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The Henry James Collection

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Karpathos publishes the greatest works of history's greatest authors and collects them to make it easy and affordable for readers to have them all at the push of a button.  All of our collections include a linked table of contents.

Henry James was an American writer who is regarded as a significant figure in the literary realism of the 19th century.With classics such as Daisy Miller, The Portrait of a Lady, and The Turn of the Screw, James is still one of the most widely read authors today.This collection includes the following:

The Portrait of a Lady
Roderick Hudson
The American
The Europeans
Washington Square
The Bostonians
The Princess Casamassima
The Reverberator
The Tragic Muse
The Other House
The Spoils of Poynton
What Maisie Knew
The Awkward Age
The Sacred Fount
The Wings of the Dove
The Ambassadors
The Golden Bowl
The Outcry
The Turn of the Screw
Daisy Miller
The Aspern Papers
The Beast in the Jungle
The Madonna of the Future
The Jolly Corner
The Figure in the Carpet
In the Cage
The Altar of the Dead
The Pupil
The Real Thing and Other Tales
Italian Hours
Within the Rim
Refugees in Chelsea
The Long Wards
The Letters of Henry James edited by Percy Lubbock

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