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Nutrition Bites: Healthy Eating Tips and Tricks for Kids

Nutrition Bites: Healthy Eating Tips and Tricks for Kids

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Nutrition Bites: Healthy Eating Tips and Tricks for Kids

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Dec 16, 2010


Nutrition Bites provides insights, facts and tips on what to feed your children and how to get them to eat healthy food. The information is served up in an easily digestible format, one "bite" per page. Nutrition bites helps all parents and caregivers easily make the best choices in the supermarket, in the kitchen and at the table.

Dec 16, 2010

Informazioni sull'autore

Dr. Deb is a pediatric nutritionist with 23 years of experience. She has worked at Tufts, Yale, and Columbia universities, and has developed programs for some of the industry’s luminaries such as Dr. Oz and Dr. David Katz. She lives in CT and is a mom of two young boys.

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Nutrition Bites - Dr. Deb Kennedy


About the Author

Deborah Kennedy Ph.D. (Dr. Deb) is a pediatric nutritionist with 23 years of experience in the field of nutrition. She was the associate director of nutrition at Yale’s Prevention Research Center (Yale PRC) where she was a co-creator of the ONQI; the scientifically derived algorithm that is the basis for the nutritional scoring of foods for the NuVal™ system. While at Yale PRC, she also created programs and conducted research for children in nutrition and exercise. Dr. Deb was the founder and creator of the prestigious Integrative Therapies Program for Children with Cancer at the Columbia University Medical Center. This program is the leader in its field and today it helps many children with cancer cope better with their disease and the side effects from treatment. Dr. Deb also created the non-profits: Turn the Tide Foundation for Dr. Katz which focuses on childhood obesity; and Foundation for the Advancement of Cardiac Therapies (FACT) for Dr. Oz. Dr. Deb is the mother of two young boys and is passionate about the health of not only her own children, but also the health of all children everywhere. She considers herself an ambassador for kids and has dedicated her life to changing their world for the better. Dr Deb is the CEO and founder of Build Healthy Kids TM.


This book is dedicated to everyone who is trying to make this world a healthier place for all children. I also send my love and gratitude to the three loves of my life; my husband Michael, and my sons Kyle and Bryan. They teach me every day how to be a better person.


 Section I


Don’t Just Feed Your Child, Nourish Them Too

Choose Health, Most Of The Time

It’s Never Too Late

Or Too Early To Start

Children Have Trouble

Self Regulating

On A Processed Diet

Junk In, Disease Out

Nourishment Isn’t Only About Food

You Can’t Make Up For It Later

Get Muddy

They Do What You Do

 Section II


Build A Healthy Body

Taste Is Learned

Kids Will Eat When Hungry

Watch Out For Chemicals

The Color Of Pee Can Tell You

How Hydrated Your Child Is

The Skin Is The Window

To The Intestines

Kids Need To Poop Daily

Most Children Outgrow Their Tolerance To Milk

Appetite Usually Follows Growth

Weight Gain Helps Prepare For Growth

Food Can Be Addictive

Get Your Energy Out Every Day

There Are No Roll Over Minutes

 Section III


Food Is Never As Good As

When It Is In Its Whole Form

Healthy Brains Need Fat

Bring Back The Sun

Build Bones While You Grow

Fruits & Veggies Isn’t Hype

Fat Is Essential For Life

Focus On Fiber

Don’t Worry Too Much

About The Protein

Vitamins Are An Insurance Policy

 Section IV


Teach Your Child Why, So They Grow Up Doing It

Bring Back Rules & Consequences

Give Kids A Sense Of Control

Once a Week Put A Child In Charge

Don’t Be Militant

Rule #1

Eat A Fruit & Vegetable At Every Meal

And One At Snack Time

Rule #2

Eat Before Treat

Rule # 3

Buy Only What Is Written On The Grocery List

Rule #4

Establish The One Bite Rule

Rule #5

Eat Together As A Family

 Section V


The Grocery Store Is A Classroom

There Is Good Food & Bad Food

Eat A Variety

Avoid The Land Mines

Healthy Food Does Not Cost More

Ingredients 1 To 3 Tell The Story

If You See Colors With Numbers

Step Away From The Box

HFCS Is One Of The Bad Guys

If The Word Whole Is Not In The First Ingredient, The Product Doesn’t Have Enough Whole Grains

The Trans-Fat Truth

If It Glows In The Dark Don’t Let Them Eat It

Stop The Soda & Juice Insanity

Limit Tuna Fish

 Section VI


Healthy Meals Take Time, Sometimes

Microwave + Plastic Don’t Mix

Don’t Hide All The Good Stuff

You Don’t Need To Be Julia Child

Set A Trap Before Dinner

Bring Kids Into The Kitchen

Be Aware Of The Hidden Dangers

Create A Weekend Meal

Defense Strategy

Try One Pot Cooking

Some Cooking Methods Are Better Than Others

Eat Both Raw & Cooked Foods

Cook Once, Eat Twice

A Well Stocked Pantry Makes Cooking Easier & Healthier

Your Freezer Is Your Friend

If It’s Not There, They Cannot Have It

There Are More Than Just Sandwiches

As Options For Lunch

 Section VII


4 Steps To A Pleasant Meal

Don’t Allow "Yuck" At The Table

Serve Appropriate Amounts Of Food

You Matter

Check "I’m Full"

12 Is The Magic Number

Remain Calm

Serve In Stages


Nutrition Bites is a compilation of facts, tips, and rules to help you raise children who are healthy, active eaters. If you want to know what your child should be eating and how to get them to eat it, then this book is for you. It is full of action steps for creating both an environment that encourages healthy eating and exercise as well as strategies to use to teach children

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