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Scaleless Dieting: The Essential Survival Kit for the Overweight, Obese and Diabetics

Scaleless Dieting: The Essential Survival Kit for the Overweight, Obese and Diabetics

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Scaleless Dieting: The Essential Survival Kit for the Overweight, Obese and Diabetics

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Oct 5, 2011


Now is the time for Scaleless Dieting.

The current market of diet programs, including those with "best-seller" status, demonstrate a 95% failure rate for long-term weight loss for the overweight and obese. Scaleless Dieting claims of 100% safe, sustainable weight loss and general health improvement is unmatched.

Scaleless Dieting was designed from decades of research and "common sense" ideas by the author who was in similar physical and mental conditions as many others trying to lose weight and be healthier.

Scaleless Dieting is relatively simple, with four basic steps, compared to a majority of the many other diet programs. This makes initiating the program and maintaining it for life extremely easy. Even if the dieter does not follow the steps to Scaleless Dieting explicitly, they can still experience significant health benefits.

The diet industry is cruelly dominated by failed and ineffective programs, hypes and misrepresentations. To have a diet system, like Scaleless Dieting, that actually benefits the overweight and obese customers, is crucial for the diet industry and those in need.

Now is the time for Scaleless Dieting.
Oct 5, 2011

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Wendell C.Sleet, BSME from Wahington University in St. Louis, MO. Has over 35 years of outstanding troubleshooting and innovative ideas and solutions.

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Scaleless Dieting - Professor Wendell C. Sleet BSME








How Much Should You Weigh?

Benefits for the Diabetics

Metabolic Syndrome

Glycemic Index

Free Radicals and Antioxidants




Why Do Diet Plans Fail?

The Sweet Taste of Soft Drinks

The Truth About White Flour

Pass the Potatoes

The Scaleless Diet Program




Self-Esteem and Dieting

Depression and Your Health

Stress, the Modern Weight Gainer

Women, Dieting and Belly Fat




The Skinny on Protein

Exercise Anyone?

Exercise Equipment




Herbal Supplements

Whole Food Multi-Vitamin

Gymnema Sylvestre

White Kidney Bean Extract

Banaba Leaf Extract



Bitter Melon

Mulberry Leaf Extract








Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Omega 3 (Fatty acid)



Ginkgo Biloba

St. Johns Wort




Websites and Resources


Websites to Keep You Thinking

I dedicate this book to Felicia and Chloe.

Without them, there would be no

Scaleless Diet Book.

I thank them for providing the motivation

to publish this life-altering program.


This publication contains the opinions and ideas of the author. It is intended to provide helpful and informative material on the subjects addressed in the publication. It is sold with understanding that the author and publisher are not engaged in rendering medical, health or any other kind of personal professional services in the book. The reader should consult his or her medical, health or other competent professional before adopting any of the suggestions in this book or drawing inferences from it.

The author and publisher specifically disclaim all responsibility for any liability, loss, or risk, personal or otherwise, which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of this book.


The most important time to have faith in yourself is when no one else does—Anonymous Author

Let’s get right to the point of this book: Scaleless Dieting is the best diet program for the overweight and obese ever conceived in modern times.

This statement is not made simply because I created and developed it. Every person that ever wrote a diet book, believed that their concept was the dawning of a new age in dieting. The reason that I know that this program is far superior to the myriad of other diet programs is because it was totally done without doctors, experts, trainers of the stars or any other self-proclaimed professional’s direct involvement. I have absolutely no formal experience in dieting or healthy eating or living. My degree is in mechanical engineering, and I must say that I was an exceptional one, but what does that have to do with dieting? Absolutely nothing. This perceived weakness is the power of the potential success of Scaleless Dieting.

Although I have no formal dieting or medical experience, I do have an extraordinary ability to collect and analyze data. I also possess the most powerful skill for effective troubleshooting: Common sense. With the proper data, critical thinking and common sense, a person can resolve almost any issue, independently of their professional background. I could solve the mystery of world peace, with the proper data and common sense. Sustainable weight loss is a much simpler problem, thus its solution was quite easy to obtain.

Since common sense is the key to the effectiveness of Scaleless Dieting and the lack of its use is the primary cause of failure in other diet systems, I will offer some common sense concepts to ponder.

Merriam-Webster define common sense (I love this definition), as beliefs or propositions that most people consider prudent and of sound judgment, without reliance on esoteric knowledge or study or research, but based upon what they see as knowledge held by people in common. Thus common sense equates to the knowledge and experience, which most people already have, or which the person using the term believes that they do or should have.

Scaleless Dieting is based on common sense concepts and issues related specifically to the needs of the overweight and obese. It is not just a collection of empirical data, interpreted by doctors or health professionals, thus it is just a superior method to understanding and solving weight loss issues associated to this vulnerable group of people. This is why I state so confidently that Scaleless Dieting is the best ever. This program was developed by a chronically depressed and obese person, for the direct benefit to the overweight and obese, using common sense and personal experiences to structure the program. What existing diet program can compete with this type of system? None, that I know of.

Researchers and medical professionals are essential in developing and accumulating data in regards to the many issues that affect our health. Unfortunately, they are so good in their fields, that they are completely incapable of rationalizing the variances of human nature in their recommendations or conclusions. There is an overwhelming volume of data available on weight loss, but how many overweight or obese people are capable or willing to shift through it and create a program for their specific needs and limitations? Not many, if any at all. With no one with a true vested interest in solving the weight issues of the overweight and obese, the responsibility of curing this health issue has been put in hands of those who are generally clueless about the many emotional issues unique to this group of individuals, which directly impacts their health.

There are no mysteries or lack of information on losing weight. I did a random internet search on weight loss and there were 232,000,000 results. Weight loss is simply not that complex of a health issue. With this much available data on this topic, just on the internet (this does not include libraries, universities, magazines, medical articles and so forth) and this problem still being unresolved is beyond unbelievable.

The Scaleless Diet System proves that the major problem in the dieting field is with those in authority incorrectly interpreting the data available to them. Common sense will out perform the experts and professionals, every time, especially in the dieting field, thus Scaleless Dieting will withstand all levels of criticism and scrutiny.

I am not just arbitrarily being critical of the various professionals and experts, but when I referred to them at various key points in my life, in just about every case, I experienced less than satisfactory results. Contrary, in hind-sight, had I followed the path of common sense, the outcomes would have been completely different and for my betterment.

I realize that results always vary per individual and their level of commitment, but by experiencing near 100% failure, following expert advice verses common sense, would clearly make any reasonable person a bit cautious. Ironically, common sense would naturally dictate that following the guidance of those who have succeeded or have the experience that you are trying to learn, would be the ideal practice in every case. With such consistently low success rates in all areas of expert intervention, one would have to conclude that either the professional advice is flawed, non-transferable or the institutionally structured success rate for the mass population is 5% or less. All of these possibilities could easily be viable.

Let me offer some of my personal and career experiences with expert advice and how it formed the basis of developing Scaleless Dieting:

When I first started to develop my professional career, I read many books and listened to career consultants. All of their advice was consistent: Get as good of a formal education, as possible, and the doors of the world will open for you. Being an exceptional and dedicated student, I saw blue skies and plenty of success in my future.

Armed with these consistent recommendations from the experts, I obtained a mechanical engineering degree from one of the nations top universities and started working for a Fortune 500 company. I was employed in unionized plant and to my dismay, I earned less, as an engineer, than the craftsmen in the union. When I discovered that, even the janitor made more than I did and drove a better car (he had a Jaguar and I had an old Datsun), I reflected on the words of the many educational professionals. I started wondering, when would the doors of financial success open, as they promised.

Education is very important, but contrary to the expert claims, its correlation to major, financial success is quite limited. For the past twenty years, college has become an other industry, full of experts saying that it is the only way to succeed in America. College costs have correspondingly soared and students are loaded with crippling debt at the beginning of their adult lives.

Following the advice of the educational experts, here are some of the hopeless results: Of the college graduates of 2010, 80% ended up back at home, saddled with significant debt and of those who were employed, 70% had jobs that they could have acquired without a college degree. Common sense would indicate that having a marketable skill is more valuable than having a formal education and no real abilities or job experience. Who would fare better economically, a journeyman electrician or a person with no experience with a degree in history? (I still recall the shock I had when I saw, one of the top graduates of the Ivy league school I attended, employed in the kitchen of a pizza parlor. The pizza that he made for me was delicious, but this could not have been his true career objective in going to college.)

Making the experts’ sale of the power of higher education even more difficult is another reality. If being rich is your economic goal, then you have to realize that very few highly educated people are wealthy. They generally have dead-end jobs and some do have decent lifestyles, but the wealthiest individuals in the mass pool of the population are generally uneducated, and involved in professions, such as, sports and athletics, entertainers and singers, movie stars and those who operate outside of the law. Even many of those who have built significant businesses (outside of the computer related fields), did not invest years at the top universities. Has anyone noticed, besides myself, that virtually none of the leaders in any field, business or political are selected from the pool of the most educated? The expert advice on the economic advantage of higher education just seems a bit flawed.

As I continued my personal journey of heavily relying on experts and professionals for career guidance and experiencing such limited benefits, it helped verify the effectiveness of the Scaleless Dieting System, which is not guided by an expert in the diet field, but common sense. It will soon become apparent, why this diet concept is so logically sound.

Since I was stuck in the workforce (still making less than the janitor), I decided to make the best of this situation. I read and studied the writings of the CEO’s on how to rise in the corporation and achieve a level of self-actualization. These experts’ common recommendations were to work very hard and upper management will recognize your efforts and promote you. Many of them, encouraged that when you achieve your new, higher career position, be sure to reach back and help those at lower levels, who are also, striving for their career goals. This again, seemed like sound advice from those who have succeeded.

Focused on the this valuable information, from those at the top of the corporate ladder, I fanatically outworked all of my co-workers. I saved the company millions of dollars, yet I watched the parade of less qualified and least productive individuals get promoted over me. The biggest insult was when I had to train my new supervisor. I was qualified enough to train for a job, that I could not get. These are some of the untold realities of corporate America.

At the peak of my frustration, I confided in a co-worker on how much I outworked everyone, that had been recently promoted, but I hadn’t gotten any consideration or even a courtesy interview. This person’s reply to me was so logical, that it was surprising that I had not figured it out myself. He stated, Why would they promote you, then who would do all the work that you were doing? Again common sense verses the advice of the experts.

With a hard-head, I still hadn’t learned. When I finally got promoted without politics, just a monumental work effort, I remembered the many CEO’s recommendations to help others in the company at lower levels to achieve also. I started encouraging staff people in the company to be more proactive in their careers and pursue advancement. I was immediately terminated for creating a rebellious environment by the same CEO’s, whose advice I was following.

After years of being unemployed and forever black-listed from corporate America, not one of the people that I tried to help, offered me even a courtesy phone call of support. Common sense says do not make waves in a corporation, hard work gets you more hard work to do and look out only for yourself. The experts got me again, but I don’t blame them, because there is an old phrase that applies to my situation: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me, three, four and five times, you loved to be fooled.

After being booted out of corporate America, basically from following the advice of successful CEO’s, I decided to open my own small business. The true American Dream. Since I had never owned or operated any type of business before, I couldn’t imagine any better source of information to help me other than, the books by successful businessmen and entrepreneurial experts. (Here we go again… . Smile.)

They, consistently, claimed that all that you needed to be successful in a small business was a dream and drive to achieve. The experts claimed that inexperience, in the field of your business venture, was not necessarily a handicap, because your ambition and employees will carry you through your growth process. Any finally, you must understand that, the customers are always right. Since I knew that I had plenty of drive and ambition, being a successful business owner was going to be one of the easiest career moves that I had attempted. Without any hesitation, I put my home and life’s savings into a business that I knew nothing about. (Please no laughing, I was just following the advice of experienced businessmen.)

What the business experts fail to tell you is what can kill you and your business. First, 90% of all small businesses fail within the first five years of operation. Second, you will need at least a year or more worth of operating capital to survive until your business starts to grow. Third, in a small business, you will only get the reject pool of employees, that the larger companies wouldn’t touch. Finally, some of your customers are the biggest crooks that you will ever experience and they love to take advantage of small business owners.

Again with the invaluable information from business professionals, I went forward with the American dream of owning my own business. On my Grand Opening, with customers everywhere, none of my employees, who begged me for jobs, showed up for work. Not one. I have to repeat this statement, because this experience scarred me for life. On my first day in business, none of my employees showed up for work. No one could understand the trauma that I endured, while I was standing in my new business, looking at frustrated customers and realizing that I had invested everything that I owned into this venture. With no experience in the field of my business, I could only wing-it the best that I could, which was disastrous at best.

After operating only two months, I ran out of money. If not for credit cards and much prayer, my dream (truthfully, nightmare), would have ended in a shorter time than it took me to set up this business. Horror stories of how customers, even long-time ones, cheated me could make a book on its own. With much hard work and dedication, as the experts said would be required, I amazingly stayed in business for 16 years. The end result of all of this effort was that my health was irreparably destroyed (but it did stimulate the Scaleless Diet Concept) and I was financially ruined. Common sense would clearly had said leave small businesses to the true entrepreneurs and experience is mandatory. Another failure for the experts, but completely my fault due to poor decision making.

I could continue my personal analysis of the ineffectiveness of expert recommendations with other topics, such as, positive-thinking results, relationship building and investments, but I think my point has been firmly established on the advantages of common sense recommendations and decision making. (Note: Even in the content and design of this book, I had to rewrite my original draft and rethink the cover appearance, based on expert literary advice and published authors, to make it more in-line with being common sense based.)

Now let’s analyze the performance of the health experts, when it comes to the basis of this book: Sustainable, safe weight loss for the overweight and obese. There will be no question as to why Scaleless Dieting based on common sense and personal experience ideas is an innovative product for weight loss.

With the diet industry being monopolized by the doctors, health experts and professionals, here are some of the results of their offerings:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2008 there were 1.5 billion adults 20 years of age and older who were overweight. Of this group over 200 million men and nearly 300 million women were obese. (With nearly 43 million children under the age of five classified as overweight in 2010, childhood obesity is at epidemic proportions and the subject of my next book offering.) Specifically, in the United States, more than one third of the adult population or more than 72 million people and 17% of the children are obese. Fortunately, obesity is completely preventable, which will result in a reduction of the crippling diseases associated with being overweight. Thus the benefits of Scaleless Dieting are immeasurable.

There are also more than 220 million people world-wide with diabetes. In 2004, an estimated 34 million people died from the consequences of high blood sugar. Until recently, Type II diabetes, generally caused by a result of excess body weight and physical inactivity, was only seen in adults. Now it is also occurring in children. The main purpose of the Scaleless Diet Program is safe weight loss for the overweight and obese. Since many of these individuals, also suffer from diabetes, the benefits of this diet program to them is very impressive and in some cases, can help Type II diabetic patients reduce their medications and ultimately become medicine-free.

Every expert and professional medical organization, including doctors, heath/diet experts, WHO, ADA, CDC and so forth, comfortably predict that the population being overweight and obese, as well as, the occurrence of diabetes will continue to rise significantly. Here is the common sense question, that will change the diet and exercise industry for the best of the consumer: If it is unanimously agreed by every expert that obesity and Type II diabetes are preventable, why with all of their research and expertise are they predicting rapid increases in the occurrence of these diseases?

There are several concepts potentially at play, either the doctors and experts want to keep the overweight, obese and diabetic patients sickly or they are incapable of assimilating the mass data of their research into a working program for the most desperate group of people or possibly combinations of both. This is why I designed and developed Scaleless Dieting, as the first common sense approach to support the specific needs of the overweight and obese to lose weight and improve their overall health.

Research has shown that 95% of the overweight and obese clients, who lose weight with any of the leading diet or exercise systems, eventually gain it back within three years. The problem of sustainable weight loss is so severe, that the FDA has declared that not one single company in the entire weight loss industry can accurately show a record of long-term success. The weight loss industry is the only one in the world that profits, in spite of a nearly 100% failure rate for its customers. It is past time for something more effective, the answer is Scaleless Dieting.

Let me clarify the claims of 95% of all diet programs failing. This is not a completely accurate statistic. All diet programs, no matter how extreme or unusual will cause some degree of weight loss. Their failures are that they can not create healthy, sustainable weight loss with no rebounding in the group that needs dieting help the most: the overweight and obese.

If your weight loss goal is just to lose a few short-term pounds for some special event, then you can pretty much pick your poison of any of the available diet programs. For specialized weight loss, then the only program to invest your time and effort in is Scaleless Dieting.

Scaleless Dieting was created from the pain and tears of my unsuccessful battle with obesity and chronic depression. After I closed my business, my health deteriorated exponentially and was compounded by depression from personal losses and disappointments. Naturally, I turned to the medical professionals and several diet programs and their recommendations were unsatisfactory. With the addition of prescription medication, my condition declined until I was almost bed-ridden.

Sadly, as my poor health was reaching a terminal state, all of my long-term associates abandoned me, adding loneliness to my complex list of ailments. I felt no real need to continue in this mode. I was not suicidal, but my motivation for improving my condition was completely gone. Every person needs to feel as if they have a purpose or be needed by someone. The turning point at this phase of my life came, when an attractive lady, who was much younger than I, befriended me. After we had been seeing each other for a while and my poor health was still an issue, I asked her not to waste any more time on me. Although we enjoyed each others company, I felt that she would be better off by investing time with someone younger and healthier.

Amazingly, she stated that she would not abandon me under these circumstances. Shock, followed by happiness, were a few of my many feelings at this moment. It was rare to have someone that I cared about, show some concern for my well-being during difficult times. Now I had a much needed motivation to improve my health. This was the start of Scaleless Dieting and thanks to Felicia’s concern for me, the first, real solution for better health for millions of suffering overweight and obese individuals, world-wide, was ultimately created. There is no doubt in my mind, that without Felicia’s support at a time of extreme hopelessness, there would be no Scaleless Diet Book, thus I proudly dedicate this entire effort to her and her belief in me.

After growing frustrated with the results from conventional diet and exercise regimes, I decided to create a diet program, specifically for my needs. I just couldn’t believe that losing weight and keeping it off, easily and safely, could be this difficult of a problem to solve. I began to use

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