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Fire in the Tire

Fire in the Tire

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Fire in the Tire

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May 25, 2012


Faith explosion is a dynamic book which will make your faith explode to the next level to achieve all your unfulfilled dreams and goals in life. The book throws limelight into those hidden areas where we fail to understand why we are failing in many areas of our lives.
Secret to ponder is that your sensual world of seeing, feeling in the flesh is just illusion and deception. Faith is something beyond what you see and ear.
You can be the professor of faith but not the possessor of faith. All things are possible unto him that believeth but all who believe make not all things possible for themselves.
Love is eternal always. It has a beginning but never an end. Love begins somewhere but never dies if it is true love. The deep form of love is known when words reduce to mere looks and expressions in the eyes of your beloved which speaks volumes of what they desire, need and want.
Fear in life is the only enemy to your success in life. It is expressed as loss of courage to face unwanted situations or a person in life. Actions and reactions are the mirror of your own thinking and attitudes in life. Anything uncontrollable leads to disaster, be it also fear of known and unknown.
Read more of this book to be blessed in your inner life and become successful towards your dreams, goals, and relationships in life.
May 25, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Neelam Godia has been born and raised up in Bombay, India. She is an accountant in her profession, besides being an articulate and an excellent speaker. She has won many awards in inter-college debates and competitions. Whether be it a college functions, being a bible teacher in college or a gathering in an event, she has proved to be an excellent in her speeches enlightening the whole atmosphere around her. Her energy, enthusiasm and motivational speeches have changed many lives around her. God has used her mightily to touch, heal and deliver the souls of those around the world. All she can put it as is that grace of God abounds richly in her life. All glory, honor, name and fame goes to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Almighty God alone.

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Fire in the Tire - Neelam Godia


© 2012 by Neelam Godia. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

Published by AuthorHouse 05/22/2012

ISBN: 978-1-4772-0264-7 (sc)

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ISBN: 978-1-4772-0192-3 (e)

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Chapter One                 Shadow of Faith

Chapter Two               Chains of fear

Chapter Three             Holy Ghost Acquaintance

Chapter Four               Evils of witchcraft operation

Chapter Five               Baptism of the Holy Ghost

Chapter Six                 From Childhood to Womanhood/Manhood

Chapter Seven             Follow your dreams in life

Chapter Eight              Love and Marriage

Chapter Nine               The power of thinking All is Well


This book is written due to my own inspiration since childhood to be a writer. I love to motivate and inspire individuals around the world. I have helped many people across my life to reach their goals in life. Helping individuals and showing them compassion, mercy, being kind unto them, dealing justly with all individuals and aiding others to attain justice in their lives, ones who are weak to strengthen them should be our daily walk and inspiration in this earth. Those who walk in such a fashion are indeed living a truly victorious life.

I dedicate this book to my mother who is the prominent person in my life to motivate me, inspire me and urge me to do something great in life. She is well known and a renowned lady in society whose courage and strength in her life to face obstacles and overcome them become a great inspiration to millions in her own life. She is an award winning author of many titles. I love her and honor her whole heartedly, giving her thanks for raising me up in great hardships only to make me a successful individual in this world.

Shedding limelight to my own personal experiences this book is written to strengthen those going through tough times in their own personal life. God is not in the process but is the process Himself.

May this book enrich your life and bless you abundantly throwing some lime light to the dark shadowy areas of your own life. May you be strengthened to bring all your dreams and goals to pass and bless the name of the Lord God Almighty.

Inspirational authors that touched my heart in the process of writing this book are, Don Gossett and E.W. Kenyon,

Dr. John F. Avanzini, Rabbi Rami Shapiro and Croft M. Pentz and chief above all being the indwelling Spirit of God.

Chapter One

Shadow of Faith

Faith is nothing else but an attitude towards God and towards all things in life. If in life you didn’t get results, one then ought to check the thermometer of their belief system.

You may not need to change your belief system necessarily; only thing that may require a slight change is your attitude towards your own belief system that’s it. Confession is the initial breaking out of your faith. Faith gives courage to confession and confession gives boldness to faith.

Everyone confesses something all the time. Check your confessions and your mouth. What is coming out of your mouth? If it is fear, doubt, sickness, debt, lack and poverty then those things get enlarged in our lives. One should magnify and enlarge their faith rather than their strong good belief system to enrich their everyday lives and become rich in all things in life. It could be your need for a family, finances, children, or name it what so ever. Name it, confess it and you shall have it. Faith gives a sense of security, of absolute assurance, of quietness and when this breaks forth in confession, it becomes a reality. You must allow natural information to stimulate your revelatory knowledge.

The word of God says that to be in carnality with your flesh is to be at enmity with God. In reality carnality is nothing else but living by your senses. Sensations have a powerful effect on mankind. With it we touch, feel, cry etc. So then once you know how to master your senses world, you will surely enter into the unseen and unknown world of your Father in heaven where there is no lack of anything. God created the world by calling forth things, same way you need to create your own world, whatever it is, by calling forth those things that you need. Your difficulty lies not in you, of not having faith to believe your situations and actual factual condition. But your difficulty is in having faith that what you see in reality is only factual information and not revelatory knowledge that all things are there in the unseen realm, it just needs your calling forth.

We have only one life. Let me ask you a question. Do you believe in God? And that your days are numbered. Then why struggle you for your daily needs to be met only, when in reality greater things than that what the Lord did you ought to be doing.

Right now all those who are reading this book and are struggling in their flesh in sickness, disease, some kind of pain or financial dilemma… be it known to you… this feeling in your flesh and factual information let it sink in

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