us Life

I Praise You!

Let Me, Lord

Let Me Be Ready

Teach Me

I Praise You, Jesus

You Made It All, Lord

Lord, I Need You

Hold Me Tight, Lord

Adam and Eve


My Lord Gave Me

Jesus Is

I Love You, Lord

The Highest Place

God Loves Us All

I’m Heaven-Bound

My Savior Had to Be True

God Gave Us Everything

I’ll Always Care

Overlook My Faults

God’s Gift to Man

He Loved Me

He Lives in Heaven

Because of God’s Grace

I’m Coming Too

Let Me Be Tall

Lord, You Gave Your All

City in the Sky

We’ll All Be Happy

Lord, Tell Me

In the Last of Time

Precious Friend


Believe in Me


To Put You First

A Gift

Deliver Me

Eye on God

Great Things You Do

Because of Your Great Love

Only in You

For Things That Matter Not

Change My Heart, Lord

Humble Me, Lord

You Desired Me to Be Saved

Lord, You Saved Us

What God Has Done

Hope in Jesus

You’re My Power

God Gave

Your Blessings Fill Me Up

Now, My Lord, I Look for You

A Matter of the Heart

The Holy Sight

Holy Event

My Savior’s Love

My Desire

If I Were a King

Someone Who Loves Me

When I Was Young

Only by Your Grace

Beyond My Faults


To Live in His Love

My Thoughts of You

In Your Arms

Lost Soul

Close to Your Heart

You Are the One Who Left

A Place

It Takes a Savior

Where All Is Love

Lord, You Said

Under Your Blood

Make My Heart Listen

Because You Died for Me

Dear Lord

They Are Mine

All Are Behind

We Rise with Jesus

A Little Faith


The God for Thee

Don’t Put It Off

I Want to Be His Child

He Couldn’t Love Us More

He Stayed Right There

The Feeling the  

 Holy Ghost Brings

It’s Almost Time

The Devil Fools

I’m Free at Last

We Can’t Wait  

 Until Tomorrow

His Spirit

The Holy Spirit

No Limit

He Saved My Soul

His Love

A Wonderful Friendship


Very Personal

Without Jesus

We Need to Ask Jesus

Give Me Grace

Against the Darkness

Have Mercy

Open My Mind, Lord

I Should Reflect Your Image

Jesus, Cleanse Me

Whatever Cross

An Answer

When Darkness Overwhelms

The Earth Welcomes You

Daily Cross

There’s Mercy

To Help the Stranger

Not Only in the Light

Jesus, You Know

To Share with Thee

Solely Upon God


On That Day

A Wonder

Never Ending


Jesus (Good Shepherd)


Jesus Took Me There

When I Walk with Jesus

The Holy Spirit Calls

He’s Never Late

He Paid the Cost

The Only One Who Loves You


Vote for Jesus

No Solid Ground

My Treasures Are in Heaven

When Jesus Looks at Me

Go with Jesus

We Need

Forgotten to Pray

Hot Line

Close to Jesus

Little Bird

The Moon


God Is in Control

What I See

Let Them See Your Light


Think on Me

Precious Dreams

Because You Loved

I Give it All to You

God’s Retirement Plan

Not Yet

God Blesses America

Ask the Lord

Only with God

Where Happiness Is Found

Godly Attention

The Common Things

Global Embrace

Safe, into the Fold

Help Our Thoughts

Jesus Just Speaks

He’s in the Highest Place

Your Holy Body

Show Them

Only God’s Power

I Will Give You Rest

Life Is a Vapor

Holy Spirit

Jesus Is Creator

Jesus Cares

Your Plan

To Glorify Your Name

I Don’t Deserve

A Map for Me

If You Look Back

I Expected to Get

Now I Know, Lord

I’m Set in the Body

Jesus Is Alive

My All in All

The Better Place Is Jesus

In a Land That’s Free

Lord, Help Me

Where Is God?

He Came

I Will Bless

A Dragon on the Loose

I Was Confused

My Savior

A Lot of Grace

In This Kingdom

He’s on Time

Brand New

Jesus Didn’t Worry

Your Foundation

Jesus Is Holding You

A Shepherd

Seek Me

Every Morning Is New

Lord of Lords

Jesus Is More Than Enough


Our Side

This Is God’s Will

I’ll Give Myself

Come to My Mansion

Almost Time

When Jesus Comes

No Room

Our Savior’s Plan

Where Does the Wind Go?

A Friend

In the Spirit of a Child

God Just Spoke

I’ll Take You There

Daily News

Come Back, Jesus!

He’s Gone Before

Priceless Gifts

His Word Is My Spirit

I Have a Heaping Portion

Are You Thankful

Princely Portion

My Friend

This Path

He Only Fooled Himself

The Little Widow

Bible Knowledge


It’s Time for Jesus

Hand in Hand

I’m on My Way

We Have

What Once Was

Where Is the Law?


Our World


In Heaven

I’m So Thankful

I Have You There

Deceit Is Here

Change Our Ways

Angels Are with Us

A Better Life


Only God Knows Your Heart

To Do a Good Deed

You Weren’t There

Thank You, Lord

You Made Me a Winner

Savior Divine

That’s Why He Came

Jesus, We Need Change

My Promises in You

Forget Us Not

Don’t Let Me Get too Busy

You Foresee

In the Name

The Things Left

His Hands

With Jesus’ Love

Just a Journey

Lord, Let Us See

On Mercy Street

You Can Choose

Jesus Is Life

Embrace Grace

We should embrace grace,

for it is a gift from our heavenly father.

It’s perfect and free,

a gift like no other.

God did for us what we didn’t deserve.

He gave us life, hope,

freedom, and a home in heaven, reserved.

He lovingly came down and left heavenly treasures.

God has a compassionate love for us.

He forgives, and our sins never measure

so that we can be a family in him and always be together.

His love is strong enough to bring us through all time,

seasons, and weather.

If God had no love for us,

our punishment for sins would not let us stand.

He is a God of love,

he took on flesh of man.

He said, "I have many treasures;

my grace I give to you.

You can take or reject it."

I’ll tell you what I do;

I thank him for his love and grace

that for me he made a place.

Apple of His Eye

Jesus is my Redeemer.

In him I have a new start.

I’m the apple of his eye.

I’m hidden in his heart;

he is watching over me.

I’m the image of this sort,

though my substance is dirt.

I’ll be tried as gold and free.

I have my Father’s promise;

he will never forsake or leave me.

The trials surround me.

We will never be apart,

because God so loves me.

He lives within my heart.

Give Me Your Heart,  

 I’ll Make It Pure

A Savior came from heaven

to take the burden that I bore.

I was without hope

and my troubles very sore.

For a while I thought I was all right

and didn’t need a cure.

Things got worse,

and gradually I wasn’t sure.

My life just went from bad to worse,

clearly I could see a dark, dark curse.

I somehow knew there was only one way out.

I asked my Lord to turn my direction about.

He knew my name and what I had done,

yet he called me child, my little one.

He said, "Give me your heart, I’ll make it pure.

Give me your sins; that I’ll endure.

I’m Jesus, the

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