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Today Is My Monday…

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Today Is My Monday…

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This is not your typical fitness book that would like for you to mimic everything that they have done to get you to a possible mirror image of themselves. This is a book about gaining knowledge, power and changing mindsets. I want the reader to feel that they are important enough to take a little time out to care for their bodies.

As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor I constantly run into people that know nothing about changing their lives for the better as far as fitness and nutrition. The fundamentals are not there so they do not dare to attempt. I have seen so many fly by night fad diets that give false hopes and dreams but none try to start where most people are at, the beginning. Good nutrition and exercise working together has been the key to better health all along. Unfortunately living in a microwave society there are many that will come along trying to sell you pipe dreams. They leave out the parts telling that it is extra hard work that takes a lot of focus, dedication, soul searching and sacrifices. There are no short cuts, but with hard work and tenacity you will gain a better more fulfilling life.

This book will not only give you the very basics for starting your journey but will also give you encouragement to stick with it for a life time. Changing your life first starts with changing your mind and gaining an understanding of what you need to do to care for it. If you start with that then the possibilities are unlimited. Hopefully Today is your Monday.

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