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Feb 7, 2008


Welcome to the Beginning of the New World Order of Totalitarianism

The laws of righteousness are being replaced with the laws of lawlessness.

sins + abominations = second death

Secularism + Evolution = Insanity

Abortions + Homosexuality = Destruction

minus jobs + minus industries = chaos

Repentance + righteousness = Life

Feb 7, 2008

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Log of Judgments - Arch-Preacher John Wesley Ellis I


© 2008 Arch-Preacher John Wesley Ellis I. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

First published by AuthorHouse 2/6/2008

ISBN: 978-1-4343-4768-8 (e)

ISBN: 978-1-4343-4766-4 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4343-4767-1 (hc)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2007908852

Printed in the United States of America

Bloomington, Indiana



Chapter One: Fulfilled and to be Fulfilled

Chapter Two: Heaven’s Response to the D. V. Code

Chapter Three: Truth Contestation

Chapter Four: A Bride’s Garment

Chapter Five: The Mouths of the Men of Sin

Chapter Six: The Hole in the Wall: Who am I?

Chapter Seven: The Cycle of Death

Chapter Eight: To the House of David

Chapter Nine: The Sounds of the Truth

Chapter Ten: Truth Court III

Chapter Eleven: The Difference Between a Demon and a Microdemon Infestation

Chapter Twelve: The Pseudochurch of the Antichrist and Her Branches


Chapter: Past ConclusionA Touch of the Seventh Sense


I will begin this introduction with a simple question, how can I help a nation that will not listen to the revealed Truth from God? How can I pray for an apostatized nation that refuses to repent of so many actable and noticeable evil ways? The prophesied Judgments of Elohim upon this world are imminent and will be fulfilled. The beginning of these judgments, which were spoken of by the prophets, are about to be manifested on a great, phenomenal scale. The people in this world have experienced many catastrophic events before, but not of this magnitude since the Great Flood in the days of Noah.

Everything in existence obeys the voice of Elohim. It is the written and preached Word of God that men and women have refused to obey and accept. Because of the epidemic of manifested pride, the great judgments upon this world are about to begin. Why should there be the judgments of God’s great wrath upon the people before they will listen and be humbled into obedience? The knowledge of the past historical events reveals a trend of evil, then destruction, and the results of repentance. The future historical events reveal a different trend, which is the destruction of evil and eternal salvation for the repented people of God. Are hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, diseases, famines, wars, volcanoes, and many other means of speech from Elohim coincidental? Is this what you call Mother Nature? I challenge you in the truth contestation in one of the chapters of this book.

A pound of prevention is better than a pound of cure. The evidence of the past has proven to be insignificant to the present. If Noah was here in the flesh, and fully detailed what happened to cause Elohim to send the Great Flood, you would not listen! It is very obvious and notable that the pleasures of death are more accepted than the Gift of Life through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Satan is a two-faced deceiver.

The time has come for these judgments to be fulfilled. The people are now abusing, without fear, God’s wonderfully made creation. How wise are you in thinking that the path of the present has no effect on the future. The poison of greed is everywhere. There is no mercy, in the hearts of many people, for the next generation. Since sin now dominates the world, the implementation of these judgments must take place for eternal restoration. If the evil is not stopped, Satan will cause man to destroy himself.

An all-out nuclear catastrophic event will never be imminent upon the earth that the omnipotent Elohim has created. It will be preserved. It is impossible to change the prophecies. All of the weapons, wisdom, and knowledge that man has cannot change one letter of one word of the declared prophecies of the prophets that spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. Be it well known that man does not own one nucleus of one atom. You should understand that you are in great trouble for helping Satan to attempt to destroy the earth.

Chapter One:

Fulfilled and to be Fulfilled

There was a day in Eternity of past understanding and finding out that Elohim decided to create and make this world that we now live in. There was no one present to declare, through prophecies, when Elohim was going to fulfill his own desires. No one was present to declare what he was going to make, how he was going to make it, and where he was going to put it. Our great and omnipotent God can declare and fulfill anything that he so desires. There will never be anyone in existence that can tell him what he cannot do or what he must do.

The blinded scientists have determined that substances can create themselves. They have concluded that all of this happened by coincidence. Mathematically speaking, how can you take nothing, add it to nothing, and make something? I have an experiment that I want you to try. Find yourself a large, clear, glass jar with a top that you can certifiably seal. Sterilize the inside of it thoroughly, remove the air, and seal the jar. Make yourself a label that reads, FOOL’S JAR and put it on the jar. Tell me in the future how long it took you to realize that the only way that something was going to exist in that jar was if you took the top off and put it in the jar. If the nothing in that jar begins to create something, please find me immediately! I would help you to establish the First Incorporation of Nothing to Something. We would first try to figure out how we could use the jar to make another world with a few changes. If the nothing in the jar remains empty, you must sign your name on the label and become a part of the Holy Scriptures.

How accurate and precise are the prophets and their writings? After God made man, he established a unique and miraculous means of communication. Dreams and visions are an extraordinary means to reveal the Word of God to special chosen men and women. He also ordained an even greater means of communication, which is done by the moving of the Holy Ghost upon a person. Even greater is the face-to-face communication that took place between Elohim and Moses. The greatest communication with man was through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Even though the

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