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Metagenesis: Acentric Philosophy

Metagenesis: Acentric Philosophy

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Metagenesis: Acentric Philosophy

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Jun 27, 2012


Fractal patterning is natures way of economics, always tying back to previous iterations of evolved energy/ matter. Ecology, Eucharist and economy are of a piece in the fractal iterations of symbiotic patterning. Holistic living is a patterned process of fractal rationality, the mindful linking of ecology, economy and Eucharist. Mindfulness is religiously consistent by way of the harmonized linking of communication, consciousness and conscience, what is Trimorphic Resonance.
There is no renewable wealth except that which cosmic energy/ substance provide. The balance that sustains codependent life is natural economy; waste of resources adversely affects the whole system. Natures adjustment can profoundly unsettle as the signs of the times show.

Humankind has not yet grasped the control evolution holds over interdependent life-systems. Runaway Corporate Capitalism (profit above all else) is totally insensitive to natural ecology/ economy and to the immorality of out-of-control appetite. There is, however, a corrective that dampens appetites for power, profit and control, and that is Eucharistic Altruism.

Eucharistic Altruism is a self-aware consciousness that owns a true sense of connection to the vital economics of natural ecology. Natures economy functions on the principle that life supposes death as death supposes life. The way of renewal is for present life to pass on to future life lessons learned. Exploitation-for-profit is inconsiderate of the future in its self-interest passion. When Eucharistic Altruism controls, the uplift of evolution enables future wellbeing by sustaining nature. Eucharistic Altruism is the virtue that compels true religion the hallmark of ecumenism.
Jun 27, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

The author challenges the reader to nurture nature authentically. The nurture of nature is by way of purposeful intelligence, of “word seeking wisdom — wisdom seeking word”. In simple terms, religion comes to this: all are responsible for nurturing nature, caring for each other. To understand how we belong to nature we need to understand that we are who we are because of how we have been nurtured in nature, from the deep past to the present. Nature is how it is because of its autopoetic design of self-nurture by way of fractal symbiosis. Our personal success in “self-becoming” is a matter of nature’s nurturing success, of parental/ cultural success in self-reflective nurture. We are nature’s self-reflective consciousness, aware that our capacity for nurture comes down to this: RELATIONSHIP/ RELIGION. Religion is nothing if not the authentic nurture of relationships. Relationships, nurture, are by way of communication, consciousness, conscience, and wisdom — the cosmic universal pattern of Trimorphic Resonance (TR).

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Metagenesis - Sylvester L. Steffen


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Published by AuthorHouse 6/25/2012

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The Past Forward

Metagenetic Evolution, The Ground Of Hope

1. Imaginative

First Miracle

Earth Sacrament

Denial Of Death

Memory Of Eden

Across Soul/ Substance

Deep Self Quest

Conscious I

I Am

The Primordial Deep

Cave Man

Culture Spheres

Conscious Soul


Lucis Crux/ Crucis Lux

(The Cross Of Light: The Light Of The Cross.)

Tortured Mother


My Two Mothers

Mother Nature

Mother Nurture

Justified Self

Birth/ Death

Final Judgment

Meditation On One’s Navel

False Scripture

Erratic Consciousness

Seeing Angels

In Time, Truth


De Profundis

Sacrament/ Entropy

Divine Procession

Authentic Person

Eden Tree

Parallel Society

Primitive Animism

Free Spirit


Everlasting Church


In God’s Image

This Holy Place

Faith/ Religion

Parts Of The Whole



Crazy Quilt



Good Friday



Feather On A String


Spiritual Burden

Greatest Good


Paying Tribute

Beatific Vision

Parent Pain


Judah! Judah!



Third Hour Vigil


Hallowing Sacrifice

Courage Is A Push

Tiananmen Tank

Tiananmen Square

Towers Of Babel


Emmaus Church

Sexist Psyche


Out Damned Spot!

Before The Coffeebreak



The Human Way

Free Flight

Means To The End

At Seventy

The Mountain, The Cloud.

The Burning Bush

The Waverly Oak

Dead? The Hero

Priest Self

Turning Point


Bad Trees/ Bad Fruit

Options For-Life

The Man In The Moon

(The Communal Person)

2. Other Sensitive

Not Quite Jesus

Threatened Thread

Divine Psychiatry

Conscious Travel

The Kingdom. The Power

Divine Light

Pupil In God’s Eye

Memory Re-Membered


Miss Milton Muffet

Living Library


Seven Swans Singing.

Jacob’s Ladder

The Phenomenon Of God

Bread Spread


Open Impulse

Muse Of Creation

Live Music

Infectious Muse

Tuned In

The Transformational Worldview


Descent Into Hell

Darkness And Light


Circa Diem


When You’re Hot

Shooting Stars

Zapping Microchips

Star Trip

Holy Grail



Mystery Person

Pervasive Viruses


Down To Earth

Putting On Faces

Doubting Thomas

Open Consciousness

Faith In Faith

Roots Of Change

Ens Rationis; Ratio Entis



Bitterness Cycle

Resurrection Proclaimed

Woman To Woman

Spiritual High

Enter Eden

My Body. My Blood

On The Sands Of Time



3. Transparent

A New Day

Closed Consciousness


Rome’s Malfeasance

Curtainfall 1633

Upset Descartes

Shades Of Enlightenment

Finger Pointing

Turf Battles

Re-Active Church


Scholasticism Now

Evil’s Good

In Defense Of Common Sense

The Maddened Mind

Obsession Possessed

Chardin’s Serious Subject.

Extinguished Royalty

Paddling My Own Canoe



Passing The Torch


Chalk Eraser

Graham Crackers

No Island Itself Alone


Born Of Corn.

Jump Start

Watermelon World

Morning Star

In My Mother’s House

Deep After-Waves


Non-Denominational Catholicism






Used here METAGENESIS is the psychic energy (philosophy, Metaphysics) of human evolution; in general biology, metagenesis means the alternation of generations in asexual and sexual reproduction.

2012 Edition


— Human Evolution —







Faith-Based Communication;

Hope-Based Consciousness;

Love-Based Conscience.


The Diabolical Antithesis




STATICISM — locked in ignorance;

CENTRISM — locked in arrogance;

SEXISM — locked in obsession.

The Past Forward


Medieval Christianity: Dogma and Pietism

The label Roman came to be attached to Christian Catholicism because Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. This official designation caused Christianity to acquire imperial trappings, including the Roman penchant for legalisms and military overreach — quite in conflict with the gospel of Jesus, the Christ, whom imperial Rome crucified. The spread of feudal King States across Europe was coincident with Christianity’s spread. The royal families that peopled feudal kingdoms peopled the Christian clergy. The cause of the sword was made one with the cause of the cross, which means kingdom commercial interests were advanced as part of Christian Gospel Evangelization. Jesus would be angered at the thought of promoting the Gospel at the point of the sword. But that is how it is/ was with imperial dogma. No amount of pietism can cover up this violent defect.

Politics came first. Kingdom politics compromise the Gospel. Popes were kings in equal standing with other European monarchs; but popes had even greater political power because they singularly controlled the Gospel of The Cross. For church/ state purposes, popes conscripted armies from other European kingdoms — The Knights Templar — and used them to advantage the political power of popes and institutional ideology at the expense of the other kingdoms. The Knights Templar waged the wars of Crusades and battled for centuries to suppress Islam and control Middle East Lands leaving the wreckage of religion and peoples across the Roman Empire and around the world. States fell on bad times because the able men were conscripted and resources were wasted on religious wars. The poison of militarism infects cultures and litters the global scenario with internecine violence. Spreading the Gospel of the Cross at the point of the sword is diabolically antithetical to the Gospel Trust.

A Return to Our Roots

Our time is a recap of the successes and failures of Christian Gospel teaching. The world has been and is being taught; questions are what has been taught, what is being taught, and what effect does the teaching have on the world? The historical processes of recapitulation and reconciliation are continuously necessary, both intensionally and intentionally, to correct serious defects that creep in through the windows of fractals when the work of clean-up fails.

The genetic principle applies, ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny; this reality does not however condemn culture to return to the past, as so many Tridentine recidivists are attempting now; recapitulation is remembered in DNA and we are to learn from experience of history to avoid mistakes of the past. The original roots of Christianity are yet alive, and we need to tap into them to revitalize the Middletree, even as we need to clean away dead wood. From one era to the next, irreconcilable discrepancies get passed on; and so it has been with Christian Catholicism.

Middle Ages, from then to now

— a thumbnail sketch and lessons of history —

The Decline of the West — The Rise of the East;

The Rise of the West — The Decline of the East;

The price of Empire is people burn-out, ecological, economical waste and societal collapse.

The Roman Empire is the setting of evolving medievalism, which includes all of Europe from the Atlantic Ocean to the whole of the Middle East, with Rome as the West center and Byzantium (Constantinople) the East center. For the first 400 years of the Christian Era, Rome held heavy-hand control over the Empire, at a great price to West and East in every aspect of culture and religion.

With Christianity’s spread, the West declined and the East gained ascendancy. The conversion of Constantine to Christianity, and his choice of Byzantium as his political center, gave advantage to the East. This time is from 395 to the 1500s. In this time period, significant advances occurred in architecture, literature and science, which challenged theological dogma. In the co-evolution of faith with liberal arts, reason surfaced through it all and enlightened dark ideologies. But not without challenge.

In the earlier period (1200’s), Wars of Crusades were waged by popes to reclaim the Holy Land from Islam. With the blessing of the European kingdoms, popes were given their own army of Knights to recover and secure the Holy Lands. The Knights Templar became a power unto itself, whose remnant descendants still hold power in the Vatican. Christian Europe was unable to maintain a military/ political presence in the Holy Land. The several centuries of the existence of the Knights Templar was a catastrophe for Christianity and the Kingdoms. Because sexual improprieties were rampant in the Order of Knights, popes disbanded it.

Corruption takes new forms from old diseased roots: INQUISITIONS. The First Inquisition was commissioned in Spain to deal with accommodationists of Judaism (Conversos), and with Islam. The Dominican friars were put in charge. The Second Inquisition dealt with heretics and dissenters of faith and world view; the Spanish Inquisition became the Roman Inquisition, during which a second and more vicious wave of witch hunts occurred. The Inquisitor General against Galileo and Giordano Bruno was Cardinal Robert Bellarmine, S.J.

The Council of Trent (1500) marks the summit of the Middle Ages when ecclesial structures (Gothic Cathedrals) and ritual pomp held captive the lives and minds of peasants and princes alike across Europe. Faith and imperial politics were the be-all of everyday existence controlled by church and empire. The slow sunrise of reason’s enlightenment was nurtured in the blood of victims of Inquisition and feudal exploitation. Extreme authority dared extreme means. Commercial faith took the bold move of selling indulgences (guarantees of grace and salvation) to build monuments to papal dreams. The de Medici Pope Leo X (who excommunicated the Augustinian monk Martin Luther) authorized the money scam of indulgence selling across Europe to finance building the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica. (The de Medici were Italian families of merchants and bankers.)

The 30 Years wars of Religion, 1518 – 1548, brought widespread devastation to all Europe including the accelerated break-down of Christianity into competing ideologies of dogma and ritual.

Headline Descriptions of Recent Popes

Pius IX: 1847-1878. Self-Proclaimed Infallibilist — The Last King-Pope.

First Vatican Council, 1869-1870

Leo XIII: 1878-1903. Shifted from Kingdom to Peace/ Justice Mission.

Pius X: 1903-1914. Anti-Modernism Warrior, Scourge of Theologians.

Benedict XV: 1914-1922. Healer of Theological Wars.

Pius XI: 1922-1939. Warrior against Modernity. The Catholic Action Pope.

Pius XII: 1939-1958. Urged Scientific Method in Scriptural Interpretation.

John XXIII: 1958-1963. Vatican II: Champion of Faith/ Reason Updating.

John Paul I: Aug. 26-Sept. 28, 1978. Victim of his Zeal for Vatican II.

John Paul II: 1978-2005. World Promoter of Commercial Pietism.

Benedict XVI: 2005. Torn Between Vatican I and Vatican II.

Triumph over Tragedy

Hope springs eternal, as quoted from Alexander Pope.

"Hope springs eternal in the human breast; Man never Is, but always To be blest: The soul, uneasy and confin’d from home, Rests and expatiates in a life to come." [An Essay on Man, Epistle I (1733) [Google]

To hope-for-the-best is deep-buried intuitional consciousness — knowing better things lie ahead. Even though we are not always at our best, we expect to do better. Even after

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