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Relative Bonds

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Relative Bonds

Lunghezza: 259 pagine3 ore


McNamara’s on the hunt again. An apparent suicide leads the detective to a terrorist plot. What will he do when his lady’s life is on the line?
McNamara, a Scottish D.C.I., fights crime in the streets of Edinburgh and in its suburbs. Diagnosed with mild Asperger as a child, the detective is meticulous, cold and dedicated. He is interested in doing his job and is a master in avoiding any kind of sentimental involvement. However, Bryony sneaks under his defence and claims his heart.
If you love a good traditional crime story, then this is the book to you. Buy it and spend a couple of nice afternoons with a thrilling story.
Join McNamara in his hunt and fall in love with the lass who stole his heart. Intrigue, suspense and cynical humor, together with unique characters, create a thrilling atmosphere.

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