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They Shall Bear You Up: Memories of a Catholic Priest

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They Shall Bear You Up: Memories of a Catholic Priest

Lunghezza: 467 pagine7 ore


For Monsignor Fachtna Joseph Harte, walking with Christ every day of the year was a privilege that was unrivalled. In this memoir, he narrates his journey to priesthood—from answering the call, to walking the roads with the Lord, proclaiming His kingdom, listening to Him in one’s heart, and going among His people with compassion and love.

They Shall Bear You Up begins in the country parish of Kilan, near Killala Co Mayo in the Diocese of Killala, where Harte knew from an early age he desired to serve the church. He discusses his family background, his upbringing, and his experiences of the Irish strife against the British. The story follows his schooling and his subsequent move to the United States, where he was called to begin a ministry of tourism in Orlando, Florida, holding the rst service in a hotel ballroom in 1975. He served in Orlando until his retirement October 31, 2007

.A testimony of faith, They Shall Bear You Up emphasizes that as human beings we are never alone and that for those who wish to carry out God’s will in their lives, “nothing is impossible with God.” Through many and varied stories, Harte shows that the priesthood is not for weaklings, but for men of strong faith who live close to the angels.

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