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In the Eyes of a Woman

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In the Eyes of a Woman

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All my life I have asked God for success so that is why my fi rst thanks goes to my creator, Jesus Christ. He has given me strength through many things in my life. My next thanks goes to my parents for all the encouragement and that they have given me. I would like to thank all of my family and close friends for all of their moral support, laughter and love. I want to give a special thanks to my children. I love you kids so much. I especially want to thank you all for my grandchildren. I LOVE MY GRANDCHILDREN! They are the greatest gifts you could ever give me. They give me the strength to carry on even when Im out of energy. There are some of my childrens closest friends that have been there throughout their lives and for the one that has been there for the longest, Kennisha Brandon, thank you for being there. My last thanks are for the discouragements and criticisms from different people; you guys made me endure.

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