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The Artisanal Kitchen: Sweets and Treats: 33 Cupcakes, Brownies, Bars, and Candies to Make the Season Even Sweeter

The Artisanal Kitchen: Sweets and Treats: 33 Cupcakes, Brownies, Bars, and Candies to Make the Season Even Sweeter

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The Artisanal Kitchen: Sweets and Treats: 33 Cupcakes, Brownies, Bars, and Candies to Make the Season Even Sweeter

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Sep 4, 2018


Cheryl and Griffith Day, New York Times bestselling authors and owners of Savannah’s must-visit Back in the Day Bakery, share 33 homespun recipes for delicious special occasion entertaining. Try Pumpkin Crunch Bars for a Thanksgiving table, Gingerbread Cupcakes with Lemon–Cream Cheese Frosting for a caroling party, Pecan Brittle as a hostess gift, and Salted Caramel Popcorn when it’s time to pile into the den together and watch a favorite holiday movie.
This book has been adapted from The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook (Artisan, 2012) and Back in the Day Bakery Made with Love (Artisan, 2015).
Sep 4, 2018

Informazioni sull'autore

Cheryl Day and Griffith Day are self-taught bakers who founded Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah, Georgia, in 2002. Their latest cookbook, Back in the Day Bakery Made with Love, is a national bestseller, and they were semifinalists for the 2015 James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Baker. Cheryl honed her skills in her mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens, and her enthusiasm for enriching lives through the time-honored art of scratch baking is one of her most endearing qualities (along with a few dance moves she picked up in her days as a Soul Train dancer!). Griff’s interest in baking was piqued by the magical sourdough starter that his mother kept in the family kitchen when he was a child. He is a master of flavorful breads and creative savory dishes. Cheryl and Griff got married in their bakery, and the recipe for their wedding cake appears in their first cookbook, the New York Times bestseller The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook.

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Cheryl Day and Griffith Day

artisan | New York



Bars & Brownies

Cheryl’s Brownies

Creole Brownies

Star Brownies

Ginger Cake Squares with Fresh Whipped Cream

Drunk Blondies

PB&J Bars

Pumpkin Crunch Bars

Lemon Pie Bars

Shaker Meyer Lemon Pie Bars


Old-Fashioned Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting

Banana–Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

Pinkies Chocolate Lunch-Box Treats

Gingerbread Cupcakes with Lemon–Cream Cheese Frosting

Coconut Cupcakes with Whipped Buttercream Frosting


Bittersweet Pecan–Dulce de Leche Truffles

Brown Sugar Fudge

Cotton Candy Meringues

Butter Mints

Sorghum-Molasses Chips




Many people’s kitchens turn into a veritable baking wonderland when the holiday season sets in, and there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of bringing smiles to the faces of those enjoying your delicious creations. The process of baking intimidates many folks, but our style of baking is meant to be fun. Once you master a few simple techniques, you’re in! It’s the small details that make all the difference. Becoming a great baker is accessible to anyone who is willing to learn. Here are our simple but special tricks for turning out incredible snacks and baked goods.

Read the Recipe

Always read a recipe from start to finish to make sure that you have a clear understanding of all the steps. It’s a mistake to assume that, for example, because you have made cupcakes many times you know the method for every single cupcake recipe. Think of a recipe as your baking GPS. Be sure that you have the proper tools and that all of your ingredients are at the proper temperature. One of the most common kitchen errors is to start mixing and then discover that you are missing a key ingredient. Yikes!

Another common mistake is to not realize that an ingredient—say, sugar—is added in two separate increments, not all at once. If you don’t read the instructions, you are not setting yourself up for success. So say it with me: Read the whole recipe first!

Organize Your Workspace (and Your Mind)

Your most important tool in baking is a clean and organized workspace. Make sure that you have all of your ingredients and tools prepped and ready to go before you start baking. The French term mise en place means, literally, to put in place. Measure out the flour and sugar, chop the nuts, and have clean bowls ready. Many baking techniques are time-sensitive—it is disastrous to start mixing only to realize that you needed to get your butter or eggs to room temperature first. Distractions are often the villains in the kitchen: if you have to stop for a phone call, be sure to make a note of where you left off in the recipe so that you don’t find yourself trying to recall whether you added the salt or not. A well-organized kitchen will ensure confidence and success.

Temperature Matters

It is essential to have your ingredients at the temperature called for in the recipe. For example, if your eggs are too cold when you add them to your perfectly creamed butter and sugar, the butter will seize up, deflating the air bubbles that you worked so hard to create, and the batter will resist being completely mixed. If that happens, the air bubbles will not expand during baking and the result will be a flat, dense cupcake, not one with a light, fluffy, and tender crumb.

The quickest way to get eggs to room temperature is simply to put the whole eggs in a small bowl of hot water and swish them around for 1 to 2 minutes, being careful not to bang their delicate shells against one another. This will bring them gently to room temperature. Don’t leave them in the hot water too long, though, or you will begin to cook them.

If a recipe calls for room-temperature butter, that means it is between 65° and 67°F, which is cool but not cold. You can pull the butter out of the refrigerator about an hour before you are going to start (on a superhot day, 30 minutes will do the trick), or you can cut it into cubes to help speed up the process of bringing it to room temperature. A

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