Ganny’S Journal: A Tale of Human–Animal Kinship

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Ganny’S Journal: A Tale of Human–Animal Kinship

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Experience along with Doeska, Eugie, Ganny, Gally, Kringle and Lullies as these six canine pack buddies strive to thrive despite the stresses of living in a human world. Ganny, now a Pack Elder, recounts their adventures in his Journal along with the help of his human scribe Bj. Those adventures are alternately humorous and poignant, offering a compelling experience of the richly textured lives of dogs.

See through Gannys eyes as he willingly works to recover from five near- death experiences that test his mettle. These challenges, all occurring within six months, launch him and Bj on a journey to wisdom together.

This heart-warming, experiential journey into how domesticated dogs live in a human world is framed by Bjs comments and observations as the Journals Scribe. Bj, the human alpha of this pack of five dogs and one human, is also a trained animal body-worker. She shares both what her animal work and living with her pack have taught her. She also shares her insights on the many lessons our animal companions are able to teach us. Gannys Journal invites you to share deeply in the social and emotional lives of dogs.

Bj says And here, all this time, I thought it was me who was teaching them

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