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Leave YOUR Legacy: The Power to Unleash Your Greatness

Leave YOUR Legacy: The Power to Unleash Your Greatness

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Leave YOUR Legacy: The Power to Unleash Your Greatness

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Mar 3, 2015


Learn to live a truly exceptional life with the help of author, speaker, and performance coach Ben Newman. In Leave YOUR Legacy, you will see firsthand how to drive impact by changing your perspective and connecting to your life’s purpose. 

Newman shows you how to be your best self with this touching story that clearly illuminates the steps needed to create major change in your life by following the ups and downs of the protagonist, Pierce. Join Pierce on his journey to greatness—from the humble beginnings of enacting change and resisting old behaviors to the reframing of his thoughts and actions and eventually understanding his legacy. 

Experience for yourself the ripple effect of leaving YOUR legacy. Pierce’s story will inspire you to go do great things. And, as you strive for excellence, you will inspire excellence in others. Are you ready to unleash your full potential? It’s time to uncover your drive, your passion, and your purpose—leave YOUR legacy.

Mar 3, 2015

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Leave YOUR Legacy - Ben Newman


Rounding the corner of the massive stone home, Pierce felt like the little red caboose. His gnarly cane chanting, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can … each time it made contact with the soft, pebbly gravel. One limp leg lugging behind an eager heart that raced ahead, dragging him inside, to where—he hoped—he would find Sarah and the kids. Pulling him toward his future. I think I can. I think I can. I think …

Stopping shy of the back door that led to the kitchen, Pierce caught his breath. Eleven days he had been gone. He had covered so much ground in just eleven days. And now, as keen as his heart was to see his beloved family and embark on implementing all he had learned into his life, he felt … something … Fear? Trepidation? Excitement? Exhilaration? All four mixed together, a fancy emotional cocktail designed by a master mixologist? He could not quite put his finger on exactly what he felt, but whatever it was, it made him want to linger with his injured leg and not rush through that door with the rest of his body. Inhaling a sharp burst of cool October air, Pierce searched his mind for an answer. Exhaling with a sigh, he shrugged off the uneasy feeling, deciding it was mere butterflies—a combination of lack of food and the excitement of seeing his beautiful wife and two children. Nothing could hold him back. He was a changed man. Fearless. I think I can. I think I can. I think …

Daddy! Max was the first to spot Pierce, clumsily maneuvering his cane and luggage across the threshold. Sarah slowly shifted her gaze from the stovetop where she prepared dinner; a gently spiced aroma tickled Pierce’s nose, causing his mouth to water and stomach to gurgle simultaneously, as Sarah’s mouth collapsed into a surprised o shape.

Pierce! She remained frozen by the stove, eyes shining at the sight of her husband. Max had already hurled himself into his father’s arms, as Lila slowly, gingerly approached, eventually wrapping herself around Pierce’s good leg. Max wiggled in his arms excitedly, a mop of dark brown hair flailing as he chatted animatedly about how much he missed him. Lila quietly squeezed Pierce’s leg, her own special way of telling him she had missed him too. Kissing the top of her strawberry-blonde hair, he marveled at how different, yet equally perfect, each of his two children was.

Pierce! Why didn’t you tell us you were coming? Wiping both hands on the back of her jeans before taking Pierce’s unshaven face in both hands, she kissed him tenderly. Wrapping herself around him and Max, she nestled against his chest as Lila entwined her tiny fingers around her mother’s slender thigh—a perfect family, neatly packaged together and tied up with a dainty strawberry-blonde bow. It felt so good to be home.

* * *

Wrapped in a soft, camel-colored cashmere shawl, Sarah tucked her feet under her hips and watched Pierce intently as he made his way down the stairs. All down for the night. He smiled goofily, uncertain what to make of his wife’s expression. It was warm, for sure, yet he felt like her eyes were boring right through him. He felt … naked, exposed. Then her face broke into that familiar smile. The very smile he had fallen in love with back in college, perfectly white teeth flanked by soft, full pink lips and huge dimples. Honest eyes shining, hiding nothing. Sarah. It had only been eleven days, but he ached at the sight of her.

Collapsing on the couch beside her, he took her in his arms inhaling the faint grapefruit scent of her shampoo. What were you just thinking? Pierce asked the shiny crown of Sarah’s honey-blonde head.

When? She pulled away from his grip, looking directly into his eyes. Eyes boring through me, Pierce thought once again. What do you see? he wondered.

When I was coming down the stairs, he said, searching her, trying to glimpse a reaction, only to find the same shining green pools of openness and honesty he always did when he looked at her.

Sarah burst out laughing. I was hoping you wouldn’t fall! I had no idea how I would get you up and to the hospital.

Pierce couldn’t help but laugh; he feared she read his mind and saw through his façade of bravado, yet all she felt was concern, and, as usual, her concern was for him. His happiness. His health. His well-being. For him. Things are going to be better. I promise you.

Sarah responded by planting a tender kiss on Pierce’s tanned forehead. Unraveling her legs from under her, she stood, cocking her head to one side. Scotch? she

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