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Reiki Energetics: Energetic Theories & Practices for Healing & Wellness

Reiki Energetics: Energetic Theories & Practices for Healing & Wellness

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Reiki Energetics: Energetic Theories & Practices for Healing & Wellness

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Jan 25, 2012


Not only a Reiki manual, Reiki Energetics includes principles, tools, and insights regarding a model of energetic healing.

Reiki, translating to higher life energy, is a beautiful high frequency of natural energy that an individual may learn to use to facilitate his or her self-healing and personal growth. We may also use this elegant energy with others to assist with their health and wellness. The Reiki energy is simple to administer yet can have profound influences on ones health status.

This book pulls together dynamics of energy systems, psychology, conscious awareness, and personal growth, creating a powerful and unique holistic approach to self-healing and wellness. In addition to self-healing tools, people taking classes with author John Kroneck learn how to work with clients to empower the clients to work with their own healing processes.

Further, considering healing approaches used under the names of energy psychology and energy medicine, it is clear that energy healing can be used effectively with other healing modalities. Inclusive of Reiki Energetics, however, is the recognition that energy healing or healing energetics is its own field with specific skill sets and healing processes. This is a new approach to health care that acknowledges and empowers our role in our health-care experiences.

The study of Reiki is a cornerstone in evolving this new field of healing energetics. Again, the Reiki approach is simple to administer. Yet, as with any work of significant spiritual significance, its depth and breadth of possibilities are without measure.
Jan 25, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

John Kroneck has been teaching Reiki classes since 1990. Along with his Reiki training with the Reiki Plus® Institute, John holds master’s degrees from Central Michigan University in both counseling and p’Public hHealth eEducation with an emphasis in pPatient eEducation’. He is also certified as holds a sSubstance aAbuse pPrevention specialist Consultant certification and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Michigan.

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Reiki Energetics - John Kroneck

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Section 1

Principles and Theory

What Reiki Is…

Research and Other Resources

History Of Reiki

Spitirual Principles Of Reiki

The Agreement

The Healing Process Dynamics

Precepts To Healing

Intake Questionnaire

The Healing Curve

Release, Chaos And Assimilation

Innate Drive To Wellness

Six Principles Of Truth

In The Healing Process

Assimilating The Healing –

The 21 Day Cycle

The Formation And

Power Of Denial

Reliving The Trauma


The Cause Of Disharmony

And Disease

Levels Of Healing

A Word About Pain

Steps Of Creative Empowerment

The Healer’s Basic Role

After The Session


To Using Reiki

Emotional Emergency

The Healing Setting

Reiki Study Group Guide

Section 2

Basic & Additional Healing Techniques

Reiki First Degree

Basic Treatment

Reiki Awareness Technique

Reiki Second Degree

Activating Symbol

Absentia Symbol

The Absentia Technique

The Inner Key Symbol

Energy Body

Clearing Technique

Affirmation Technique

Reiki Third Degree

The Forgiveness Technique

Reiki Master / Teacher

Section 3

A New Day

Self Assessment

Creating Ourselves

In The Images We Hold

Creating A New Day

In The Image Of Light

The Path Of Mastery

Reiki Is The Teacher

An Energetic View

Of The Reiki Story

Section 4

Reference Section: Tools & Techniques

Reiki Energetics

By John Kroneck

Reiki Master

Trained through the Reiki Plus® Institute with David Jarrell

MA – Community Health Education, emphasis in Patient Education

LPC – Licensed Professional Counselor

CPC – Certified Prevention Consultant

Editor: Georgia Schad, Reiki Master

Deep within our hearts burns the desire to understand; to reach forth; to realize oneness with the Divine. This desire has placed the Reiki System of Natural Healing on my path. A wonderful self-healing tool, Reiki is also a blessing that may be shared with others. In addition, anyone with a pure intention may learn to work with the Reiki system. For these reasons and many more, Reiki Energetics is dedicated to the Divine Flame within our hearts.

I am grateful to all my teachers, in earth as well as in spirit. As this work was coming together, I found myself enjoying the presence of David Jarrell, my dear friend and spiritual brother. Thank you, David, for your influence and friendship.

Someday, after mastering winds, tides, and gravity, we shall harness for God, the energy of love, and then for the second time in history, humanity will have discovered fire.

~ Teilhard de Chardin

Reiki Energetics

Section 1

Principles and Theory

Welcome to the study of Reiki Natural Healing with a focus on the Energetic dimensions of life. Reiki, a Japanese word, means Spiritual Life Energy. It is an energetic approach to healing, health, and wellness. That is, just as we are physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual beings, so too, are we energetic beings. Furthermore, just as there are physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual approaches to healing, maintaining a standard of health or challenging ourselves to grow in wellness, so too, are there energetic approaches.

All of these dimensions are inter-related and inter-dependent with each other. We are not individual pieces pasted together. Rather, we are holographic by design. This means that each single component or view of one’s self is inclusive of all levels, aspects and dimensions. At the same time, each aspect has its own unique way of influencing health.

The energetic approach to health is an evolving discipline in its own right, with its own skill sets and approaches. However, energetic approaches can also be complimentary additions to other approaches. This is particularly true regarding the Reiki approach in that it has unique aspects in its application, inspiring the individual with higher energetic frequencies. In the Personal Energetics Model¹, the dynamics of Inspiration are further explained as the third skill set of energetic development.

The skill set of Inspiration is focused on bringing forth a higher frequency and vibration of energy to a given situation. In the teaching of Reiki, there is an energetic alignment process in which the student’s energy field is attuned to an energetic pathway of a higher spiritual dimension. This attunement process is also referred to as an ‘initiation’. Many years ago this doorway was opened by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk. In this opening, an agreement took place. The agreement is that higher spiritual beings, Masters, guides, and angels shall hold and direct the 5th Ray of Healing to those in the earth plane who commit to opening their hearts to receive and share the Reiki gift. In this respect, the initiation is the key part of the training in that it aligns the student with this agreement, thereby opening the student’s energy field directly to the higher Reiki levels. The purpose of this writing is to present a framework that will provide deeper understanding and utilization of this higher frequency and vibration in our daily lives as well as in healing settings.

What Reiki Is…

There are many ways in which Reiki may be explained. What follows are particular talking points, including brief descriptions, which may be used when explaining what Reiki is to others. As one becomes familiar with the work, the understanding of each of these points will become clearer and, as such, your explanations will be more elaborate than what is presented here. These are beginning points to open dialog with others.

1) Reiki energizes our entire system & increases our physical, mental and emotional stamina. The influence of the higher Reiki frequencies increases the vitality of all aspects of an individual. Doing a daily ‘self-treatment’ serves to energize the entire person. A ‘self-treatment’ may be done at a specific time of the day or as a series of ‘mini’ treatments throughout the day.

2) Reiki is the art and science of activating, directing and applying universal life energy. A unique dynamic of the Reiki approach is the initiatory alignment with the higher spiritual energy. Through this initiatory alignment, Reiki energy is available at any time and in any setting that the individual calls it forth. One calls forth the Reiki energy through having a clear intention to ‘turn on’ the Reiki energy.

3) Reiki is an energy that stimulates the natural innate healing dynamics and immune system of the individual. It is not a foreign aspect of life. It is the higher vibration of who we already are. By bringing this higher dimension of Reiki energy into this third dimension of physical form, our Innate Drive to Wellness² is stimulated.

4) Reiki is very effective for total relaxation and stress release. Although Reiki is an effective tool for relaxation, as we bring the higher frequency of Reiki into the situation, there is also a stimulation affect. This stimulation is moving locked energy patterns, which are causing tension and stress responses in the body, to release and function in a healthier manner. As the tension is released, there is a resulting sense of relaxation. That is, a result of opening energetic pathways is less stress; hence, the person feels calmer. It is through the stimulating action of the higher vibration and higher order that we function better and realize a sense of comfort and even peacefulness.

5) Reiki enhances all healing techniques one may currently be utilizing. As a higher frequency of who we naturally are, Reiki can be used in conjunction with any other healing modality. For example, using Reiki before surgery can create the most optimal body readiness for the surgery. Using Reiki during the surgery can offset the sense of violation and resistance of the body tissue. And, of course, using Reiki after surgery enhances the recuperative powers of the body, especially during the sometimes critical third day. Likewise, counseling experiences with Reiki can provide a deeper sense of loving support that softens the release of emotional trauma.

6) Reiki is a healing modality that can be used on oneself. Basic individual self-care techniques are taught in the Reiki training. First and foremost, Reiki is a tool for self-healing and development. Those trained in Reiki are highly encouraged to do a daily self-treatment to promote their own healing, health maintenance, and continual forward movement into their own wellness.

7) No previous healing training is necessary to be trained in Reiki. Previous training or spiritual gifts may help one appreciate, in a deeper manner, the Reiki teaching. Reiki, however, is very simple in its application. It is also based in the spiritual principle of unconditional love. Therefore, important skills to have are Trust, Patience, and Compassion. A simple explanation of the process is that hands are placed on ourselves or another; the Reiki energy is called forth, and then we pay attention to how the energy moves through our hands.

8) Reiki is not a religion. Reiki is a spiritual practice in accordance with the universal laws of spiritual consciousness and unconditional love. As a result, our own spiritual paths, in the way we understand them, expand, as well.

9) Speaking from a metaphysical orientation, Reiki is of the Emerald Green Ray of Divine healing. It is based in the Fifth Ray of Truth. Further, this healing and initiatory energy is under the direction of the Reiki Masters in Spirit. It is these Reiki Masters in Spirit who hold the directed flow of this higher love for all those who enter into this study.

10) The Reiki energy is simple to turn on. To turn on the Reiki energy just think Reiki please or in some way focus one’s intention on the Reiki to flow through and then allow the energy to flow through your heart, through your hands and to the healee. There are no special incantations, preparatory rituals or deep meditations needed to activate the Reiki energy. The individual’s intention is the key that opens the flow. Therefore, with clear intention, the Reiki can be ‘turned on’ at anytime and in any setting. Yes, even while sitting in a traffic jam or in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. One never again has to feel like time is being wasted or there is nothing to do but wait. Simply turning on the Reiki energy for a self-treatment can turn what initially seems like wasted time into a blessing of time for oneself.

11) Reiki is an energy of love that fills first the healer then flows out the heart through the hands into the healee. As we ‘turn on’ the Reiki energy, it comes into our bodies, moves through our hearts and out through our hands. A blessing of offering Reiki to others is that we get some in us in the process. That is, we receive the Reiki within ourselves as we offer it to others. Therefore, our offering becomes our blessing.

12) The Reiki energy has automatic characteristics about it. That is, it goes where it is needed, to the extent it will be accepted at the time. It also either gives or takes away the energy needed to encourage a balancing of the energy system. We do not need to understand anatomy, disease, or any in depth application technique. Like water finding its own level, so does the Reiki flow according to natural laws. First, that which is in most need shall attract the Reiki flow. Second, the higher frequency shall raise the vibration of the lower frequency, thereby automatically adding energy to deficient areas and pulling out energy from hyperactive or locked-in areas. Third, the Reiki energy will flow to the extent it will be accepted. That is, there usually is a limit to how much change an individual will allow at any given moment. When we have absorbed as much as we are able, the Reiki flow will begin to slow. This is because, fourth, Reiki honors Free-Will choice and will not override a person’s readiness or resistance to moving forward.

13) Reiki is gently powerful. This higher frequency (quality) and vibration (intensity) also has a visual component. This visual component is called light. Both Jesus and Einstein stated that we are light. Since we are working with the energetic basics of light, frequency and vibration, anything is possible. On the other hand, because of our consciousness, understanding, beliefs and fears, not everything is immediately probable. Most likely, we have all heard stories of miraculous healing or spontaneous remissions. Of course, no approach or technique comes with such guarantees. Reiki is, however, an energetic approach that increases the light, frequency and vibration, providing the opportunities for us to better understand how and perhaps even experience that, truly, anything is possible.

Research and Other Resources

A simple Google of Reiki Research will provide a number of sites related to the research of Reiki. In the mid 1990’s the Office of Complimentary Medicine of the National Institutes of Health, (now The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) identified a number of alternative or complimentary approaches for which they would provide funding. Reiki was specifically identified as one of these approaches. The following resources can provide more information on research than would be possible in this work. In summary, however, a review of some of this research has shown that Reiki is usually found to be partially to completely helpful in most cases. The sites identified here are as of April 2009.

Research Sites:

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

This site contains research and news items regarding many complementary or alternative approaches.

The National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health

Typing the words Reiki Research in the search box will bring up a large number (close to 200) research items related to energetic approaches. Many of these are specific to Reiki.

The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine

This site is included in this list in that it is an excellent source of current studies and in the Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine Journal, Volume Nine, Number One, 1998, p. 51 there is a specific study on Reiki sited. A reprint of the abstract follows.

Effects of Reiki on Pain and Selected Affective and Personality Variables of Chronically Ill Patients

Linda J. Dressen & Sangeeta Singg, PhD.

Abstract —

This experiment examined the effects of Reiki (a laying-on-of-hands healing modality) on pain, mood, personality, and faith in God. Participants (N = 120) were randomly assigned to one of the four groups (ns = 30). The Reiki Group received ten sessions of Reiki. Progressive Muscle Relaxation Group received ten sessions of relaxation therapy. Control Group received no treatment. Placebo Group received ten sessions of false-Reiki. Statistical analysis led to the following conclusions: (1) Reiki is an effective modality for reducing pain, depression, and anxiety. (2) Reiki is effective in enhancing desirable changes in personality and strengthening the faith in God. (3) Gains made by Reiki tend to persist over longer periods of time. (4) Attunement seems to be a vital part in Reiki training. (5) Chronically ill patients experiencing stress and pain tend to be receptive to Reiki.

Those of a scientific bend may appreciate the work of this group. They may be reached at; ISSSEEM, 11005 Ralston Road, Suite 100D, Arvada, CO 80004—

Other Resources:

The following books are recommended because of their specific and practical approach to the Reiki work.

Reiki Plus® Natural Healing and Reiki Plus® Professional Practitioner’s Manual for Second Degree – by David and Richelle Jarrell

These two books are high on the recommended reading list. They also present the use of Reiki in terms of practical everyday situations but add a metaphysical dimension to explaining the work. Therefore, for those who would like a practical approach from a metaphysical view, these books provide a solid foundation.

Reiki Energy Medicine – by Libby Barnett and Maggie Chambers

This book is an excellent resource to see Reiki opportunities from a medical perspective. The authors cite practical everyday examples of how Reiki may be used in both hospital and hospice settings. For those interested in how Reiki is being utilized in health care settings, this book is a good primer.

Other Works – There are, of course, many other books and websites. A search under Reiki, Energy Medicine, and Energy Psychology will provide ample reading materials for even the most avid reader. As much research that an individual may do will fall short, however, of the real learning that takes place when one practices the art of Reiki Energetics. The energetic shifts and reflected healing processes create changes in the energetic fields. These changes serve as learning experiences that cannot be matched by reading about other’s experiences.

History Of Reiki


The following history of Reiki has been reprinted from David and Richelle Jarrell’s manual, Reiki Plus® Natural Healing. As David was my primary Reiki teacher here on earth, I am pleased to have permission for this reprint from Richelle Jarrell. To have some of David’s work as part of this work feels very good and hopefully, in at least some small gesture, acknowledges his beautiful influence in my life. It is my honor to present the history of Reiki through David Jarrell’s interpretation.

Rev. David Jarrell


It is believed that in the year 1822 in the city of Kyoto, Japan, Dr. Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk, began a twenty-eight year search during which he rediscovered how the Buddha had healed. Before Jesus, the Buddha had possessed the gift of healing through Divine Love and the human touch.

Dr. Usui’s journey began by visiting and asking the different Buddhist sects if they could perform the miracles that Buddha performed: could they heal the body? The Buddhists felt that healing of the Spirit and healing of the body were not always directly connected. They concentrated on the Spirit, and not on the body. They felt that the body and the Spirit were separate and that the Spirit was what needed to be healed. They left the healing of the body to medical doctors.

Dr. Usui finally went to a Zen monastery. He asked the same question of the senior monk: Do Zen monks and priests know how to heal the body? The monk answered, Not anymore. Dr. Usui was puzzled by his answer. What do you mean not anymore? The Zen monk explained that they had been concentrating so heavily on healing the Spirit they had forgotten how to heal the body.

The monk felt that if Dr. Usui’s destiny was to rediscover how the Buddha had healed the body, it would unfold before him. So Dr. Usui asked if he might stay and study at the Zen monastery in Kyoto. He was accepted, for all people who desire mastery were accepted in their quest.

And so, under the guidance of the Zen monk, Dr. Usui began meditating, reading the sutras, the writings and teachings of the Buddha. He read the Japanese translation over a period of several years, but did not find a suitable answer. As he had so often done, he went back to the monk and asked for guidance. The monk said that he should meditate, for in meditation he would find the answer within.

Through his meditations, Dr. Usui was guided to learn Chinese and began to read the sutras in Chinese. After a few years Dr. Usui had still not uncovered what he felt were the essential teaching or keys to healing. Again, guided by meditation, Dr. Usui was directed to learn the Tibetan language. The Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) (563-483 B.C.) was a prince of the Sakya tribe, born at Kapila-vastu near the border between present day Nepal and India. After his enlightenment, at the age of 35, he spent 45 years traveling and preaching in northern India. His teachings were taken down in Sanskrit and Pali, carried to china in 645 A.D. The Tibetan priest translated the Sanskrit to Tibetan. (Richard Leavitt, editor of 3rd Edition, 1989.)

In a few years Dr. Usui mastered the Tibetan language and began reading the teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist Sect. In the Tibetan Buddhist writings, Dr. Usui discovered what he felt to be the keys to healing. The Tibetan priests were taught through meditation and channeling radiated by the Brotherhood of Light.

* * *

(David Jarrell’s side note.) As has been from all times, the Truth has radiated from the God-Force to humankind. Many teachers have been the receivers of this Truth, as many are now and will be in the days ahead. This imparted knowledge continues to be channeled to those who will receive and take the teachings beyond the self.

The Reiki healing comes through the Brotherhood of Light. These teachers of the Brotherhood are a focus of the God-Force. Names have been given to them so humankind will be clear about their words, actions and deeds. The Healing Ray, a focus of Emerald Light, is called the Fifth Ray, one of the Ten Rays of God’s radiant messages for human initiation. An Ascended Tibetan Master has maintained the Reiki Ray focus for humankind since the beginning, and is now assisted by Dr. Usui.

* * *

Dr. Usui, realizing that he had possibly found the keys to healing, went back to the monk to tell him of his exciting discovery and ask his advice. Now that I have found what I have been looking for, how do I know that it is correct and, if so, how do I use it?

Through meditation, he and the monk were told that he should go to a holy mountain north of Kyoto called Kurama-yama. On Kurama-yama he was to meditate and fast for twenty-one days; during this time he would receive enlightenment and spiritual clarity.

Dr. Usui gathered up a few belongings and made his pilgrimage from Kyoto to Kurama-yama. He climbed the mountain and found a location facing east. Every morning he awakened before the sun rose and threw away one of the twenty-one stones he had placed in front of his meditation spot to keep count of the days.

Each day he meditated and fasted. On the twenty-first day, Dr. Usui awakened to a darkened morning. It was like a new moon day, when no light shone in the heavens before the breaking of dawn. When he awakened he could not see even his hand in front of his face. He found his way to his meditation spot and picked up the last stone. Dr. Usui prayed before throwing the last stone off the side of the mountain. He asked for confirmation of his findings and asked to be given the enlightenment of how to use it.

As he threw the stone off the side of the mountain, a light appeared far off in the east. It began getting brighter and coming closer to him. It frightened him and he wanted to run away. He heard himself say, You have searched for twenty-one years and you have meditated and fasted for twenty-one days. You have asked for enlightenment and confirmation, and now you want to run away from it? And so, Dr. Usui quieted his intellect and said, No, if that light is for me, I accept the enlightenment. The light became very bright and streamed across the heavens to open his third eye.

He thought he had died and had ascended into heaven. He had never before been in such a euphoric state. His entire field of vision was a rainbow of color. Out of the rainbow came bubbles of gold, white, blue, and violet. Each of the different bubbles contained symbolic messages. A voice said, These are the keys to healing; learn them, do not forget them; and, do not allow them to be lost.

Dr. Usui saw the bubbles and heard the voice… until

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