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How to Develop Self-Confidence: Overcome Fear & Self Doubt, Be More Productive & Attract Success & Happiness

How to Develop Self-Confidence: Overcome Fear & Self Doubt, Be More Productive & Attract Success & Happiness

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How to Develop Self-Confidence: Overcome Fear & Self Doubt, Be More Productive & Attract Success & Happiness

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Aug 11, 2018


How to Develop Self-Confidence: Overcome Fear & Self Doubt, Be More Productive & Attract Success & Happiness
If you want to Boost Self-Control, Eliminate Worrying, Build Leadership Skills & Get More Friends, then this is your book!

This book consists of great tips and techniques on how to develop self-confidence, boost self-discipline and achieve your goals.

It will help you build a strong, optimistic view of yourself for life. This is for all of you who have problems getting along in life. You may be a victim of bullying, abuse, lack of confidence, or something even more serious. This is your book.

What You'll Learn in How to Develop Self-Confidence: Overcome Fear & Self Doubt, Be More Productive & Attract Success & Happiness...

How to Declutter, De-Stress and Simplify Your Life With Minimalism
How to Boost Your Communication Skills
How to Get Rid of Procrastination
How to Make The Most of Your Day with Morning Routine
How to Achieve Your Goals
How to Get Rid of Anxiety
How to Perfect Your Body Language
How to Manage Your Time and Get Things Done

This book will help you to get to know yourself better and learn how to focus on your strengths in order for you to become self-disciplined and successful.  

I would like to encourage you to begin the journey by looking at yourself and accepting what you see. There can never be another you so be all you can be for the time being.   

The next step is to put the useful information you found here into practice day by day, and begin to enjoy the wholesomeness of life.

Aug 11, 2018

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How to Develop Self-Confidence - Dr. Michael Ericsson

Chapter 1 –  How to Build Your Self-Confidence

Low self-confidence can definitely ruin your life. In case you are not confident in your skills and talents, you will be afraid at doing anything. Every act, every phrase, and every conversation will be a terrifying experience, each time. Here are a few simple things to do to boost your self-confidence back:

Stay calm. There is no point in panicking at every situation. Do not destroy the experience by being anxious.

Hit the gym. Self-esteem is linked to our perception of ourselves. Exercise makes us feel good because of the release of endorphins. Feeling good about ourselves is good for our self-esteem. A strong and healthy body equals a strong and healthy self-esteem.

Don’t over think about other people’s opinions of you. Don’t suspect that they won’t like you. Just go out there and be yourself.

Develop yourself. Self-confidence is about knowing what you can do. Self-esteem is about what you are. So, take some time to explore yourself, internally. Your inner self is who you are, the more you know yourself the more you will believe in yourself and develop a strong self-esteem.

Your thoughts are powerful. If you think that you are not good enough, then you are probably not good enough because your subconscious will take that as reality. Change the way you think and you change the way you see yourself. What you think is what you will become. If you remain confident that you can do anything, you will be able to do anything.

Learn to catch yourself when you think you're not good enough. Just because you're struggling to compete a certain step of your action plan does not mean that you are not good enough to achieve the goal. Just like with confidence and self-esteem you need to reframe the tough times so that you can let the Superman-Self break out. We all need a little help sometimes and sometimes we need to help ourselves!

Quit negative-thinking. Instead of telling yourself not to mess things up, just do what needs to be done. Your brain will pick up the mess things up and alter your way of thinking. So, when you want to achieve something, program your mind with a blueprint that you have already succeeded. The subconscious mind will perform on whatever it is fed. Feed your subconscious with negative thoughts and you end up failing.

Dress up your self-image. Your self-esteem is based on your self-image and if your self-image is a slob, you will be a slob. So, dress up your self-image and really step out in yourself. You can wear all the brand names and fashion labels you want because the more you hold that image in your mind the more your life will become just that. So, dress up and step out into your life!

To exude self-confidence even when you are around people you are meeting for the first time, think about the way you are when you are around the people you trust. This way, you’ll feel comfortable and you thwart whatever shyness you might also be feeling, in addition to lacking confidence. You don’t need to get intimated by people you don’t know if you look at them the way you look at your friends.

Think about your past accomplishments and achievements. Think about how you felt back then. Appreciate what you have achieved, no matter how small they may be.

The ultimate task is to practice self-awareness and self-acceptance. Get in touch with your inner strengths and weaknesses. Accept that you are not perfect and that you are flawed; and it’s perfectly normal to be that way because nobody’s ideal. When you are able to accept yourself for what you are, you begin to believe in yourself again.

When you have identified your weaknesses and the areas that you are struggling with, work towards improving yourself. Turn those weaknesses into strengths. Develop your positive traits. When you are able to improve on your weaknesses and develop your strengths, it is easier to feel a sense of self-worth.

Create an environment that will enhance your self-worth. Do not associate with people who always bring you down but instead be with those that lift you up no matter what circumstances you are in.

Identify your abilities. Self-esteem is all about trusting in your abilities. That sense of knowing only comes from identifying what you are good at. Knowing what you can do is one of the best ways of building your self-esteem. So, flex your muscles and use your mind as much as possible in order to develop a good, strong and healthy self-esteem.

Rest. Being tired is a sure-fire way of feeling down. Physical rest is not only vital for your body but is just as important for building healthy self-esteem. When you are rested, you are able to focus and concentrate better on the task at hand. This will make you feel better about yourself and improve your self-esteem.

Find your mission, your purpose. Feeling like you are not achieving makes you feel like a failure. Not achieving might be because you are working against your purpose in life. Your purpose is the fuel that keeps your self-esteem fire burning. Once you identify it and work towards it daily you will experience enormous self-esteem as you grow into yourself.

Concentrate on a specific time, place, and situation that you want to feel most confident in. Psychologists say that it is more effective to associate confidence with something specific. Are you confident when you are with people you know? Are you feeling confident when you are presenting to a client? Or are you feeling confident when you are talking to your boss? Concentrate on whatever makes you feel confident and you can handle anything.

Focus on words that describe how you want to feel at that particular moment. Words like relaxed or confident might help. Keep in mind that your mind works well when you feed it with clear and positive instructions. You have to make sure that you feed only positive thoughts so that it manifests into positive actions and reactions.

Visualize how you feel as you say these words. See yourself already in that concrete situation and you are already feeling confident and calm.

Feed on the positive energy. Just like in your goals, you must use the positive energy that is generated in all areas of your life to feed the other areas of your life. This will help build your confidence and self-esteem and this, in turn, will feedback in a never-ending loop to help with the goals. And so on and so forth.

Chapter 2 – How to Increase Your Self-Control

Exactly like Rome, self-control is not built in a day. It needs time, practice and dedication for it to really work out. Working on it might even be more difficult than getting a perfect score in your exam or getting that promotion by the end of the year. Some experts would even claim that one's self-control is limited. Every time you use it, it gets exhausted. Notice the way you lose your temper as the day goes by; how your feeling changes as the sun sets, or how you feel like exploding after going through so much in a day. While it is true that depletion of self-control may not be stopped, it can, however, be delayed.

In contrast to what most individuals think, self-control can in fact be developed through so many ways. The important thing here is, you need to be consistent. Exactly like how you build your muscles or get that hourglass shape, you need to utilize these ways constantly. If you go to the gym regularly to achieve a buffed up muscle, you'll also have to fight against your unhealthy behaviors every now and then.

Take a pause

Going for a pause or stepping back does not mean that you are quitting. It just means that you are rechanneling your energy and refocusing your thoughts into something else. For example, you've just experienced a battle with your spouse and you are really pissed off. How can you avoid kicking your dog or yelling at your younger brother after the incident? Well, you might think that it would be impossible to control yourself, but the truth is, it can be done.

When you find yourself angry, the best thing that you can do is to take a pause. Stop whatever it is that you are doing, close your eyes, take 5 deep breaths and think of something that will get your brain off that circumstance. You can think of your favorite food or do what your mom used to tell you- count from one to ten. Taking a pause is just like meditation without the yoga mat and the lotus position. If you feel that your temper counter is rising, don't hesitate to stop momentarily and relax your nerves.

Do not deprive yourself of what is making you happy

Most people who want to develop self-control would wrongly deprive themselves of what they like most. Those who want to burn some weight would reduce eating their favorite dish. Those who want to top the exam would stop going out with their friends. And those who want to get the job promotion they have been spending so much time for would stop spending quality time with their family. Self-control does not tell you to stop being happy; it just tells you to do things in moderation.

One of the secrets to reaching your goal is moderation - whether some inches off your waist or some dollars more in your

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