Vladie: Story of a Trainer's Dog

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Vladie: Story of a Trainer's Dog

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I looked down at her brown eyes and she was giving me her canine smile. What? I said. She closed her mouth, cocked her head to the side while those big ears stood at attention. Whatcha want? I asked. She would smile again, stand up on all fours and spin around then go down into a playbow. The game was on! This is a story of a dog, my special dog, Vladie and the few short years that she enhanced and changed my life. From the time she was a little ball of fur to her last days with me, she inspired me in my artistic endeavors, changed the way I view life and helped me gain a better understanding of the dog world. Vladies companionship allowed me to do things I had not thought of doing before, like entering into the dog training field. She was a smart girl, full of surprises, energy and kept me laughing. I hope her story will make you laugh too. For all that, I am grateful to my wonderful canine daughter, forever.

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