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Jun 10, 2010


Saturday night: here come the blue-eyed soul brothers. Do all of them have to be that fine? I ask myself. The Palace was so crowded, but this night J was all about touching me. As I passed his table, he pulled my waist band and I lost my balance, landing in his lap. He put a hundred dollar bill in my waist band. I got to my feet and walked all the way across the ballroom floor before looking back --he was watching me.

She wasn't accepted in his world, so he built her a world of her own that no one could touch --or so she thought. But when tragedy strikes Christina and the love of her life, she will come to rely on a mysterious stranger with a face all too familiar

Jun 10, 2010

Informazioni sull'autore

Gloria Ford was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, and moved to Gary, Indiana, at the age of nine. She went to Horace Mann high school and also attended Frobel School and Hammond Business College. She remained in Gary until the age of twenty-seven, when she returned to Terre Haute. A primary trainer for the mentally disabled for over fifteen years, Ford is a proud mother of five and grandmother of thirteen. She is also a member of the Good Samaritan Church of God in Christ. She is an avid ceramics maker and painter, and she also loves to bowl.

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Christina - Gloria Ford


© 2010 Gloria Ford. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

First published by AuthorHouse 10/18/2010

ISBN: 978-1-4520-2744-9 (e)

ISBN: 978-1-4520-2743-2 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4520-2742-5 (hc)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2010907754

Printed in the United States of America


I would like to thank Alexis McConnell for being with me while writing Christina—your input was great. Also, I’d like to thank Mike Miller for helping to put together this book.

In loving memory of Willie and Merdes Pace.




























I woke up this morning to the sun shinning through my window. I went to the living room to open the drapes and the windows to let in this wonderful sun shine in. The coffee was made and I got a cup. I sat at the big glass table. My mind wandered. I took stock of my life.

Christina, what it would be like to love someone and have someone love you?

I kept myself I guess you could say pure. Now I have lots of guys wanting to date me. But it wasn’t so in the beginning. In high school I was a little fatty. No one wanted to be seen with a little chubby girl. My junior year, my body fell into shape all at once. Then the boys were ready to date me. But I had other thoughts. I would not date any one that was ashamed of me. So I just didn’t date at all.

I don’t know. Maybe love will come. I feel like a peach, ripe and ready to fall from the tree. But for now I didn’t need a gardener—I needed a job.

I lost my parents after high school, six months apart. I was 19 years old, just out of high school and into college. I was left wondering what to do with myself and the money they left me. I bought a fourplex building, making sure I would always have a home and income property. The building was empty when I bought it. I took one of the second floor apartments for myself and had it completely redone. When you walk in it’s like being in a one story home. It’s fabulous inside, I must say.

I asked my friends Mert and Willie to take one of the other apartments so I wouldn’t be alone. They took one of the downstairs apartments. They were friends of my parents, and now they have taken over looking after me.

I needed a night time job so my days would be free for school. There’s a place called the Palace Dance Hall. I keep going past, but I don’t have the nerve to go inside. One day I met this timely gentleman who wanted to talk to me. I couldn’t figure out what he wanted with me. He said I’ve seen you walking by here twice this week. Are you looking for someone?

No, I said, I’m looking for a job.

Well, he said, You won’t find it out here. I didn’t know he was the owner until later. Do you want to come inside and see how the other half lives? he asked.

Okay, I said.

Once inside, I was taken off my feet. It was so nice. I didn’t expect the hall to look so beautiful. The stage had floating lights around it and up and down the runway. The crystallized chandeliers sparkled against the mirrored walls and the tables were set up in gold and black. Even the girls were very pretty and nicely built. They seemed to be having trouble with the costumes and the dance routines, though. I spoke up and said, I think I can help with the costumes and the dancing.

What can she do? one of the girls asked.

Well, Phil replied, "let’s see just what she can do. Oh, by the way, my name is Phil. I own the Palace."

My name is Christina Landre, I said to him. Pleased to meet you.

Now this job only pays nine dollars an hour. That’s for what you’re going to be doing, Phil said.

What will I be doing? He looked at me and smiled.

I felt bad; I was dressed in a large sweat shirt and jeans. I will give you a chance, Phil said, to find out just what you can do. He shuffled with some papers. Baby girl, how old are you? he asked.

I froze in my tracts. Then I turned and lied, I’m twenty-one.

Ok, he said as he handed me the paperwork, Fill these out. I’ll see you on Wednesday.

I went home and got started on some of my work. This would be my chance to do something good on my own. I mean I could finally strut my stuff for once. I went to work dressed like a bum, but I made sure the girls were dressed like dolls. We had so much fun. The dance routines were a laugh at times, like when Phil would start dancing with us and we would start tripping all over each other. Phil’s wife looked mad all the time. But who cares?

Phil came to me one evening and asked me to work the ballroom, and I told him it would be okay—just this once.

I went home to make myself an outfit different from the girls—I wanted to shine. The outfit was two pieces, in black. The skirt was floor-length and had a scarf to match, and it had a slit on one side from the floor to mid-thigh, Egyptian-style. It didn’t require a bra to be worn.

I came to work dressed as usual; before leaving the club, Phil asked, Are you going to dress for the night?

One never knows, I replied. With that I turned and walked away.

Don’t play with me! he yelled. But once I got dressed in my dressing room, I peeked down the hall and saw him shaking his head.

I walked out and the girls all started saying things like Chris is that you? and Girl where have you been hiding yourself?

Yes it’s me.

Phil came upstairs asking for me. No one said a word. He turned and looked at me, and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Chris is that you?

No, Phil, it’s someone else. And I turned and walked down the stairs.

That was the start of a whole new life. The ladies wanted me to dance, but I wasn’t ready for that. Phil kept telling me, "Chris, if you dance you will make mad money.

Not yet, Phil, I told him.

One day Phil’s friend came in early while we were doing dance routines. He was handsome. All the ladies went to him, but I stayed where I was. He watched my every move in my miniskirt.

I pretend not to see him.

Phil called me over. Hey Chris, come over and meet my friend. I went to where they were standing. Jason, this is my Chrissy.

Hello, I said.

He took then kissed my hand, saying, Hi, young lady.

He was so fine. He had dark blond hair and ocean-blue eyes. I had nothing to say, so I walked away. Maybe he thought I would make over him the way the others did, but I wasn’t going to shame myself.

J asked Phil if I was the one that was kind of stuck up—I didn’t know that the men thought of me that way. Phil told the man everything about me. He told J that I wasn’t really stuck up, that I was just a virgin and I didn’t date.

Jason, she is my baby girl, Phil said. I think of her like a daughter. I also like the fact that she don’t date. The men are all going crazy. Everyone of them is trying to get her. She just holds her head up and goes her own way. She knows she’s wanted real bad. I think that pleases her more than you would think." J whispered that I was delight to look at and would be a joy to hold. Phil looked back at J and smiled.

They were all smiles, but they were watching me like hawks. I was wondering, was Phil thinking about selling me by the pound? Now this J is a fine blue-eyed soul brother from Chicago, about six feet tall and built for speed.. He owns an advertising agency there. He comes to Gary to watch the ladies and have fun. The ladies all try to date him, but he just smiles and goes on his merry way.

One day he took off his shirt to help Phil move some boxes, and I thought the ladies would faint. As he moved, his muscles flexed and the girls just watched him. All production stopped and they just stared.

I ask Phil what they talked about, but he said he couldn’t tell me. He was teasing me. Later Phil told me.

Phil, I asked, why did you tell him about me? Phil, I feel like such a baby.

You’re not a baby, he said. "You will find someone that you want to make it with. Besides, everyone knows about you."

That’s not fair, I said.

He hugged me, even though his wife was watching. You’ll tell old Phil when you find someone, won’t you?

I got dressed and went to the ballroom. I talked with men and women. Phil never let me serve drinks because he said I was a little too uncoordinated—plus he didn’t want to be sued. Phil told me, I just need you to walk and look pretty, Miss Christina.

Phil, your the beast of women.

J was sitting at his usual table. Phil says that J doesn’t date the ladies, he just comes to watch and have fun. When all the ladies took a bet on who would get him first, I wasn’t included in the game. Besides, I had nothing to offer.

I went past J’s table and he stopped me. Miss Christina? he asked.

Yes? I said. May I help you?

My name is Jason.

Yes, I know J. What can I do for you?

Your company would be nice. Please sit and talk with me.

I’m working, J.

I like the way you call me J, he said. No one ever calls me that.

That will be your name for me. With that I turned and walked away.

Hey Chris, we saw you talking with that blue-eyed soul brother. What’s up with that?

Don’t get smart with me, I said. Besides, Phil said all of you ladies have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

I had a big smile on my face until one of the girls said, Hey Chris, what are you seeing the doctor for? Jamie spoke up and said, She’s getting a chest X-ray. I poked my tongue out at them they all laughed.

Phil to the rescue. Ladies, leave my baby alone.

We know that’s your baby doll, Jamie said. Phil always made sure that the ladies has regular check ups. And sometimes that made them mad. Phil made sure no one was sick, therefore no one could say they got sick at our club.

Saturday night: here come the blue-eyed soul brothers. Do all of them have to be that fine? I ask myself. The Palace was so crowded, but this night J was all about touching me. As I passed his table, he pulled my waist band and I lost my balance, landing in his lap. He put a hundred dollar bill in my waist band. I got to my feet and walked all the way across the ballroom floor before looking back—he was watching me.

I looked for him the next Friday night, but he didn’t come in. I went to my dressing room on my break and there were flowers and a big-big teddy bear for me. The girls all laughed at me. Sure, I liked the fact that he gave me a gift—but does he think of me as a baby? A teddy bear of all things? The thing was so big I had to fight to get it in the cab.

Willie was still up when I got home. Hey Chris, he said, I can see someone is getting things set up.

Stop that, I said.

Good night. Willie is so bad. J wanted to give me gifts. But I wouldn’t take them because I had nothing to give in return. Most of the men who came there only wanted to score with the ladies. But that’s not me—I’m not a quick fix.

I was dancing Saturday night. I could tell that Phil was nervous about me doing the fire dance on Saturday night. He was yelling at me as usual. Chris, you could burn my club down!

Oh Phil stop it; it will be ok, I told him. Maybe. What if I fall on my face?

You never let me know what you’re doing until you do it.

As I went to my dressing room he was following right behind me yelling. Christina, you’re going to be the death of me yet.

I took my place on stage behind the curtain. Ron asked, Are you ready, baby girl?

Yes, I said.

The stage erupted in fire. When the flames died down I was standing there. I stated my dance. The crowd went wild. J was just sitting there—he didn’t clap or even smile. I danced across the stage, never looking at him. As I danced down the runway, I looked down and saw him staring up at me. He made it his business to look in my eyes. This was the first time I wanted to turn and run away. So I turned my side to him. And as I turned in a circle, I ripped the Velcro from my skirt, turning and dropping the skirt in his lap. He took the skirt and wrapped it around his neck like a scarf. I had never done that before. He had a pleasing smile on his face.

After the show I went to retrieve my skirt, but he was gone and my skirt with him. If that didn’t take the cake. Oh well. I went home, and my mind kept returning to his face—and my skirt. But it was something about him. Sexy is all I could think. Man, this is not me, I told myself. I don’t even look at the men that way. I took my shower and went to bed thinking about him. That’s just a little nuts, I thought. I don’t know him except from the club.

I got up early and went to the kitchen for coffee. As I sat at the table, my mind wandered right to him. This handsome stranger was stuck in my head.

That night at the club, I looked out of the curtain to see what the house was like: there he was, sitting alone. He couldn’t see me, but I suddenly had things going through my mind that weren’t me.

I went into the dressing room and Anna was so happy. Hey Chris! she said with a big smile. You have flowers. There’s a card with them.






My heart fell to my feet. No, I said, Anna, this can’t be. You know I can’t do this. I’ve never dated anyone from the club.

You’ve never dated anyone—that I can see, Anna said, smiling. But there’s always the first time for everything.

I went to his table and again. I didn’t get my skirt. This cat and mouse game was getting on my nerves. But he was very nice to me. J looked at me and said, I want to take you away from all of this just for a little while. I’ll be on my very best behavior.

I didn’t say anything.


No, I said, I can’t.


Because I don’t date.

Maybe you just don’t date guys like me.

That’s not fair, I said. You’re wrong for saying that.

I turned and walked to the parking lot where my cab was waiting. He was right behind me. He held the cab door, but stopped me from getting in. Can I talk to you? he asked.

What? I replied.

I would like to get to know you.

That won’t happen, I said. Please, let go of the door. At this point, Ron the bodyguard came out. This is the one guy that I think would like to spread butter on me like toast. He even said so—not me.

Ron asked, Chris, you okay?

Yes, I’m fine, I told him. But this man kept holding the door. The club door opened and George and Nick came out. I knew that Jason was in trouble. I knew that Ron had called the other two body guards. So I said, Why don’t we go to Coney Island for a hot dog?

He nodded his head yes. I didn’t want him to get beat up or hurt. It was now 3:30 in the morning.

Where is your car? I asked. He looked down the alley and said about six cars down. Nick, I said, please escort this gentlemen to his car.

Nick looked at George and then at me. Chris?

No, I said, please take him now—he’s a friend of mine.

I guess I

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