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Light Over Darkness: Maria's Hidden Powers
Light Over Darkness: Maria's Hidden Powers
Light Over Darkness: Maria's Hidden Powers
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Light Over Darkness: Maria's Hidden Powers

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When the Earth is in danger, the Light Warriors come out in the open. A forty-two year old woman, Maria De Angelis, is the main character of this novel. She recently moved to the house she inherited from her grandfather in the Borgo Pio area of Rome.  She is not aware that the house hides many secrets and that her grandfather had a double identity. A sudden trip to London to be by the bedside of her dying aunt, is the occasion to meet someone unexpectedly, which leads her to face her responsibilities. Maria is forced to accept a difficult task. Arthur, a worthy Light Warrior stands  by her side. Brother Simon initiates her on the use of God’s Powerful Seven Rays. Maria will never be alone in fighting the dark forces. The archangels,  having become actual real heroes, fight by her side to maintain Goodness on the Earth. But, who is really Maria’s grandfather? Why does she always hear people talk about a certain Count of Saint Germain? Will Maria and Arthur fall in love? Will Arthur find the hiding place of the letter from Maria’s grandfather? Are they already absorbing our energy without us being aware of it? Maria and Arthur invite you to read the fascinating pages of this novel. Do you know why? Because they are looking for brave allies. Registration is open. 
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Light Over Darkness: Maria's Hidden Powers
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    Light Over Darkness - Laura De Bernardino

    Laura De Bernardino


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    Maria’s Hidden Powers

    Volume I

    Laura De Bernardino


    AND TO


    Dear Readers,

    We meet for the first time through the pages of my book. The opportunity of writing this novel gave me an incredible feeling and, at the end, enabled me to convey to everyone that happiness is possible and it is only a couple of steps away from us, more precisely, that it is within us. But then, why do we suffer? One would ask. Because we didn’t attend the school of happiness, so we don’t know how it works. Neither did Maria De Angelis, the main character of the story, but the Universe had in store a fantastic surprising adventure for her.

    The same mission is waiting for you; the instructions are in these pages, so then.... We are ready to take off! The adventure has just begun!

    A big hug to everyone, Laura.

    Chapter I

    The three cousins.

    She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah. She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah.

    Maria, with her eyes still closed, tried to turn off the alarm clock. The clock rolled down the mezzanine stairs and bumped into her grandfather’s rocking chair.

    This time I broke aunt Elizabeth’s gift.

    She went down the stairs totally undressed and picked up the clock from the floor.

    It still works. Poor aunt!

    Her eyes were filled with tears at the thought of Dr. Kessell’s phone call. She put on a robe and opened the door window.

    Her eyes gazed at Borgo Pio, that she loved so much, which was crowded with tourist, she had a big smile at the sight of her friend Nando, the milkman, carrying a tray with breakfast. He was the only good news when, after her grandfather’s death, she moved to his loft. At first, she didn’t recognize this overweight man, the handsome brown haired young man that she knew when she used to go on holiday with her cousins in Lavinio. Then Nando came back and their friendship had blossomed in an instant, despite they hadn’t seen each other for twenty five years.

    Good morning! Perfect timing, Maria greeted him with a smile.

    Turn the volume down. This time you really overdid it. They probably heard you all the way from the Vatican.

    I’m announcing to the world that I am waking up, just like the Archangel Michael with Mary...


    Gabriel, Michael, ...it was an Archangel anyway.

    Young lady, you have to be more specific when dealing with religious issues. Michael is the protection Archangel while Gabriel is the annunciation Archangel.

    You’re so boring!

    Mmmm what a bad day! Did you argue with Joseph?

    Fortunately our relationship is going great.

    Her eyes became so sweet at the thought of her boyfriend. It was the first time that she felt such a deep feeling for a man. Nando looked at her carefully.

    I know you too well, you’re hiding something. Let’s talk about your problems.

    You remember my cousin Susan, the chubby girl with braids you were crazy about?

    Of course I remember her! What happened to her?

    Her husband left her. They were never a happy couple and you could feel it was going to happen. Susan came to me several times, hoping to save her marriage. Last night I went to see her and tried to comfort her, but she didn’t want to listen. Poor thing, she’s convinced that without Ivan she can’t live. He is a big idiot who cheated on her. We drank and ate too much, I feel awful.

    I feel bad for Susan, she was such a sweet and gentle girl as a child. You were a tomboy, you were always fighting with the gardener’s son.

    Vacation in Lavinio! Great memories!

    And the second sad thing?

    Dr. Kessell called me from London, saying that aunt Elizabeth is very ill.

    You have an aunt in London?

    Maria couldn’t answer her friend; her eyes were full of tears.

    Did you hear what happen today at Independence Square? asked Nando, in the attempt to keep her away from her sad thought.

    She nodded no with her head.

    An English tourist got sick. They tried to reanimate him, but there was nothing they could do.

    Very sad! If this was supposed to cheer me up, I assure you it wasn’t a good move.

    It was just to remind you that in life there is always someone in a worse condition than us.

    What a philosophy! So, you think that a cancer patient is luckier than a dead person.

    This morning....you don’t like anything I say, complained Nando, and added:

    I am sorry about your aunt Elizabeth.

    How do you know her name?

    Nando bit his tongue to release the tension that got hold of him.

    You just said it two seconds ago.

    It’s the result of a sleepless night and streams of booze. I don’t remember saying it.

    When are you leaving? he interrupted her, eager to get out of that uncomfortable situation.


    Nando could hardly restrain from smiling.

    Are you happy that I am leaving? she asked, surprised by his attitude.

    No. I’m just smiling at the thought of your journey with the desperate Susan, and bigoted Geneva. You are going to take her too, aren’t you?

    Instead of answering, Maria stuck her tongue out .

    Nice! Very feminine.

    Will you take care of my animals?

    I’ll take care of the parrot and turtle, as long as Artù won’t start calling me ‘dirty pimp’.

    Dirty pimp, dirty pimp, the bird croaked

    You see, he is doing it purposely, complained Nando.

    Don’t be ridiculous! He repeats whatever he hears.

    Dirty pimp, dirty pimp...

    Artù, that’s enough now!

    Okay, okay, croaked Artù.

    This parrot scares me. Are you sure he is not possessed?

    Maria burst out laughing, got close to her friend and put her hand over his shoulder.

    There are only angels living here.

    A long haired gray cat came into the kitchen.

    And, who is this? asked Nando, glad to see that Artù went to hide in the mezzanine.

    A new arrival, a street cat I named Einstein.

    Noah’s arc is under my protection. You owe me a favour. Isn’t that your phone ringing?

    Maria traced her phone under the couch pillow.

    Joseph, can I call you back in two minutes?

    Don’t worry, I know the way out, said Nando, and before going out the door, wrote a note:

    Don’t forget to stop by my place before leaving. I have to give you something that belonged to your grandfather.

    Hello! Are you there? asked Joseph, who was still on hold.

    Yes, darling.

    Are you ready to get a very English girl? It’s going to be good for Susan too, you’ll see.

    It won’t be all that fun. My dying aunt, a desperate cousin, and another bigoted cousin, Geneva.

    Exaggerated! She’s just a little religious.

    A little! She has a natural talent to control an Inquisition army.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.

    Joseph took a big breath and sweetly added:

    I’ll really miss you.

    I’ll be away only for three days. I can’t leave my patients and you know I cannot stay too long without seeing you.

    All right, see you in three days.

    See you sweetheart.

    Maria went into the kitchen and got a glass of red wine to feel stronger before calling Geneva. She was so nervous that she spilled the wine on the table and got the note, Nando had given her, completely wet. She wiped the wine and threw the note away, took a deep breath and felt she was ready for a closer contact with her cousin.

    While still brooding on the fact that mankind must awaken and be purified from sin, Geneva, one of the most bigoted women of the 21 st century, went into in the living room to answer the phone:

    Maria, is that you? Long time no see! I recognized your number in the ringing detector. Well, you know, nowadays you can’t trust anyone; the devil is lurking and plotting everywhere.

    Geneva, I apologize for interrupting your investigation, ridiculed Maria without her noticing it. After all, saying Geneva, is like saying no humour at all.

    I called you because aunt Elizabeth is ill and would like to see us before ...

    ...Rest in peace, interrupted Geneva.

    Amen, concluded Maria.

    You and I, alone?

    Susan is coming too.

    Our cousin travelling without her husband! She is coming without that conceited individual, isn’t she?

    Ivan left her.

    Sorry about that. Geneva cut short and said:

    What can you do, they have lost the mold of men like my husband. Respectful, religious, totally devoted to the family.

    In my opinion, she hypnotizes him. I should visit her more often to see how she does it thought Maria, and then she asked:

    So, will you come or do you have to ask him first?

    Geneva waited a while before replying, she always felt a subtle pleasure whenever she could keep her conceited cousin Maria hanging.

    Gilbert will certainly agree. You know that he is always helpful when it comes to family.

    Then, it’s a yes? she asked again to be sure of her decision.

    All right, let’s say it’s a yes, surrendered Geneva.

    I don’t think I have time to buy the tickets... Maria couldn’t finish her sentence.

    ...I can’t help you. I am busy preparing the children for confirmation. I am substituting miss Pain.

    A name that says it all.

    "With a name like yours, you shouldn’t joke too much on religious topics. Say a ‘ Mea Culpa’ for your faults." said Geneva.

    I prefer going up the holy staircase and kiss all the steps. Maria burst out laughing.

    That’s enough now! I don’t want to listen to your wickedness. When you visit Susan give her a big hug from me and tell her I’m close to her. How old is she?


    She shouldn’t despair; she has a whole life ahead! At forty, you’re young, it’s not as it was at the time of our grandmothers. Goodbye for now, I have things to do.

    At your orders!

    Chapter II

    Hamsey Green

    Maria saw her aunt and started yelling from the taxi window:

    Aunt Elizabeth! Aunt Elizabeth! We are here!

    Did you have a nice trip? Did you remember the road or did you have any difficulty? Has it been four years since last time you visited? No, I believe, six. Oh well, I’m getting old. I’m no longer as alert. I easily forget things.

    "Aunt Elizabeth, a question at a time! What do you mean old? You’re full of energy. You’re always our dear Speedy Gonzales." answered amused Maria.

    After a short journey, they entered the dining room in the house owned by Elizabeth.

    It’s so nice to be here, aunt Elizabeth! I thought I would find you in bed. I cried all night long when Doctor Kessell told me you were dying.

    I felt so ill. But it was a false alarm, my usual problems with the heart. I am sorry you were worried. It’s not the time yet to reach my beloved husband.

    Elizabeth’s voice broke out, a veil of sadness appeared in her eyes in remembering Lord Bath. Her marriage had been hindered in every way by her sisters because he was twenty years older than her. On the contrary, their union was more solid than expected, though not blessed by the birth of a child. The difficulties with the Italian relatives were settled when she had offered to host the poor Morgana, Geneva’s mother, who unexpectedly became a widow. And it was precisely in the quiet Hamsey Green that the girl had given birth to Maria’s cousin.

    Auntie, let go of sad thoughts urged Geneva, and then added:

    You have a girl that need you. Susan and her husband split up. I'm sure you'll be able to help her get over this bad moment.

    Elizabeth blew her nose and hugged Susan who has broken out in tears at the words of her cousin.

    I feel so strange, auntie.

    "You’ll see, the atmosphere of the village will be good for you. Dr. Kessell’s nephews just arrived also,

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