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The Philosophy {Feellusthofee} of Pimping

The Philosophy {Feellusthofee} of Pimping

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The Philosophy {Feellusthofee} of Pimping

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Nov 13, 2009


Hundreds of millions of girls and women want sexy photos taken of them, and many want to have nude photos and porn shoot sessions and private hardcore xrated porn film or video sessions of them.

In this secret world of often attractive, gorgeous or sexy body women, pseudo-models, prostitutes and hos' many often choose Pimps whom they are attracted to, or chosen by.
Here's the story behind the philosophy that causes these sexy, gorgeous and attractive women to consent to being chosen by Pimps.
Nov 13, 2009

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The Philosophy {Feellusthofee} of Pimping - D.J.R.


© 2009 D.J.R.. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

First published by AuthorHouse 10/22/2009

ISBN: 978-1-4490-4010-9 (ebk)

ISBN: 978-1-4490-4009-3 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4490-4015-4 (hc)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2009911308

Printed in the United States of America

Bloomington, Indiana






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Epilogue, Afterword, Perpose/Conclusion, Dictionary/Thesaurus, Characters, and Addendum.


Characters in book



For whatever the reasons hundreds of millions of women want sexy photos taken of them, many millions want nude photos and porn shots taken of them, this often leads to bigger pornography sessions, leaving these wanna be models, wayward or naïve girls/young women, sluts and wayward slut bitches vulnerable and open to being spitefully used, abused, tricked, trapped, jammed up by, and taken advantage of by unscrupulous men known today as human sex slave traffickers.

Yet many of these same naïve slut bitches often cuss and threaten to go to the police for good, concerned and decent men for imaginary violations and infractions.

Yet no matter what the cruel and unscrupoulous human sex slave traffickers do to them or force them to do, they rarely ever cuss them or threaten to go to the police for them. Is it because of fear, being naïve, stupid, confused, lost, or because they have no will to do so?

In this world of pseudo-models, pseudo-modeling agencies, escort services, massage parlours, exotic dance clubs, xrated hardcore porn websites, brothels and street prostitution a lot of young women, sluts, prostitutes and hos’ often choose the Pimps whom they are attracted to, or are chosen by.

Here’s the story behind the philosophy that causes sexy, gorgeous and attractive women to choose Pimps and be consensual in being chosen by Pimps.

D. J. R


This book is dedicated to my special and wise friends Beverly S. and Beautiee and to all Pimps who support good public writings on the topic, so that all of the things that are needed to be said on the topic will be said.

This entertaining and educational book deals with the philosophy of pimping and a lot of sociology which is the study of people in/and society, and psychology the study of the human mind. The use of deceit, deviousness, trickery and treachery is at least another way of using psychology.

A lot of the authenticity of this book comes from personal experience in the ‘life’, or conversational participatory research, and interviews without the subjects being aware that they are being interviewed, observed or studied, and more research by being chosen by hoes’ exotic dancer strippers, prostitutes, social prostitutes, hot bitches, porn stars, gorgeous women, even some naïve sluts and ordinary normal women through reading between the lines and observing them and their attitudes, actions, desires, wants, needs and behaviors. Many times I had to suspend my belief system, like scientists studying penguins in order to get the authenticity and ‘real’ feel of this book, I mostly wrote from my dealings in the life, while also researching, and observating people living the life of pimps and hoes, criminal elements/associates, together with shady/shadowy m/f/ers, some misguided traitorous slut bitches, and some sleazy scumbag jerks.

This is a book for adults in general and will greatly benefit everyone who reads it. This book is therefore dedicated to all men and women, who are searching for, and those who searched for, wanted and needed a deeper understanding of this phenomenal ‘thing’ called pimping, and of women’s behavior and actions in the life of pimps and hoes, or what some call the ‘pimp game’ known also as ‘the pimp life,’ and of how Pimps especially live their lives in the pimp game.

Most books about the secret life teach and show men how pimps turn out, seduce or pimp women. This book though it shows that to the hilt also teaches and shows the philosophy {fee-lust-ho-fee} of pimping, the philosophy {feel-lust-ho-fee}, psych and psyche behind pimping.

Also shown here is how young women and girls are being pimped, seduced, tricked, trapped or jammed up not by the debonair gentlemen of leisure who are connoisseurs of pleasure, but by shady, shadowy, systematic, methodic criminal groups known as human sex slave traffickers who are involved in the stealthy underground and widespread human sex trafficking industry many times disguised as model agency managers, model recruiters, talent scouts and contractors or s-ho-w entertainment biz impresarios for overseas showings/gigs, etc.

This book also guides women in how not to behave and how not to be, and most of all how to avoid traps, and pitfalls that surrounds them in the human sex trafficking industry, or in the ‘ho’, prostitution or social prostitution ‘life’.

Just know that life is not a game, life is real and life is real serious business. There are real serious consequences to life’s real nature when mistakes or mis-steps are made, of-times you don’t always get a second chance in life.

Here it is a Rossetta stone of knowledge about the Life Spring.

This book is fictionalized non-fiction, any resemblance to any living or real person is mere coincidence and not meant to depict any real person or persons. This book is about the sociological, philosophical, philosophy, psych, psyche socio-sexual psycho-skit drama nature of the life and philosophy of Pimps and hoes. This work, these things and these sort of, and types of things occur in the ‘Real World’.

By reading this ‘mythological’ ‘story’ about Pimps and hoes which really happens, you will see and learn about mistakes many naïve girls and naïve young women have made which cause them to end up trapped and jammed up into social prostitution and other outright prostitution industry businesses.

To any and all women like the protagonists depicted, absorb from this well spring of knowledge and wisdom because here’s purification and cleansing in a book and novel.


In writing and researching this book I used quite a few persons and several sources as resources mostly indirectly. What I did was to bounce riddles, questions, puzzles and theories off of people in my regular conversations with them, in order to pick up their words, vibes and thoughts in my quest for the answers.

First thank God for giving me insight, wisdom, guidance, creativity inspiration, opportunity and understanding of what I was looking at, and for putting things into my hands. I truly believe that this book is commissioned by God.

Special thanks to the Narmer, Menes, Hor-Aha, Khufu, Huni, Tosorthros, Imulthea/Aesculapius, Nebka, Zoser Manetho, Imhotep, Sethi, Amenhotep, Hatshepsut, Ramesses ll, Thut-Moses ll, David and his son the Great Black Hebrew King Solomon, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Cheikh Anta Diop. Thanks also to all of my Pimp partners who I came across in the ‘life’ also thanks to my special Angel who seemed to have just appeared to me and other hoes, for helping me to develop the material for my novel, so here’s their story. Without my expertise on the lifestyle this book would not be possible.

I am writing the novel because of people’s questions, curiosity, lack of clarity, clarity, understanding, misunderstandings, it is my answers to their questions, queries, misconceptions, puzzlement, misunderstanding, and lack of insight and clarity.

Therefore thanks to the public for all of their indirect input through their questions, riddles, puzzles, confusion, doubts, pronouncements, statements, responses, challenges, approaches, cooperation and lack thereof, assistance, perspectives, points, pointers, points of view, understanding of women, human nature, human behavior, science, sociology, technology, and historical and psychological perspectives.

The general public basically brought the book forth with all of their questions, curiosity, thoughts and words though I put it together in qualitative conceptual, didactical ontological presentational form in symbolisms and perspectives, doing the writing and typing. Any resemblance to any person living or alive in this book is mere coincidence to the fictional cast of characters of and for this book This seems too fantastic to be true? That’s why this is a book is fictionalized non-fiction, imagination and reality, if anyone sees, or reads about a character in this book, who acts, talks, or behaves as they do, then it is mere coincidence or conjecture.

Hopefully this book, novel and work will wisen, and if not, cleanse and purify any young man, or woman who reads it, and sees similarities in this book to himself or herself in this work. Hopefully this book will make them better, smarter, wiser people with good common sense, who will be right, and correct in their outlook and behavior and cleansed for themselves and anyone who might be there for them.

Well all I have to say to them and all that is, Well go on with your lives now, Good luck, and Sin no more!


A centrifical theme of the Bible besides warnings to the evil and wicked, is the deceiving, cheating, deceptive arts of flattering, by the big bad sweet-talking snake/serpent in the garden who tempts and seduces Eve to taste and put the fruit banana or apple into her mouth and to taste, eat, swallow and digest it, thus the slimy and sleazy snake led Eve into sin, who in turn became a temptress and tempted, seduced and corrupted Adam.

The Bible also mentions good and virtuous women such as Naomi and the two Moabite or Gentile women called Ruth and Orpah who married Naomi’s 2 sons. In fact Ruth was to become an ancestor of Yeshua Ben Yosef/Jesus Christ and his mother Mary.

Whatever they try to insinuate about Mary Magdalene she showed plenty virtue and courage by being one of the few followers to stand bravely by Yeshua’s side through his crucifixion besides mother Mary {Miryam the Madonna} who is the number one female hero in the Bible while Mary Magdalene is the second and she was the first to see him resurrected. It is said that Mary Magdalene and her little darkskinned Princess Sarah fled Jerusalem and sojourned to Egypt after the crucifixion and resurrection of her significant other, later on she travelled to France with young Sarah. {See Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, Gnostic writings and Lamentations 4:8}

The Bible also shows, details and makes mention literally and figuratively to the badness, adultery and prostitution of some women, men, and institutions from Genesis {Eve being tricked and deceived by the serpent with forbidden fruit} all the way to Revelation {Babylon the Greatest of all harlots and fornificators} to places in between such as Ezekiel 16:26/28/30/31/32/ with references to whoredoms, whores, harlots, whorish woman, scorniest woman} also in Jeremiah 3:1/6/8/ to 25, in Chronicles 21 about women the reference is woman you will be told.

Other prime examples of bad women in the Bible are Delilah and Salomi. Salomi who used her feminine wiles to seduce the King in order to literally get the head of John the Baptiste, she actually wanted Jesus’ cousin John’s head on a silver platter and she got it.

The Bible also mentions such seemingly seductively wily women in the life such as Ruth a virtuous woman and whose son was the great-great-grandfather of Yeshua {Jesus Christ} Ben Yosef, and the great-grandfather of Solomon and the grandfather of David. Rahaeb: a reputed prostitute or ‘harlot’ who hid Josua’s spies in the walls of Jerico, Tamar: reputed to have seduced her father-in-law disguised as or performing as herself in her secret job as/of a {social} prostitute. Sheba: the Ethiopian Candace Princess or Queen who either was seduced by black Hebrew King Solomon {who had something like 700 wives and 300 concubines making him King and Prince among the Macknificient fellows} or maybe Sheba seduced King Solomon and bore him a son and the unwitting sexy seductive temptress Bathsheba wife of Uriah and later wife of David a King of Israel.

Delilah following the orders of her ‘manager’ used her feminine wiles to find out the secret of Samson’s strength in order to get him captured by his enemies, then put in bondage and blinded.

Yes indeed the Bible chronicles the tratorious seductress Delilah who seduced and deceived Samson to find out the secret to his strength, to give his secret information to her ‘manager’, master and ruler, who had seduced her and was Samson’s enemy. Deception begets deception and corruption begets corruption.

The Bible mentions Jezebelle wife of Ahab who based on the biblical account was a horrible bad, evil and wickedly debaucherous adulterous woman, in fact she seems to have been a slut, a ‘ho’, an adulterer, an evil witch, and a murderous prostitute all rolled up into one, she even is said to have gone after and affected prophets of God.

Jezebelle was indeed a very bad woman and powerful woman in the Bible who was everything rolled up into one: a prostitute, slut, ho, adulterous wife Jezebel even got to at least one of God’s prophets. It is good to know and understand how corruption and deception occurs, or begins, works, is engineered, designed, used and abused.

When Yeshua Ben Yosef {Jesus Christ} was thirsty he asked the traffic stopping Samaritan woman who was standing and waiting by the well for some water to quench his thirst.

Another woman an adulteress who was about to be stoned at the feet of Yeshua Ben Yoseph {Jesus Christ} was saved when the Messiah intervened by saying to the woman’s accusers, Those without sin cast the first stone. The sinful accusers immediately dropped the stones they were carrying to stone the adulteress to death with.

The Bible is full of how people and the devil deceives or tries to deceive people, and even the prophets of God.

Even Yeshua Ben Yosef known to Christians as the son of God and the Messiah was tempted by the devil who tried to deceive and tempt Christ. Judas also tried to deceive Yeshua as he tried to betray him, but of course Yeshua being wise knew what Judas was up to so he told him, Go and do what you have to do. Therefore Judas really only betrayed himself and showed or revealed who he was as a person.

The magical Kemitian or Egyptian Papyrus of Ani known commonly as the Book of Coming Forth by Day one of modern Egyptologist scholar and historian Dr Ben’s favorite; the I Ching, known also as the book of changes, and the West African Ifa system all try to shine some light to create understanding on the science of insight into human nature, developmental philosophies and technologies.

The story of Thais a repentant cortesian in the 4th century in Roman controlled Egypt, and Lucretia a pious noblewoman whose rape and threat to be murdered and exposed nude cavorting with slaves by the son of the last King of Rome ended the Monarchy in Rome of 509 B.C., and caused the birth of the Roman Republic. The Mexican nun Sor Juana also shines light and creates understanding into human nature in ‘the life.’

A central theme of Aesop, or Cush, Cannaan or West African Anansi stories, the book of Gilgamesh, the story of legendary black Hebrew King Solomon, the Ethiopian King P. Raster John, writings from the 7 Chinese Immortals of the Shoalin Temple, the 7 or 8 Japanese wisemen, the 7 Roman Sages, the story of Cendebete/Sendebar known commonly as Sinbad, West African Prince Moko, William Shakespeare, Caucher, the Moorish Roguetello, the Moorish and Spaniard influenced Ruy Diaz known commonly as El Cid, Cervantes, the renown Cassanova, Don Juan, and Don ‘M’ Juan, renown pimps such as Donotello, the Kings, George, Sweet Jones, Iceberg Slim, The ‘Roaring Lion’, Detroit Slim, Silky Slim, Magicman, Sweets, the notorious Winston Bruce known as – the ‘Doctor’, and the book about Danny and Silky, ‘Gentlemen of Leisure’ is the treating with, and trying to expose, or even teach the finer arts of living, including those who showed the fine Art of Pimping, and the understanding of deception, cheating and showing the art of it.

Those above mentioned wisemen brought the wisdom and insight into human: nature weaknesses and depravities.

There are different kinds of love, such as carnal, infatuating, lusting, passionate, good, romantic, enamored, caring, spiritual, unconditional, divine love and the eternal love of God. There are different kinds of hate also such as race, personal, tribal, class, caste, deceptive, ethnic, ethnic cleansing, ethical, economical, ideological, genocidal, social, and religious hatred.

This novel encompasses all of the different types of pimping and prostitution. This book is a story of the philosophy of pimping, honor codes in the life, respect, carnal knowledge, sociology, psychology, history, popular culture, but this is also a story of deception, in the systematic, methodic underworld world of shady and shadowy characters involved in human sex slave trafficking, and their seduction of some of the sly, naïve self-hating, and self-destructive women whom they rule, manipulate, command and control.

Some of this story is not based on speculation, conjecture, imagination and fiction, any similarity to a person or persons alive, or living is coincidential.

Though parts this book is non-fictional however any resemblance or similarity to any real person or persons alive as far as names, faces, actions, behavior, or words spoken, and acts and actions committed or performed to a person or persons alive and living is coincidental, because it’s not based on any real person or persons.

This is a modern day myth, a pure mythological story, a legend and not meant to describe and characterize any person or persons alive, currently living or not. Any similarity to actual dialogue is mere coincidental, and is not verbatim in any the way. The aggregate in this hypothetical and theoretical perspective is conjecture and is not congruent to a perse, or a person.

Hopefully this novel and book would answer all of the questions and concerns that anyone would ever have, or want, or wish to know about.

This book is about no Pimp, ho, slut, woman or person in particular, yet many women might see themselves in the pages of this novel. It’s more than a novel it’s also a book on the philosophy of pimping, advice, on sociology and psychology of especially underprivileged, deprived and depraved naïve women in general, and particularly how men and women acting the roles of predators involved in human sex slave trafficking with or without vendettic agenda can and do prey on mostly unsuspecting women and girls in the concrete, tree lined, or forested jungles of this planet we call earth.

This is a book to wake people up and give insight and guidelines, not to alarm people, but to put people on point to step up to the plate, to become aware and on point.

This book is really for everyone, it can help and wise-n or wise up anyone, but especially the people who needs it the most.

This is a book to give people understanding and insight, know-how, knowledge, hidden knowledge. Peep some wisdom, about the Philosophy of the Pimp game, and about some bitches, hos’ and sluts mindset. This book is a head’s up for everyone, an exposé complete. This hot and most revealing book is also about good virtuous girls/women, bad girls/women, naïve sluts, {no good} bitches, prostitutes and hos’, and their life styles.

My advice to readers is to learn from this book, there are many lessons to learn within this book, that way readers can’t or won’t be able to say, after reading this book, that they didn’t know, or they don’t know, or nobody ever told them these, or those things about the world, and about people in the world. They can’t or won’t be able to say that their parents never talked about or told you those things because I’m telling you. I’m also showing and telling you the mistakes that some of these young and naïve women make in countries around the world today, and I’m exposing and showing you the flaw in the character of far too many of these young, confused and often misguided sluts.

There are millions of girls and naive women in general who are confused or lost and who don’t know how to be, how to behave or what to do, hopefully this book will show, teach and tell girls how not to be, and what not to do in and with their lives, {in order} to lead meaningful lives, while helping themselves, their families and people to overcome.

These confused, misguided, lost and yet untrained girls and naive women choose to follow the I wanna be a model, a video girl, a dancer, or a star syndrome, often have low self-esteem, self-rejection, self-defeat, self-despising and self-hatred in full effect. Drink from the knowledge and understanding of this Game we call Life.

1st rule, always protect and be truly safe to your-self. {Charity begins at home, before it spreads abroad. – Help yourself, before helping others} Most times you’ll be rewarded better, and be safer and more protected that way. Many misguided and naïve women today are often gullible to believe in bogus bootleg offers, or support everyone else bogus offers first and leave them-selves for last. Yes indeed the flaw in their character causes them to have rule number one backwards and upside down.

Ninety percent of the time far too many naïve sluts seem to be specially trained, or they specially train themselves to fall prey to bogus or booleg offers by unscrupulous human traffickers who are naturally not looking out for the woman’s best interest. These naïve sluts often go out of their way to especially support shady and shadowy characters who are systematically and methodically involved in the human sex slavery trafficking industry often with vendettas against women, very often 99% of the time if not always to the naïve slut’s own detriment and self-destruction.

A self-hating, low self-esteemed slut, who is lacking discipline self-love and self-control, and who obviously has an inferiority complex like those who usually don’t want to do anything for a good man. Yet she’ll do anything and everything for shady human sex slave traffickers or vendettic jerks who don’t even like or care for or about her {except to fuck her out of her money and life energy in more ways than one}. Usually if that type of self-hating, naive slut had a choice between a good man who’s true to her, telling her something, or to do something for her own benefit, while simultaneously a vendettic jerk telling her something, or to do something to her own detriment, or to the detriment and against her own best self-interest. The naïve self-hating slut usually follows the orders and instructions of the jerk.

There are consequences to the naïve woman’s actions, when she does those things and acts the way she does even though she acts like there’s no consequences or even if she doesn’t care about the consequences. The universe has its own spiritual laws.

That self-hating and self-deprecating type of naïve slut usually become fallen, or already is a fallen woman, and she becomes like a ticking time bomb type vampiress, or manchurian candidate. When and while she abuses herself by transferring her little personal power over to her captors. Who naturally would and of course vocally, emotionally, psychologically, physically and sexually abuse her, oftimes while or when the self-hating slut thinks that she’s joined in a conspiracy to denigrate and disrespect a man with the human traffickers. In actuality she’s joined in a conspiracy with the traffickers with a vendetta against herself. I hope that this book would help to educate the people who need educating the most, and put some common sense in their brains, heads and minds

Chapter 1 

A false entry into the World of Modeling.

It was while growing up in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad that Daniel’s natural interest in women caused him to explore the opposite sex and he found what he was looking for when his male/hormones/genes/DNA naturally kicked in as he went to town on his first big woman at Carnival time. Like the saying goes Pimps are born not made, since no one had told or explained to Dan about the opposite sex, he was born a Pimp.

Dan started to walk around the City Square and naturally and intentionally approach and talk {charm with nice or sweet talk} to the most gorgeous women on the island who would usually be walking around the square in the Capitol City on their way to look for their men or boyfriends. Pimping by finesse not stress, just by talking to and breaking girlfriends and some of these adult and gorgeous women Dan realized that they would give him ‘his’ money, family heirloom gold bracelets, and other treats.

In the States Kattandra was to spend four years in the neighborhood private Middle School, before going on to a public High School that was predominantly black. Katt spent her time at school, between being excited and bored alternately. Katt was a good student academically, but a naïve tiger cat sexually. She always seemed to be the center of attraction with the boys at her school. The boys at her High School hit on her constantly, even the teachers, the principal and the custodians hit on her on a daily basis. Quite a few of the men and boys in her High School wanted a piece and a taste of her. She went through a series of black boyfriends, whom she had a good time with, but they had a much better time with her than she did with them, because she was a sexy girl.

Let’s see how our girl and star Katt began to fall deeper, into traps as she started to be trapped and jammed up in the Big Country.

Coming from such a tiny island to the Big Country, and the Big City, the bright lights of the New Country, and Big City bedazzled her, and brought her core confusion, weaknesses and corruption to the surface.

Some girls are dazzled, by the bright lights, and the hustle and bustle, on coming to the Big Country, especially coming from such a tiny island.

Usually the girls who get easily trapped, are girls who have a flaw in their character anyway. It’s a certain look, such as the way the slutty or revealing clothes they wear, or the way they look, or way or attitude they have. It might be a tattoo strategically placed on the small of her back or any place else on her body, limbs neck face, or head, or a navel or other inappropriate body piercing with piercing jewelry in it, and her wearing of clothes to let it show, or the way she has eyes for, or the way she eyeballs men who are not her significant other, or her boyfriend, or her husband. It could be the way she stands up in public places with an open legged ‘ho’ stance, or it could be the way she walks with a ‘ho’ strut, or it could be the way she bends, maneuvers, or manipulate her body in inappropriate ways while in public places, or it could be a wicked looking nose she has, a wry or rancid smile, a fine hoarse or raspy voice, a way of talking or actions that are inappropriate in public.

Those women who are mainly targetted are usually not bad looking, and are usually very fuckable looking, they might be tall, have sexy bodies, especially legs, and long legs are always a plus. These qualities are what shady and shadowy men involved in the world of prostitution look for when looking for new prey to ensnare into their traps.

As these young and oftimes black women try to get into the world of haute couture[high fashion] modeling, they oftimes end up selling their souls to some of these shady, deviant, corrupted and wealthy men, and still getting nowhere. In fact many times these young women end up trapped into submission and bondage to some of those unscrupulous and shady men.

Because of wanting to be in haute couture clothes and modeling, these young and oftimes black women subject themselves to the whims and the will of some of those shady, shadowy and oftimes cruel men.

Many times those young sexy, talented, attractive, and good looking women waste their talent, their love, their energy, their youth, their time, and their money on those shady men. Who oftimes pretend to have legitimate fashion, or advertising, or entertainment business, or modeling agencies which are actually covers for the prostitution, or porn industry businesses.

Of course quite naturally the naïve young women will receive nothing from those shady, shadowy human sex traffickers, but being tricked, trapped, jammed up, dispised, disdained, demeaned, spitefully used, abused, disrespected and then discarded by those same shady men for being so naive.

Oftentimes some girls and young women are lured or recruited in the guise of being promised modeling jobs, and modeling spots. Many times these so-called modeling jobs are to pose nude for calendars, porn magazines, or Internet web-sites, or to have sex on film, video, or web cam for porn, or to take clients for sex in exchange for money.

Once the girls are fooled, coerced, jammed up, trapped or trafficked in the life, they are oftimes, and often kept under tight and strict management through threats, fear, strong manipulations, blackmail, extortions, even beatings, and mutilations.

Some of these girls and young women even are allowed to get married to men who do not know of their secret activities of taking clients, while exchanging sex for money with clients sent them by organized, shady and shadowy human sex slave traffickers such as Michael Gredi, and Beorge and Benis Schwmartz.

If allowed to get married, some of these social prostitutes continue their enforced and contracted clandestine acts, actions, and secret affairs of prostituting, mostly because they surrender to the life, or else they get to like it, and without their husbands even knowing or finding out about their secret activities. They oftimes find ways to carry out their secret prostitution activities without their husbands, boyfriends, or mates being aware of it.

When these social prostitutes are allowed to have jobs in the regular business world, they oftimes use their lunch hour, to meet clients secretly in pre-paid hotels and motels, to carry on their sex for money, and sex for sale in their secret, and always sordid prostituting flesh trade.

Sometimes they make arrangements weeks in advance and when the time and day arrives they tell their husbands they are going to visit their mother on that day, or that evening. Then they carry out the rendezvous to meet their clients in pre-paid hotels, or motel rooms for money in exchange for them giving sex to their paying customers and clients. If they are working they tell their husbands they are going to visit their mothers after work, to spend the weekend with their mother. Then after work they meet their clients, sometime over the weekend for prostitution sex.

Some of these women even get and take good jobs working in government offices in city, or state jobs or other jobs and positions, sometimes these positions may be highly sensitive, strategic and open to coercion, blackmail and extortion by these shady men who are totally in control of these working girls. Sometimes these men who are shady criminals even get and set up interviews for these trapped young women into these strategic job positions, with access to sensitive materials, information, handling monies, funds, purchase orders and contracts.

You might ask, How is all of this possible? Well most times employers do not know of those young women’s secret social world of sexual activities, some of these girls and women are even literally hypnotized into being in that life of social prostitution, escort service, pornography and the prostitution of servicing clientele with sex for money.

Some of these women are even sometimes secretly hooked on narcotics and forced into the life.

People often see black Pimps coming, usually from a mile away because some usually dress, walk, and talk flamboyantly, and with bravado showing and being proud of who they are and letting people know that.

However there are many white, Asian and Hispanics in the 300 billion dollars human sex slave trafficking pornography and prostitution business and industry, tricking, trapping, entrapping, forcing and indeed enslaving girls and women into enforced and enslaved sex traffic prostitution and hardcore pornography, and getting away with it, because they are viewed as legitimate businessmen and not by the common word called pimp. So many girls never see them coming, simply because they are not black, and they are not thought of or labeled as pimps. The girls and young women never see them coming until they’re already bitten, trapped and jammed up in the ‘legitimate’ prostitution and hardcore pornography business, and it’s way too late to do something about it.

Many times these white, Hispanic and Asian men do almost and literally anything they want to these naïve young women at will, and on a whim. Those girls and young women make such easy targets to these nonblack m/f/ers, simply because they don’t see them coming. They are only programmed and conditioned to think that only black men pimp off of women. Yes they only think in terms of pimps as being only black men. No matter what white, Hispanic or Asian men do in the world of sex slave traffic hardcore prostitution, and porn, from the Netherlands -Amsterdam - Holland, to France, and Russia from Italy, the Middle East, to Israel, from India to Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Vietnam, from Thailand to Bhutan. These men who are not black and who force, or trap, trick, or coerce girls and women into prostitution, never get or carry the same stigma as black Pimps do.

Black men are not the only ones in the prostitution business or industry. There are whites, Asians and Hispanics running locked down and stomped down prostitutes and prostitution brothels, escort services, strip clubs, bordellos, ‘ho’ houses, ‘cat houses’, and cantinas in the prostitution and porn industry in America, Amsterdam, Russia, Israel, Italy, India, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Thailand, Cambodia, Bhutan and other nations and countries. Yet when it comes to the prostitution business and Pimping, the picture that comes to most people’s mind is a black flamboyant Pimp.

Pimps who are black get too much negative publicity, and bad press. They need better public relations, because just by being black they get and carry much of the bad stigma, that Hispanics, whites and Asians in the multi billion dollars human sex traffic hardcore pornography and prostitution industry do not get or carry. They get to collect their monies from their various prostitution rackets and pornography worldwide, and keep a good name and a clean cut or good image.

Most black Pimps go after mostly, young women, who are unemployed, and not attending college or high school, or maybe who had dropped-out from school, and the system, the Establishment. However whites, Hispanics and Asians in the human sex slave trafficking and porn industry, who are enslavers, procurers and panderers, especially go after regular girls and women who are high school students, business school or college students, or regular working girls and women to coerce, recruit, make, or turn into prostitutes and call girls taking clients. In a world of secluded escort services, call girl services, fortress type ho brothel and motel services and pornography. Nice words and terms for prostitution. Yet they make and turn these young women into prostitutes.

So the office worker, the high school student, the college student, the business school student, the waitress, even the housewife, the worker, the aspiring model or actress are targets in jeopardy for these non-black human sex slave traffickers. The supposedly working female neighbor or college student just might be enforced through extortion, threats, blackmail, threats of exposure, or serious physical punishment or reprisals and through other means into taking clients on her lunch hour, that she has appointments to meet in Hotel rooms, or Motel rooms, or in Brothels. These young working women many times leave their office jobs, early to perform their duties to clients sent to them by these pimping sex trade and sex trafficking agents of porn and prostitution. These women may be working for an escort service as a prostitute, or a whore taking clients, exchanging sex for money.

At least street walkers are more free, up front and honest with what they do and are doing, compared to the social prostitutes and hookers, that are known as call girls, special model services, and special escort services with clientele to service.

Some Modeling Agencies might be real and above board, but there are some that are definitely not real, and just use the name of a Modeling business as a bogus front, and they are nothing but covers for recruiting girls into prostitution rings, and escort services that are run and managed by scumbags.

This is what it is, those types of human sex traffickers fake modeling agencies see those hungry, deprived, depraved, and wanting for money girls coming, girls like Kattandra, who they see as more suited to be hookers, call girls, prostitutes, and porn stars, than legitimate models.

Sometimes they even get them to get together expensive portfolios of photos {often done by their own associates and accomplices} to fool them and carry out the ruse, and to set and spring the traps.

They also get these unsuspecting girls to fill out questionnaires, in order to get their complete information. Answers to questions on these questionnaires determine the girls they will weed out or single out.

To find out whom among the girls would be willing, or who are willing or who will be made willing to do social prostitution and work as prostitutes for prostitution rings posing as escort services that are legal.

To also find out whom among the girls would be willing, or who would be made willing to do brothel prostitution, whore house prostitution, porn, porn photo- shoots, porn videos, or porn films, because of these girls and young women’s hunger for money, and sometimes greedy, their low self esteem, their low morals and their other vulnerabilities, or because these women are just plain sluts or ‘hoes’ who want to ‘ho’, and don’t want to work, but want to make money that way by modeling.

These shady sex traffickers do operate, or have partners and contacts in the porn world, and also contacts with photographers who can feel out women, and who know what buttons to push to make them strip, get naked, and perform lewd, lustful luscious, lubricious, and licentious acts. {Most times for money} Sometimes without these women even realizing what they are doing, or have done. These girls usually have that look, sexy somewhat attractive, or attractive, and are mostly from medium height to tall, with a flare for fashion, and to exhibit themselves, so as to get a man’s attention, or as to get men’s attention.

It was in the year 1992 when the father Beorge Schwmartz told his son Benis to look for, find and seduce an attractive or sexy young black teenager who attends the same High School as he does. Benis attended the same High School in Brookline in Old Pork City that Kattandra was attending. So Beorge told his son {Benis} to recruit a young naïve black teenager who looked like the model type, and bring her home to him using their modeling agency scam as a ruse. So that they can jam and trap her up into the life of call girl, hooker and social prostitution service. Beorge told his son Benis, Pick out a tall one, who has the model look and tell her she looks nice, like a model and your father runs a modeling agency, tell her she looks beautiful, and she can get paid for modeling. The father was obviously training and gearing up his son to follow in his footsteps, and into the life of being an organized criminal.

Then late in April 1992 Benis told his father that there was a very tall student around 16 or 17 years old named Kattandra who looked and walked like a model, and she’s been known to smoke weed.

Beorge immediately gave his son Benis a small plastic sandwich bag full of weed, and some already rolled marijuana cigarettes, and a small folded up piece of aluminum foil, with powder cocaine inside, to help him entrap Kattandra. Beorge told his son to, Invite Kattandra to hang out and go out with you, to the movies, eating, or to some of our friends’ parties, and ply her with gifts, and get her to smoke weed, and sniff coke. Beorge then gave his son an expensive camera, and told him to, Start taking pictures of her, nice ones at first, then ease her into doing nudes.

Beorge added another piece of advice to his son, Follow and stalk her down the hall and stairs at school, walk with her to the cafeteria, and sit and eat with her, often. Start touching her hands, and kiss her. Always talk to her nicely at first, for what could be weeks, or a few months. Until you have sex with her, and the traps are set and she’s caught in the web of it. Then we’ll command her and demand her, Beorge continued to his son, in giving him advice on how to trap and jam Katt.

Benis followed his father’s advice, and started talking to Kattandra, and slowly and carefully at first, inviting her out, and when she accepted, the invite, going out with her.

It didn’t take long, after the first times Benis got Katt to smoke weed, and sniff cocaine with him. Big mouth Katt soon took a liking to cocaine, she really liked how she felt excited, invincible and unihibited when she sniffed cocaine. Due to Katt looking forward to being with Benis to sniff cocaine, during, and after school hours, Benis soon was able to, get into her panties, and he soon started having sex with her regularly.

The sex with her was very enjoyable, since Katt was a hot hot girl who knew how to move, wine, grind, and jerk her waist.

The sex was so good that Benis had actually forgotten about his father’s master plan for Katt, the first few weeks of his fling with her.

After a pulling up from Beorge, Benis woke up and got back on board with their original criminal plan for Katt, and any other girls like her that they could, draw into their trap.

After months of enticements Benis and Beorge, had Katt just where they wanted her, after her freshman year, and just before, and by her sophomore year. So by the time Kattandra got to her final and senior year in the High School in Brookline in Old Pork City she was fully trapped and entrapped in a secret sordid world by shadowy criminals.

Though Katt was somehow keeping up with her studies because she had to, her Grenadian parents saw to that. Yet they didn’t know of the secret life she had been trapped into.

She usually excused her oftimes late hours to her parents, by saying that she was putting in extra study time at school, and in the library, or at the homes of girlfriends. Though they rarely saw her with a girlfriend, and she rarely brought any girl home with her. Their love and caring concern for her blinded them to her secret life, and to her secret lifestyle.

Beorge and Benis had trapped Kattandra by fooling her into thinking that they had and operated a legitimate modeling agency and fashion house, and was charging agency rates. When the truth was that their so-called legitimate agency was really a ruse for their criminal racketeering family enterprise dealing in prostitution and hardcore pornography get up, set up, for the entrapment of naïve women making money for them in the hardcore pornography, illegitimate and illegal escort service, and prostitution ring business.

Beorge and Benis had geared Katt along, to cinch her deeply into their trap, with a few what seemed to her to be legitimate modeling lingerie for money jobs. They had her suped up, modeling her body within flimsy see-through clothing for money in order to cinch the trap.

After another tete a tete Beorge and Benis decided to rack it up some more with Katt, and to play hard ball with her all the way now, even harder ball that they’ve been playing with her from the start. They decided to use their criminal associates to assist them with trapping and jamming her up to the nth degree.

The Schwmartzs’ knew that Katt and her family weren’t citizens, and that they in fact were here illegally in the Big Country and without legal immigration papers and couldn’t easily get a regular job other than baby sitting, house cleaning, house keeping, and sleeping in servant type work, so the Schwmartzs and their criminal associates were banking on that fact in order to make trapping her and jamming her up easier for them.

They decided to call up their friend Big Beerbelly Tattoo Monsterman. To plan a further trap for her, slowly at first, then they’ll rack it up by degrees.

Schwmartz soon mentioned body part piercing to Katt to entice her into one of their set traps.

Beorge said to Kattandra one evening, in his capacity as her model manager, You know with a flat stomach like yours, a navel ring, or a jeweled barbell in your navel will enhance it. All of the young models are getting it done these days. Beorge told her that, It was the in thing to do, the hot thing to do at the moment; the stylish thing to do for young models, and she once again fell for it hooker line and sink her.

{Piercing barbells are tiny titanium, or other metals, that are pin sized in length, but about five times thicker than a pin, with heads on each end that screws on or off. They look like tiny barbells hence the name. They are placed through pierced navels, pierced nipples, pierced clitoris, or through pierced inner or outer labia, or other genital parts.}

Katt asked, All the young models are getting what done? Borge answered roughly, They are getting their navels pierced, and putting jewels in them. As if disgusted, by the young bitch’s question. Katt said, Sure I’ll do it.

Beorge offered to let her have her navel pierced by a friend of his, who does that.

Beorge said to her, I’ll call Big Tattoo-man and set up an appointment for you. Katt answered, Aight.

Beorge set her up once again with one of his friends, when he set up an appointment for her to get her navel pierced; He thought to himself, What a stupid bitch she is.

The father and his son, then both pulled and ran a train on her, each taking his turn with her, and then both together on her, simultaneously, one in front, and the other behind. Just for her asking such an indolent question; She took it all; everything that they dished out to her, for her rude question.

That’s the kind of power they’ve had on her from almost the start.

Chapter 2  

Kattandra Trapped and Jammed up by Human Sex slave Traffickers, and her Subconscious Desire to Escape.

Later on Beorge explained to Katt, that he made the arrangements and the appointment for her to have her navel pierced, with Beer Belly Tattooman. Beorge wrote an address, phone number, date, and time on a piece of paper and gave it to Katt with the time of her appointment to be pierced, by Big Belly Tattooman.

After Kattandra had had her navel pierced, and the titanium barbell, placed through it, by Big Beer Belly Tattooman who had done it gently, to draw her in further. She had gotten to like it, the decadent act, and she thought, What the hell, let me go all the way. Since he was so gentle with me; but ah there’s the rub, the set up, the drawing in.

When Katt told Beorge just how much she had enjoyed her, piercing, and time with Beer Belly Tattoo-man. Beorge then said in advising her: In the future when you want more body parts pierced, just let me know. It will entail the same process. I will call or visit Big Tattoo-man piercing parlour with you, and we’ll find out the prices for the various types, and designs. It cost $100 for the nose. $75 for the ears! $100 for the lips! $100 for the tongue! $120 for the eyebrows to be pierced - $150 for the nipples to be pierced - $100 for the navel to be pierced - $300 for your clitoris to be pierced - and $200 for your inner - and outer labia - and other sensitive genital parts to be pierced.

Beorge promised whenever you want more body parts pierced, I will make the appointment for you it will usually be done by Big Belly Tattoo man.

{Beer Belly Tattooman is not a doctor or a medical practitioner in the true sense of the word, a man who’s not even close to being a doctor, basically a beer guzzler, who probably messed with speed or meth.

When Kattandra had got an appointment made for her by Beorge to get her clitoris, and her inner and outer labia pierced. It entailed Katt going to Beer Belly motor-cycle man’s tattoo and piercing parlour, or whatever he calls it at her appointed scheduled time. As Katt pressed the bell and Big Tattoo Monsterman let her in, the first thing he said to her was, Cum with me, I will take you in the back, in the rear end and show you what I have and how I’ll do you. {Monsterman wasn’t even really using subliminal suggestion, or even NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming on Katt, but he was really coming straight out and telling Katt that he was going to take her in her ass, in the back, and fuck her in her asshole.} Beer Belly made Kattandra take off her top, and her pants, skirt, or dress. {Katt usually didn’t leave home with any panties on to begin with, but she rather left home that day with her panties on to act as if she had a little class, and virtue.}Big TattooMan then took off Katt’s tiny thong panties, if you would call that tiny thing she had on panties to begin with. Beer Bellyman had commanded her, Take off your pants, and take off your panties! When she hesitatingly took off her pants Beer Belly Tattooman had thought to him-self, ‘I will show and make this bitch who didn’t want to open her legs to me permanently keep her ‘bitch’ slutty ‘ho’legs permanently open all of the time.’ Then Beer Belly says to Katt, Get on this bench, or that bed, or on the table, and spread wide or spread eagle, on the stirrup bed, and put your feet into the stirrups. Tattooman continued, "Here let me administer this novacaine, {or whatever the hell he had to drug her with and numb her with that day,} or whatever to numb you, so you won’t feel the pain to much or what the fuck ever."

Some tattoo and piercing parlour men operate in tightly locked rooms as their tattoo and piercing parlour. Those men like Big Monsterman usually clamp the slut’s pussy in order to be better able to drill holes in it.

The piercing parlour men usually and normally put their self-volunteered female torture-victim-client who wants to be pierced into a stirrup and securely strap them to the seat of the stirrup. Some and most piercers like Monsterman administer numbing drugs, so the victim-client won’t feel much pain. Some even put their victims to sleep to perform the piercing. Some probably finger the slut-client, some probably molest them, and some have outright sex with them.

For a woman to get that sort of thing done she has to have low self esteem, and be a very lewd, lustful, ludicrous, low life, loser, louche, licentious and be open and of loose and low morals. She has to have a ‘don’t’ care attitude, and be a ‘slutty ho’ on top of all of that. Such then is Kattandra;

After Big Bellyman gets Katt naked, he touches her nipples then he runs his hands down her belly-button where he pauses for a few seconds. So the squirming, hot and heated Katt can feel it, and feel him feeling and touching her. Mr B. Belly then proceeds onto the treasures, by first touching, and examining her cunt and then running his bare fingers down her inner and outer labia {s}.

Then Big B. Belly puts his hand into her, finger by finger into the squirming, whimpering, and whining Kattandra until his full hand is in her, in true honoring Emperor Caesar Nero or Caligula fashion. Then Mr B. Belly closes his hand to form a fist in her, a white power salute up her black pokey he thought to himself. Big Belly Tattooman said to Katt, Satisfy your indulgence slut.

All the while Kattandra was wiggling, squiggling, squirming and grinning as if he was doing her some sort of weird and depraved favor

By expanding her already big pussy hole some more, so it would become even bigger than it already is. Then he proceeded to do the same thing to her other hole, since she didn’t complain, and seemed to enjoy it.

After that episode, Tattooman told Katt to lie on her stomach, and she

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