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How Safe Is Your Soul?: So Wide Is the Path so Narrow Is the Way "Come and Follow Us to the Way"

How Safe Is Your Soul?: So Wide Is the Path so Narrow Is the Way "Come and Follow Us to the Way"

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How Safe Is Your Soul?: So Wide Is the Path so Narrow Is the Way "Come and Follow Us to the Way"

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Dec 20, 2011


How Safe Is Your Soul? will help you know and
understand that our greatest purpose in this life is to
answer the calling of God to be like Him. Be holy and
be perfect for God is. Nobody is perfect is a deceitful
cliche and a pathetic excuse discouraging many not
to respond to this glorious calling to become God in
God. Wide indeed is the path to perdition because of
our diminishing desire to become a saint. Narrow is
the way to God and heaven because many have their
own priority and personal agenda contrarious to Gods.
This book is for everyone reminding us that we have a
greater purpose more than our own.
The SOS MIssionaries is inviting you to join us in the
mission of serving and saving souls. We have a formation
program suited for everyone who desire to participate
in the mission of the church saving all souls.

Dec 20, 2011

Informazioni sull'autore

The author lives in Turlock, California. He graduated from California State University at Northridge with a bachelor of science degree in business administration. He worked as an accountant and auditor with the County of Stanislaus and the County of Riverside. After retiring, he studied philosophy and religion. He was selected as community director of the Turlock Third Order of Carmelites. The author is also a member of the Knights of Columbus Hughson chapter. After living many years being religious and contemplative, he became a member of the SOS Missionaries, becoming a fund-raiser, formation director, recruiter, spiritual retreat master, and servant of souls. How Safe Is Your Soul? is the author's fourth book, and he is currently writing another one for the missionaries.

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How Safe Is Your Soul? - Brother Boy Deiparine


© Copyright 2011 Brother Boy Deiparine.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the written prior permission of the author.

Wrote YBA Catholic, The Divine Direction and various religious articles.

Printed in the United States of America.

isbn: 978-1-4669-0746-1 (sc)

isbn: 978-1-4669-0747-8 (e)

Library of Congress Control Number: xxxxxxxxxx

Trafford rev. 12/15/2011

North America & international

toll-free: 1 888 232 4444 (USA & Canada)

fax: 812 355 4082



Chapter One

Knowing your soul:

Chapter Two

Our tainted soul


Sins of our soul

Chapter Four

Scrutinizing the soul

Chapter Five

Safeguarding the soul with virtues


Enemies of our soul

Chapter Seven

Arming the soul with his words


Formation of the soul

Chapter Nine

Trials of the soul


Shepherding the soul

Chapter Eleven

Exercise for the soul

Chapter Twelfth

Nourishing the soul


Shields for the soul

Chapter Fourteen

The spiritual soul

Chapter Fifteen

The contemplative soul


The perfected soul

Chapter Seventeen

Our soul’s journey

Chapter Eighteen

Judging the soul

Chapter Nineteen

The triumphant souls

About The Author:

This book is dedicated to you.

You are so precious in the eyes of God because you are His masterpiece, the work of His Hand. There is no one like you and before you were born He had already made marvelous plan for you. You are being form to become like God and inheritor of His kingdom. In your soul is the life of God breathing and breeding divinity so you will live and reign with Him now and forever. Always give thanks and praise to God for all the marvelous things He has done for us.

I thank God, you and the SOS Missionaries for the privilege of writing this book and sharing them with you.

The love of God drives us to you.

SOS Missionaries

What does it profit if we gain the whole world but at the end we lose our immortal soul?

This book is all about your immortal soul. We have a soul that lives forever but we are so busy taking great care of the lesser things. We possess an immortal treasure that is far greater than the whole world and even the whole universe. Our soul is priceless!!!

What then can you exchange for your soul? Nothing!!! There is nothing in this world that can compensate the value of your soul. Unfortunately, we have been deceived and cheated about the reality of our one and greatest possession – our immortality. We have been deceived by the enemies of our salvation that our life in the world is what matters the most. Such destructive deception caused many to lose their souls to eternal damnation. Every day thousands and thousands will die and divine judgment is immediately executed that determine their eternal destiny. Most if not all of us are cheated about the true and real value of our immortal soul that we are leaving it to chance or even negligence causing the loss of many souls.

As servant of souls, our mission in this world is to make sure that everyone is fully aware that their immortal treasure and greatest possession is well taken care of. We were called to deliver the message to all of humanity how to take great care of their soul so everyone will enjoy eternal happiness and joy that the world can never give.

We the SOS Missionaries by the grace of God present to you our greatest gift, this book.


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but to have everlasting life. (John 3:16).

For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. (John 3:17).

These scriptural passages are powerful messages that we should ponder upon and treasure. The only Son of God came down as a man, suffered and died a very painful death for the salvation of mankind. His mission to save soul is, however, rarely accepted. To make it worse, some Christians interpret His death as a blanket salvation for all and that nothing more was needed to be done to save souls as Christ had already saved us through His death.

How safe is your soul is a book inspired by God to help us guard, nurture and keep our soul safe. The soul is the greatest and only treasure that we possess. All earthly treasures have no value compared to our soul because it is a part of God. For generations, preachers, prophets, priests and others had preached the importance of the soul. Great theologians and spiritual thinkers had written about God’s tremendous saving plans to teach us the importance of salvation so that we would not lose our precious souls to hell. Yet these messages from God seem to lose their greatness because we do not seem to believe that our soul is that important. Some skeptics do not even believe that we have a soul. We continue to do our own will by choosing what is in this world rather than choosing to know what is God’s plan for us. Had we believed that we have a soul and had believed that God has a plan for us, then this world would be filled with living saints.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? The scripture has never stopped telling us to save our soul but we continue to offend God by sinning. Even the revelation at Fatima, Portugal in 1917 by the Blessed Virgin Mary to the three visionary children, Lucia Santos (died 2005), Francisco Marto (died 1919) and Jacinta Marto (died 1920), who saw the most horrifying sight of suffering souls in hell, is not convincing enough for souls to refrain from sins. Nothing is threatening enough to compel us to take great care of our immortal soul.

Many say that God is so good that He will never send His beloved children to hell. They use the death of Jesus as an excuse to live in sin without guilt. This is a great excuse by us to exalt God’s goodness so that we can continue to live the life that is contrary to His most holy will. This is the reason why so many souls are lost. The devil has been very successful in using this logic to its great advantage, convincing souls that they could do whatever they wanted in this life so long as they believe in God, that God is so good and He loves us very dearly that He will never send His children to hell. Satan has invented a great lie so that souls will lose heaven and God.

The scripture warns us how Satan would disguise itself as an angel of light to blind us from the truth. Satan is using God’s goodness to his advantage by leading souls to believe that they will not go to hell. Such brilliant plan from the prince of darkness must be exposed so as to make our soul safe. It is true God will never send souls to hell. In fact, He sent His only Son to save souls, not to condemn it. It is the soul itself that plunges to hell by choosing to live its own way, instead of choosing God’s way.

It is an irony that heaven is within our grasp but we do not take such glorious destiny very seriously. Lucifer wanted everything in heaven but it lost them all by not serving God and His holy will. Lucifer lost heaven and God by wanting them so much. We will lose heaven and God by not wanting them fervently. Heaven is where God wants us to be. Getting there is difficult as we are ignorant of God’s saving plans and Satan is always present with its evil ways.

In most funerals, some people routinely say that the deceased is better off as he or she is now in heaven with God. We assume that everyone goes to heaven. We have the wrong assumption that heaven is ours when we die. There is no doubt that God wants us to go to heaven when we die but we have to do His will, thereby making it difficult since we tend to do ours.

There are many Christians who profess that they are followers of Christ but only a handful can be considered His faithful followers.

For many are called, but few are chosen. (Matthew 22:14).

Very few souls will go to heaven because so few choose to do God’s will. Satan has succeeded in hiding the truth of what God wants from us, which is to know, serve and love Him. This is the holy will of God.

The loss of so many souls to hell is the reason why this book was written. We love to read all kinds of books, including those on health, finance, looks and others but these are not the most important thing in life. Millions flock to bookstores to get hold of a best—selling novel where the author seduces his readers by sharing his fantasy and imagination where the absolute truth is never mentioned. If the truth of God is always hidden from us then it is no surprise that souls are losing heaven and falling into hell in great multitudes.

Religious institutions are sprouting everywhere but souls are still lost to hell. This therefore indicates that the enemies of our soul have succeeded in separating us from God and from our glorious destiny, which is heaven. Such tragedy of God’s own children needs immediate attention.

When we neglect the gift of salvation, the terrible consequences of losing our soul to hell is so great that death itself, if it were possible, becomes a greater relief, but when the soul goes to hell, it will never die. Instead, the torments grow worse with each passing day and the wailing and cursing become increasingly intense, and as an SOS missionary and His servant, dedicated and consecrated to God, it is my mission and calling to write this book as a rapid remedial response to that horrible vision of so many of our beloved brothers and sisters being lost each day to eternal ruins.

Did you ever lost a loved one before? Then you can feel how painful it is to lose a soul forever, never again to be seen. Our great God suffers the most terrible pain when a soul is lost forever. He alone loves that soul very dearly that He never hesitated to save it with His very own life. The pain inflicted on Christ on the cross was so severe that He died horribly, but still, He willingly did it for our salvation. We owe everything to God with this ransom.

Seeing how this generation lives and behaves, I can clearly understand why many souls are lost every day. We are not concerned with the condition of our souls. We put so much importance on the safety of our earthly treasures that we lose sight of what is really important, our greatest treasure—the immortal soul. Many believe that we have a life after death but yet we do not put great importance on our eternal destiny. If indeed we are concerned, then we should spend more time studying, nurturing and taking great care of such treasure that is so priceless that even the Almighty God gave up His very own life to redeem such immortal inheritance.

How safe is your soul?

Can you truly say that you are now ready to face God? Are you really sure that you have a soul free from stain? Remember, God is so holy that your soul must be stainless before you are worthy to be admitted into His glorious kingdom. How are you taking care of your soul? Where do you get the knowledge and how effective and dedicated are you in applying them to make sure that your soul is safe? Are you certain that you did God’s most holy will? Is the life of God alive and dwells in your soul? Are you certain that you have lived a holy and perfect life? If you honestly believe that you meet all of the above, then you are certain to enter the glorious eternity in heaven and share God’s kingdom. If not, then this is your book. You have bought so many books in your lifetime but none had given you the light of truth and the fullness of grace that comes with this one. How safe is your soul is truly a blessed book for it will guide the soul through the narrow path to heaven and be in union with Him for all of eternity. This is the greatest investment one will ever make in a lifetime.


Knowing your soul:

What can you exchange for your soul? (Matthew 16:26). This passage from sacred scriptures indicates that our soul is indeed priceless!!! There is no other treasure on earth or pleasure in this life that can justly compensate the value of the human soul. What is on earth and in this life will eventually end while our immortal soul will live forever. It will end up in heaven or in hell, for eternity. What a dreadful destiny for those who do not keep their soul safe. The first important step in preserving our souls is to know that we have one.

Chapter One

Knowing your soul:

If you believe that you possess a soul, an immortal treasure, then you are blessed because such a gift from God will inspire you to take great care of it. God gave us the time to discover the importance of being spiritual but we squander it in matters that have lesser value.

In this technologically progressive generation, we, adults and the young ones included, spend too much time surfing the internet. This, however, is not the best way to discover the purpose of our life. Many souls are lost because we do not spend time searching for the truth but still blame God when a soul goes to hell. A soul goes to hell because the person lacked the knowledge that he possesses a soul. Knowledge means that he has complete understanding of the soul.

On the knowledge scale, a low score indicates that such an individual will not be receptive to the idea of laboring hard in taking care of his soul. Our ignorance often discourages us to spend time and energy on things based on faith. Ignorance is indeed another form of deceit that robs us of the truth, thereby putting our precious souls to great risks.

True knowledge means the belief that God alone breathes His own life to the human soul, making it priceless and precious because it is a portion of God. Souls that possess such true knowledge can easily be encouraged to make and keep them safe.

How safe is your soul?

Let us begin by examining our own knowledge so that we can assess where we stand on the knowledge spectrum. Some of us believe that we have an immortal soul but our knowledge of this soul is so very shallow that it limits our drive to give all we have in keeping that soul safe. There are, of course those who totally doubt the existence of the soul and therefore most lost souls are the results of this ignorance and doubt about the existence of God within our soul. As Shakespeare had said: Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt. If we doubt that we have a soul, then our belief and interest in God and the life after diminishes to the lowest point putting us at risk of losing eternal happiness.

What is a soul then? A soul is an eternal entity residing in a living person and is responsible for all the physical decisions that can result in either a positive or a negative action. Some of us cannot accurately define the human soul. Some think that both the soul and the spirit are the same. They are not. Although both the soul and the spirit live forever, they are distinct from each other.

There are three faculties within the soul; namely the memory, the understanding or the intellect and the will and they work as a team in providing our physical being the motivating force in all our actions.

Let me illustrate how the soul influences our decisions and actions with a simple analogy. A destitute beggar, shivering on a winter night, stumbles upon a leather wallet containing two thousand dollars. This beggar, who has not eaten the whole day, is starving and is very excited with his find.

Now let us observe how a soul operates and the mechanics supporting it. The first faculty of the soul is memory, reminding the beggar that the money he found will supply many of his needs. At this very moment, he could buy all the food needed to satisfy his hunger. Simultaneously, the second faculty of the soul, which is understanding, drives the beggar to make two immediate choices. He could either keep the money or return it to the owner. The third faculty of the soul is the will, the strongest force that will decide which action to take in collaboration with the other faculties. Therefore, the will of a particular person exposes the condition of his soul. If the beggar chooses to find the owner of the wallet and returns all the money in it, then the condition of his soul is considered beautiful because despite his hardship, he opted to make the perfect choice. The beggar’s action is a heroic one. In the eyes of God, the soul of this beggar is a very precious because the action taken is a reflection of His divine character. The beggar’s action will please God and he will reap his treasure in heaven. When he finally faces his judgment at the throne of God, he will find great mercy because of that one heroic virtue of honesty and charity. However, had he chosen to keep the wallet, the beggar would be displeasing to God but he would be judged with leniency because of his earthly condition. This is how the human soul works. God is constantly testing our soul and how we respond to such tests determine our final destiny.

No other creature functions like us because all the other creatures do not have a soul.

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, we evolved from a lower form of life. We are improved descendants of the apes. This cannot be the truth because apes do not have a soul and they cannot do what we can do. Our soul is what separates us from the lower creatures.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. (Genesis 1:27).

We are the highest form of being because God created us in His own design and such distinction elevates us above all creatures. We are His little portions. We can think and have an analytical mind superior to other creatures. Modern scientists invented the microchips, powering mankind into the computer age. Our great technological advances could not have been made possible by apes, but by us.

There is no other creature like us. Within the human race we look the same physically, like having a pair of arms, legs, a head and others but we are unique in that no human being is the same intellectually, even among twins who may look identical but they have different intellectual identities.

Likewise, no single soul can be completely identical because each single soul is in itself a masterpiece of God. A work becomes a masterpiece when there is no other like it. When Michelangelo painted the Sistine chapel, he produced a masterpiece that can never be duplicated. Shakespeare’s literary masterpieces cannot be equaled in style and content. So does the work of God. There will never be one like you. You are God’s masterpiece. God’s greatest masterpiece is the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is the glory and triumph of humanity. She is the perfect model of all creation because she remained untainted by the sins of humanity. She brought back divine perfection to all of humanity by living fully the life of God in her soul. We have the potential of possessing the divine life in our soul if we do what God has planned for us, which is to be like Him, holy and perfect.

How safe is your soul?

If you have neglected God in your soul, you are merely an unfinished masterpiece. The hand of God, like a painter’s hand, cannot produce a masterpiece of a painting if you, the model, keep on moving. You must be still. You must confront the state of your soul. How are you in the eyes of God? Have you lived the life of a true Christian? Did you try to do what was always right, always just and always pleasing in the eyes of God?

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