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Father to Son: Words of Wisdom Every Son Should Consider

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Father to Son: Words of Wisdom Every Son Should Consider

Lunghezza: 120 pagine1 ora


Eric Willis addresses a wide variety of topics that boys and young men will assuredly face in their lifetime.
With the voice of a caring father, he offers knowledge about: Finance, Relationships, Travel, Education, Tenacity, Business, and more...

He also offers philosophical approaches to assist sons with their thinking, planning, and actions.
The book also discusses circumstances that sons should avoid and gives guidance on how to navigate around trouble.
He extends wisdom that older men wish they had in their youth.

Read this book if:
You want advice that can change the course of your life
You've never had a father's loving voice to guide you
You want to know how to apply logic and good judgment
You want to point yourself in the right direction
You want to help someone who needs this insight
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