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Nuggets of the Real Truckmaster Series Volume One

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Nuggets of the Real Truckmaster Series Volume One

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“Nuggets of The Real Truckmaster Series Volume One” is a collection of official U.S. policy, my political observations and writings during the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. I have watched, first hand, the personal and professional attacks on the person and character of President Trump, his family and his administration by officials of the United States, athletes, entertainers, private citizens, organizations, professionals and illegal aliens as well as their supporters many of whom are simply arrogant, misguided or misinformed or angry about the election of President Donald J. Trump over former Secretary Hillary R. Clinton in the 2016 general election.

Is it a coincidence that during the 2015-2016 presidential campaign cycle ridicule turned to rage as Donald J. Trump became the last man standing and won the GOP nomination or that Hillary R. Clinton became the darling favorite and “secured” the DNC nomination, bringing to a head the standoff between a political unknown and a well “vetted” politician resulting in the political firestorm sweeping across the nation. Domestic and state agents jockey for position to take down a sitting U.S. president. This is the “Uncivil War”. The opinions expressed are my own and you can view my original posts at - Author

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