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Mind's Journey

Mind's Journey

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Mind's Journey

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Feb 6, 2012


This Minds Journey is my second book in poetry. In this writing I have tried to let fly the mind wherever it tends to travell through the help of knowledge. Woven interestingly covering many aspects of lives including the activities of natural phenomena as well I have inserted flow of the writings in a way to bathe in the realm of poems. Feelings and events converged in it are solely art of the beautiful heart which can dramatize the wave lengths of humans intention. Beyond imagination, in this book I have penned facts and effects of the society of the human behaviors. And many urges have done with human beings to reform it.
Feb 6, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Born on 5th December 1954 at Kathmandu Nepal, educated in M.A. Political science. Habit of reading and writing became inspirations to write. Resigning from the job of bank manager, I migrated in January 2006 in United Kingdom in the highly skilled migrant programme of UK government. Later wife Geeta was diagnosed with breast cancer. Towards poetry my first poem, “Peace Truce” got published in 2010 in book “Scriptor-8”. Then poem “Aim Was Different” and many other poems got published in many anthologies of United Press Limited, London. The press put in the list of top writer/featured author of 2011. Managing Director of United Press loved to say Deepak’s “Cassandra” –a book conceived and written by him is an example of the best of his work. Again poem “Confident” published in the book “Inspiration 2010. Forward poetry, wished to publish poem “Cause of Cause” in its recent publication. After successful self online publish of first book “Cassandra” from Author House USA, love of friends and motivation enticed me to write second poetry book “Mind’s Journey”. In this book I’ve composed various aspects of human lives and thoughts, and have let travel the mind everywhere being introvert and extrovert. United Press Limited London has published my poem in “poets of the year 2011”, in other many anthologies in “A Royal day”, in “Taking flight”, in Poetry Diary 2012, and CDs: Poetry Now 2011, and Life in Verse (A collection of Poetry). In 2012 before spring season my “top ten” poems are going to be published in the book of United Press Limited Admail, London.In Google website “mine and Cassandra’s” introduction can be viewed. Poetry is an art and science of mind which can be woven by the string of heart through the help of Instilled solid pictures, in the brain of the author which be studied in this book Mind’s Journey.

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Anteprima del libro

Mind's Journey - Deepak Chalise



Mother to you

Mother to you a lot of admirations,

Collecting, voices from the world.

You privatized wish to rear the kids,

With design pattern, motivation full.

Mother to you a bunch of flowers,

I wish, never it be wizened by wind.

You are the heart, never be soaked,

In tears of, killed brothers.

Mother this sentimental path to you,

Cause, you can bear endurances all.

You have paved births of births,

Deliberately, crystal, to run the universe.

Mother on your blessings, fructifies,

Miracles turning, to be true.

You’re the path finder for the world,

Pouring greetings from the core.

Mother I remember father, brother, and sister,

And who inspired me, to smile, through cradle.

Including nature, who gave love and shelter?

Dedications to them again where I crawled.

Mother I love simple much, you taught,

Whatever, other comes on my way, I gauze,

I love natural, that way, being genuine,

All can, neglect me, charging not simple.

Mother one talk I heard, one day,

Told, to me and to all brothers.

You die one day leaving us alone,

Did you certain it or by others?

I believe mother, you would not die,

My optimistic view can rarify.

You’re the most genre of the world,

To run the globe pervading on all lives.

Mother to you admiration by heart, again,

Countless loves of whole universe.

You’re prestigious signatory of lives,

I can show by heart opening to all.


To recognize me

To recognize me with confident I examined with witness,

Man tried differently since I learnt to understand,

Woman grilled many times putting wants from eyes,

Children teased willfully noticing wrinkle signs.

Society played from their attempts, tasting heavily to me,

Circumference established whizz, many times angrily,

Man and material I always lagged behind, as they described,

In the time of my requirement, other became superfast.

I found all of us beggars, of bliss and peace, don’t mind,

Including me, not knowing where is it? Who is rich?

My appearance stood verily surprised, I did not put record,

Whether I’m right or wrong to find, perfectly in this globe.

To recognize me, I feel, all tried on their accord,

According to their perceptional depth, possibility whether there,

I guess whether they found or not is confounding,

Depending on their survey, how they put faith accordingly.

I established myself differently, learning from their syllabus,

Made up by the supreme power, who can ignore I am sure,

Perfect, super perfect, all parts and particles, designed with varieties,

To put me in their recognition I left me floating on their will.

Following after many aspects, I believed they found nothing,

I knew myself a kind of being, like them, different from out and in,

Named by human being, you’re man. From inner personal,

Still, I am trying, to find, who I am, what is my recognition after all?


Hair if not balded

One of the important things in the body,

Always stood being hair, No need to explain, all clear,

Most of the people left it open, some liked to cover,

Decorating—as wished oily, dried, or colour.

May be, cause of the origin can count different, safe head or,

To protect cells of the body on parching sun with cover,

Or specialty provisioned for those causes unknown.

Man learnt it, to save from and extract charm,

Demonstrating as stars welcome signaling at night,

Veraciously overwhelmed, about hair if fallen down.

Adopting various ways, and ointment to give shade and patches,

Applying hundreds methods, to fight with wind, water and rays,

To acquire good looks when in market place, encountering with lasses.

All have found wonderful designs patterns and passages,

Without reason and religion, a supreme gift of nature,

Just volition of fashion or compulsory condition contrite.

Hair is hair natural or manmade or of animal if not balded,

Can tint numerous jests and scares, and prolongs gossips and looks,

These days, on ways, multiple times, eyes can celebrate as holy baths.

In that adding, looks of eyes, energize different sights,

And can produce dreads to men and children sometimes,

Like an elephant driven by a man riding on back.

When decorated with different style,

Putting separate tints and colours and perms,

And bring pattern modulation further to collect inclination.

Time is of glamour and attraction,

Leaving fables and fairies of those days,

Miss of the world or universe can secure,

Arresting love from beautiful hair towards demonstration.

The dangles on head or on shoulder,

Or of braid or towards breast or up to waist,

Only one eyed seen, being veiled by sided trims,

Gives different measurement, towards love of hair.

Tiny and cylindrical fingers with red polish on nails,

With various polish when tinctures time to time, different sprinkles,

To sleek hair, to keep in balance as wished by mind,

Presents, unwinning attempts, please do not fall in, unwanted time.

Glides fingers systematically on and on upon encroachment,

Towards lurched hair by beautiful hand,

Produces wonderful desire and wishes to gentlemen,

Hug, catching in waist, holding whole body, shutting eyes sometimes.

Important it seems protect head with hair leave it, don’t care

Or adorning it, with beautiful designs and layers and go in,

Modern days, beauty parlour knowing the value of hair,

Alluring woman, changing design, seeing balded hair, passes on.


Full of vigorous

Life is full of vigorous and vibrant

Try filling it spirits of dawn

Full of emotions to see and to feel

How other distresses live in noon

Finding worries and woes, always

If your heart burn with pain and rain

Service provision can balm it faster

Healing it with better treatment than

Light the flowers of others heart

You will enrich enlightening much

Experience of abundant pleasures

Peeps, lengthens, your longevity again

Behold once panoramas standing

Through the ridge of the hills in horizon

Across apex of another hill provides

Symmetrical range of supine position

In the bed of her curving, rivulets

Flown and blown with patches of grooves

And greeneries somewhere in plain displays

Herds of cows and sheep scattered for days

Roofs of the houses glittered in noon

Resembles, there, lives spread

So, in each morning, vibrant rays,

Bugles, full of vigorous, in learning days.


Societal blame

Society is like a mind of child

Has quick grasping nature of volatile

What the giver shares to hold within

It instant responses accepting.

Frame of society is you and me

What we share each other war or peace

Leave the matter of natural disaster

That is phenomena of beyond culture.

More than eruptions from volcanoes

Or tsunamis or tornadoes or inundations

Those mothers’ heart always soaked

With bereaving from her beloved sons.

Remember being wife of a soldier

Pierces hot bullet into the wall of chest

Don’t blame to my society hell

She is like a saint having great sober.

Who welcomes and shows the path of serenity

Not discriminating vicious or pious

Within my society great all are

Free to develop their accepted genres.

Instance I present to see for all

Who can different in new born separate?

So, all, human beings let’s share love and peace

Envelope the globe with free of faults.



I need to know, treatment, before my death,

Why people tend to divert their eyes?

Eye is the mirror of mind, all say,

How one evaluates others, eye does prescribe.

Many times I feel, I put, my eyes,

To fix, in their eyes, instant they redirect, surprise!

I also, of the same chariot to divert,

I do many times discards, to others, to fix at my sight.

I judge myself, honestly, stealthily looking again,

Putting in the same honour, and row, not disclosing.

When my heart dislikes, accepting others eyes,

Mind helps driving, turns, from the sight aside.

Before my death, I have to know, from heart,

What my wrong part is to correct, obvious.

I know the life is, only few years guest here,

So I want modify myself for future coming births.

If some have proper treatment, suggest me, please!

I can take course, correcting eye sights, for future, right.



Today my son showed obstinacy

Begging to bring full moon

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