First Aid Guide for Your Dog

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First Aid Guide for Your Dog

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There is nothing worse than watching your dog suffer and not have any idea what is wrong. Is it something minor or is it something worse? Bad meat, snake or insect bite, rat poison? What you know or don't know about emergency first aid for your dog could cost him his life. Are you prepared to stand by and watch your dog die?

Your dog can't tell you what's wrong with him/her, he/she can only give you clues. It's up to you to make a quick diagnosis and to take those critical first aid steps. Are you up to the job?

Twice as many dogs die from accidents or illness than from old age. If your dog was bitten by a snake or a poisonous insect,
or if he/she ate something bad, got hit by a car, or passed out from dehydration or heat stroke -- would you know what to do?
Would you be in a position to take those critical first aid steps in the first 5 minutes?
Or would you stand by helplessly and watch your dog die?

Don't let your dog become a victim.
Learn the basic elements of Canine First Aid. This eBook Also Covers Important Aspects Such As,

How and When to Take Your Dogs Temperature, When You Must be Absolutely Concerned About Your Dogs Diarrhea, What Are The Dangers of Constipation and How You Can Help, What to Look for in Your Dogs Vomit, How To Recognize and Treat Stroke, Learn How to Recognize Symtoms of Poisoning and Whole Lot More.

This is a Must Have Book for All Dog Owners!

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